Friday, June 24, 2011

Your Friday Evening Post

The Summer of Blogging is in fact time consuming... and I'll have you know that I've started about six different posts, and are all in the half-written to pre-proofread stage...

I went to a wedding earlier this evening, with a guy from our store getting married to a chick he met at our store, but ended up moving to a different store.  The Lovely Steph Leann wasn't feeling good at all, so she stayed behind, leaving me to enjoy a fun evening at the wedding with Melanie, her hubs and the Z Children. 

I got home around 9 and sat down to finish up the post titled "Seven Things", which was a short, somewhat comedic list of seven things I wanted my upcoming kid to know and know about.  I was actually done with the intro and explanation, and am a paragraph into #2, when The Lovely Steph Leann expressed her hunger.  She hasn't been feeling good all night--nay, for fourteen weeks--so I did my husbandly duty, changed out of my shirt and blazer, put on some comfy shorts and tee, then hopped in the car and headed to Target to buy her some Kraft Mac and Cheese.

Got back, cooked the Mac and Cheese and gave her a bowl ful as she sat and watched "Valentine's Day", a movie that I've somehow avoided, if not for the large reason that I think I'd actually kinda like it. 

So, before I go to bed, I want to toss something up online, at least some to read on your Saturday in passing... I'm guessing I'll be back on Sunday with new stuff (I might do a "What you missed" post tomorrow, recapping the last two weeks), so have a great weekend...

And by the way, thank you guys for reading, and check the page daily, or even every few days.  Means alot. 

The Summer of Blogging Day Twenty Three

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