Friday, June 10, 2011

This Week in Blog

Didja miss something being posted this week? 

Here's your chance to have some weekend reading during The Summer of Blogging...

Day Six... Its a recap of Days 1 to 5, so you can start from the beginning!

Day Seven... "A Review of Pirates and Mutants"... movie reviews on the newest Pirates film and X-Men First Class

Day Eight... "My Yard Goes Disney"... thoughts on the newest HGTV show, featuring people that have too much time on their hands

Day Nine... "Feelin' Funky"... A random email of encouragment from 2001, using Susan Ashton's "I Go Down" as a message for the power of prayer in poopy times

Day Ten... "The Best Show You've Never Heard"... Wondering what The Deucecast is?  You'll find out by reading this post.

Day Eleven... B@d Movie Trio... Three terrible films that I watched so you don't have too

Next week on the Summer of Blogging... The Deuce Remembered... more of the best of 2010... and OJ Simpson...

The Summer of Blogging Day Twelve

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