Friday, June 03, 2011

Cheery, Not Whiny

Summer of Blogging... day #5

Three awesome things from today...

Mama Ruthless, Sis in Law Angie and the childrens went to Walt Disney World last week.  Mama Ruthless brought me back this particular pin...

She rules.

Wendi Deckermiller commented on yesterday's blog that her boo Mike Deckermiller loves Star Wars pins... enjoy this.   (also, Wendi, I do have an Empire emblem pin--but its got Mickey ears on it...)

Oh, and there's this...

Also brought back from Disney World... three of them, as a matter of fact.  I usually get one of these when I go, so I'm pretty excited to dig into this.

And finally... The Lovely Steph Leann asked me to stop by Wal-Mart tonight to pick up a few things... and along the way, I found this...

Cheerwine, my all-time favorite beverage, ever, narrowly edging out Dr. Brown's Cherry Soda.  Cheerwine makes me happy.  Cheery, not whiny, you can say.

Anyway, there's my thoughts for tonight. 

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  1. Thanks, D$, if you're offering it up for trade, I'll dig through what we have and post something for you. Empire emblem pins we can get anywhere; Disney Empire emblem pins are a different story.


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