Thursday, June 02, 2011

Its Gettin' Hot in Herre

The Summer of Blogging Day Three

So, on Wednesdays, I typically work from really, really early in the morning to mid-afternoon, and when I come home, I immediately sit down at the computer and start writing up a rundown and show notes for The Deucecast...

The Deucecast is our podcast, and by "our" I mean my buddy Mikey and Matty, Tommy Mac and Shawn.  We've also had Hurricane Rhett in studio, JustFish to promote his new book and The Good Doctor Earl... and so, today, like every Wednesday, I began typing up what would be our 9th episode, "At Podcast's End". 

Two hours later, I was satisfied with what we had, having already emailed Mikey and Matty the details, gotten some feedback from them on a few changes and had a finished couple of documents.  Glancing at the clock, its a little past five, so its time to finally get upstairs, change out of my coffee makin' gear and put on my not workin' gear and head out for a meeting at Valleydale Church (an sbc fellowship).

I walk up the steps, not paying much attention to anything, and about six steps in, I notice something drastically different.  Its hot.  Like, its really, really hot.  Like a wall of heat I just stepped through, or ascended into, it was horrible. 

The Cabana sports two AC units, one for upstairs and one for downstairs, and the thermostat for the top floor is at the top of the steps... it reads a nice, breezy 85 degrees.  Like someone who opens the hood an jiggles a wire when their car won't start, then expecting it to just fire right up, I push a few buttons expecting the air to kick right on... aaaaaand... it doesn't.  The thermostat is set on 74, the temp just rose to 86.

And I'm already sweating.

Long story short, some very dear friends of ours recommended someone they knew and used for their AC work--I wont say who the friends were nor who they recommended, not because I dont want to talk about them, but because I don't know if they's appreciate me telling the world who "their guy" is.  But... our friends are rock stars and awesome, and The AC Guy is turning out to be quite a find himself. 

My father in law, Big Daddy Ron, and Bro in Law Tyler stopped by first to look at the issue--Big Daddy Ron has built a few homes pretty much by hand, so I trust his judgement.  However, there wasn't much he could do but try a diagnosis.

When The AC Guy arrived, who by the way was a rock star for even coming to our home at 8pm at night, he did a deeper diagnosis... turns out Big Daddy Ron wasn't too far off base, and myself and The AC Guy found the real problem...

There was water dripping from too much condensation, cause it to fill up the drip overflow pan, which shut the AC unit off for safety issues.  Thankfully, the motor is still in good shape, the compressor still works and it seems to be a little cloggy drainage issue... we hope.  We hope.

Apparently, some of the parts and labor is under warranty still... but it looks like our issue is not.  The important part is, its cooling off right now.  I went upstairs a few minutes ago, and it the temperature is around 79 or so, which is considerably better than where it had gotten.

The joys of being a homeowner.  Can't wait til we need a plumber.

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