Thursday, June 30, 2011

Denmark Loves Me (and other random thoughts)

So, watching USA Network's latest two-word-titled original series, "Necessary Roughness"... this, of course, follows "Royal Pains", "Burn Notice", "Fairly Legal" and "Covert Affairs"... yes, "In Plain Sight" has three words, but "Psych" only has one, so it averages out.

Powell, Dr. Dani, Nico and T.K.
"Necessary Roughness" is the story of Danielle Santino, a lovely 30-something wife and mother who is a licensed therapist, helping people to quit smoking, halting their addictions and generally helping those clients stop their own self-destructive behavior.

Of course, Dani's own family is falling apart when she discovers her hubby is a total sleaze, which is partly only that has her husband got him another woman, but also that he's got several another womans, her daughter is continually busted for skipping class and her son, though seemingly sane, is following after his dad with his own array of women that he's dating.

Enter Coach Powell (Marc Blucas), an assistant coach (and possible love interest) for the pro football team The Hawks (I missed the city, I think), who has a star player, Terrance King, who is paying tens of millions of dollars but can't hold onto the ball... so Dani is brought on to be T.K.'s therapist--who, of course, doesn't want a therapist. 

Now, Dr. Dani Santino is a therapist of the overpaid prima donna players of a professional football organization.  And that's where we start the storyline for the entire show.

I've tried to watch "Burn Notice" and "In Plain Sight", but ended up missing a few episodes here and there and just gave up, but I think the element of the unusual storyline (football therapist?) mixed with the football culture, which I enjoy, plus a strong cast (Callie Thorne is awesome)... and Nico (Scott Cohen), who's title isn't defined, but is somewhat of... security?  Agent?  Who knows, but Nico is pretty darn cool.

The first episode's main plot is somewhat wrapped up in the episode itself, but I'm hoping this won't be the case... I like procureal (that is, story per episode, very little bleeding over to next week) in "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" and "Law & Order", but when it comes to shows like this, I like the stories that continue... makes for interesting watching.

It's on DVR, and I didn't delete it, I'll just tell The Lovely Steph Leann to give it a shot.  Otherwise, I'm in.  At least til' I miss a few episodes and give up.


Now, here's a little shameless self-promotion... so, I'm huge in Denmark.  Don't ask me why.

On blogspot, you can actually check your stats and see a number of things... readers and page visits over different time periods, "most read" posts, and where your traffic is coming from.  Also, you can find out what countries are visiting your page.

It would make sense, and thus comes as no surprise, that this page is mostly viewed in the United States of America... but if you look at the country with the 2nd most loads its... Denmark?  Like, overseas, this page has been loaded and viewed almost 3,000 times. 

Now, I'm not under any illusions that there are a hundred people in Denmark that checks this page every day, or even a dozen, but I'm assuming that my page comes up under a various assortment of search terms, due to the wide variety of subjects that I talk about on Clouds in My Coffee... but hey, Denmark!  Go Danes!

Also viewed in the thousands would be the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada! 

Speaking of shameless self-promotion, you can also look at traffic sources, and where people are going first to find your website... for some reason, and keeps coming up, though after visiting both sites and looking around, I can't figure out why.

But... there is some user name Wilt that I must send a big thank you too... on the website, which I think is a site for the band Phish, they were discussing the concert dubbed "The OJ Show", a concert held on June 17th, 1994... and the message boards were tossing back and forth the thought of doing a show on that date, and how the band apparently had yelled to the crowd "Run OJ Run!"... and some user named Wilt simply posted "Crazy Day", and then gave this link:

How cool is that?  Thank you, Wilt, thank you.


Another source of referrals for this site is a blog called Happy Harper Stories, and this chick that goes to my church, Valleydale Church (an sbc fellowship), writes it a few times a week, and truly, its become one of those sites that I routinely check.  Its a bit hypocritical to ask my own readers to check back every day, when I only check some blogs a few times per week, but I do look at that one.

I've discussed it before, and the Jamie, the author, and I don't really know each other beyond the blogosphere more than "Hello!" and "How are ya" as we pass by each other at Valleydale Church (an sbc fellowship), but we apparently have alot of the same readers, because I get more an a little traffic from her own site.

Her sight is definately a website with a chick perspective, but encouraging nonetheless.  I do think that she and I share a common bond, and that is we are known as "the blog people" at church.  That's not to say there aren't other blogs at church, but there are certain other people who are known for what they do, whether professionally or as a hobby--Sarah Cook is known as The Photographer.  There are other photographers, but I hear her name and see her pics on Facebook more often than not.  Hope is known as the Cake Lady.  Karin, and now Justin Fisher, are known as The Authors.   The Lovely Steph Leann and I have a reputation for being The Disney People (though that's really only within our circle of friends and a slight outlying layer--there are others that are as big of Disney fans as we are).    I'm sure there are others, but I would venture to say that Jamie's blog and my own blog are two of the most familiar to people at church.

Could be wrong.  I am jealous, though, of the layout she's got... not that I want an owl family in a tree with stripes for my sight--works for hers, not mine--but I do wish I were a little more astute when it came to web design. 


Random thoughts I'm having while watching "Inception" for what feels like the 400th time--and still loving it.

  • Ever wonder why the world "palindrome" isn't one? 
  • Just once, I'd like to hear the automated chick voice say, "Our options are exactly the same, so if you know what you need, just go ahead and press the appropriate button"
  • I feel like if milk came in a solid steel container, there would still be that random milk ring on the counter after I move the jug.  How does milk seep through anything?
  • Sometimes, when I'm in the shower, I toss my hand up on the glass and drag it down, leaving that weird, smudgy handprint... just like Jack and Rose in the backseat of that old car in "Titanic"
  • If you are in the Wal-Mart checkout line, carrying an iPad, talking on your iPhone with your hand that has designer nails, while your kids are holding Blu-Ray movies while wearing their own designer clothes, only to get into anything other than a hatchback or a car thats a minimum of 5 years old, you should not be allowed to use WIC or be receving a welfare check.

And finally... we have now begun the official process of turning The Cabana Extended Stay Suites and Resort Spa into The Cabana Playskool and Daycare.   The Lovely Steph Leann and I sat down in our expensively nice futon upstairs and began to make lists for our guest room into nursery process... what to do with the hundreds of CDs we have, the hundreds of books we have, cleaning out a closet and possibly trimming down my comic book collection by maybe half, and all the other stuff. 

First task?  Pull out the old computer, plug it in, fire it up and start deleting stuff.  This might take a while. 

The Summer of Blogging Day Twenty Eight


  1. I used to be known as one of the bloggers...for about a year. ...and then I stopped. I leave the blogging to the professionals, now.

  2. Funny enough, not more than thirty seconds ago, I finally took the step of removing your blog from my blog roll, for non-updating... it was hard because I was holding out hope that you would post something again...

  3. And I was hoping no one was noticing my little blog (not really). It is strange to realize that a lot of people "know" me from my blog when I'm used to being the quiet girl that no one notices.

    Seriously, only recently, like maybe 2 weeks ago, I clicked that little blog button with stats information and saw that you give me the most referrals to my site. Kuddos to you as you have driven my blog traffic up. Kuddos to me for writing about a topic everyone wants to know about, and leaves me blushing and red faced to think about all the Valleydale peeps thinking about it. That aside, thank you for sending readers my way.

    I have readers from Canada, Germany, Russia, Netherlands, UK, Australia, India, Iran, and the Philipphines. And more countries that are not regulars. It is odd and neat.

    BTW, Hope the Cake Lady has a website too -


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