Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Weekend My Bracket Fell Apart

And, its over.

Held my head high on Friday, even with a proud post that all four of my final four teams still were competing, and I was only 2 points off the leader (Jon Osborne) and by Sunday afternoon, and when UConn went down, all I needed was a Villanova win, and I'd capture my first Deuce Sports title, the Deuce Madness Championship. We see how that went.

All four #1 seeds fell, all four of my final four picks fell, everyone's bracket began to collapse in on itself, fire and brimstone coming down from the skies, rivers and seas boiling, earthquakes, volcanos, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together -- mass hysteria.

(note... if you are reading this, you may wonder what this is all about... a bunch of us did a March Madness bracket this year, and though I had posted results all week, I chose to delete all those.  I left this one because of the results -- d$, 10/3/14)

And when it was all over, when Florida punched their dance card in the Final Four, a spot that I had slated for Villanova, Yours Truly still stood 2 points behind Jonathan Osborne... who now stands as the 2006 Deuce Madness Champion. Congrats.

Here's the final Deuce Mandess Standings:
Champion - Jon Osborne - 390
2nd - Yours Truly - 388
3rd - Lori Smith - 385
4th - David Mark Osborne - 383
5th - Tebe Shaw - 380
6th - Jessica Hawbaker - 370
7th - Brad Latta - 368
8th - Drew Morris - 365
9th - James Hawbaker - 363
10th - Stephanie Dollar - 360

And the rest of the field:
11) Tommy McLeod - 355
12-tie) Scott Latta - 350
12-tie) Daniel Powell - 350
14-tie) Michael Nipp - 345
14-tie) Jonathan Taylor - 345
16-tie) Matt Latta - 343
16-tie) Jason Barnette - 343
Dead Last) Tyler Campbell - 295

Congratulations again to Jonathan Osborne (perhaps you can get a 2006 DFC Playoff Appearance to go with your Madness win...) and thanks to all who played. And since its all over for us -- GO GEORGE MASON!!

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