Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Midweek Music, TV and Links

So, its Wednesday (at least its 18 minutes into it, so far) and I'm up late loading music into the computer. I just heard the "ding" meaing the CD I just had in finished... The Isley Brothers, fyi.

I just popped in volume 2 of The Monkees "Listen to the Band" box set, so it will be a few minutes before I can go to bed. I would watch American Idol, but its in the bedroom, and Steph is asleep. You don't wake up Steph when she's asleep unless the house is on fire. So, we'll watch that tomorrow night, along with the results show, and post it on Thursday morning. In the meantime, I"ll just ramble a bit, because hey, its my blog.

Dave's Mental Playlist Top Five
(the top five songs of the week that have been repeating over and over in my head)
1) "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter
2) "Black Horse & the Cherry Tree" by KT Tunstall
3) "Cheatin'" by Sara Evans
4) "Pump It" by Black Eyed Peas
5) "Walk Away" by Kelly Clarkson
For you Bama fans out there, I recommend Scott Latta's Rammer Jammer Blog. Its pretty funny, witty and he's diehard Roll Tide all the way. Scotty has even appeared in the Sporting News once, and is covering Bama sports for The Sporting News' website. Personally, I'm a Sports Illustrated fan myself (I had TSN subscription once--don't know where it came from. I tried to cancel it, they wouldn't let me) but I do enjoy the blog. And, of course, he's been viewed almost 7,000 times--I'm closing in on 500. Go Me!
Perhaps thats what I need... a blog about something specific, like his is about Alabama. Maybe if I narrow my focus, it would get more traffic...
But then, if I did that, I wouldn't be able to say things like...
You know how sometimes, you've got an hour or so to kill--not really enough time to do anything, but too early to do whatever it is you were planning for later (today mine was work at 2pm)? I was flipping today and came across "Con Air".
Made me wonder, is there ANYTHING better than flipping through the channels and finding a random Nic Cage movie on? I don't mean his gay crap like "Capt Corelli's Mandolin", or "It Could Happen to You", I mean the cool stuff, like "The Rock" or "Gone in 60 Seconds". I love the fact he's got his Oscar ("Leaving Las Vegas") and then said "Screw it, I'm having fun now. What was the name of that movie that I could be in? Snake Eyes?" (which I think is the most unloved, underrated Nic movie out there... even more so than this one)
You know, I was going to do a thing on my Top 5 Nic Cage movies, but I just realized, thats a whole other column. I'll do it soon.
Since The Monkees are loading now, in case you were wondering, here are the next five CDs that are getting loaded into my computer, in preparation for my iPod.... Monster Ballads 1 & 2... Cindy Morgan... Lorrie Morgan (no relation)... this Alanis...and this even better Alanis... I'm still on the fence about this Alanis, because she's not angry anymore, and that just isn't the same. (the same can be said for Sheryl Crow's latest, though now that her heart has been broken, I have high hopes for the next album)
It's hard to make bitter music when you are happily in love... and "You Oughta Know" should never be sung by a happy woman--it kills the fun of the song.
Here's the story about Ocean's 13, and who's in and out. Ocean's 11 was one of the sharpest and smartest comedies I've ever seen (even better than the original), but I was disappointed initially with Ocean's 12. Having said that, the more times I've watched it, the more I've liked it. Its come on HBO several times during the day, and I'll leave it on as I bandy about the apartment.
I said a week or so ago that "Cold Case" has the coolest opening music on TV. As cool as it is, and even though the show still is #1 on "Hottest Main Character Named Lily In a TV Drama", the theme has been dropped to #2... It's been replaced by "Woke Up This Morning" by A3, which is the theme from The Sopranos. Very jazzy, very bluesy... and very, very cool. You can hear a clip here from the soundtrack page.
Quick Hits:
--Wait for it... yep, its... The Last Stanza for Tony Danza
--Of course when I finally get Dazed and Confused on dvd (thanks to Steph), this happens

--A website in Boston has given their list of "overhyped bands" of the last five years. I'd say I would agree with most of these... including Coldplay.

--Am I the only one sorta giddy about Tori Spelling's new show on Vh1?

--When discussing K-Fed, I think I speak for all of us when I say "...and we care because...?"

--Here's a CD you've never listened to (or even thought about listening to) that I think everyone should own. (no, I'm not kidding--its one of my favorite CDs )

--And finally... what happens when you mix Coke and coffee? You get this.

American Idol update no later than Thursday!


  1. I may have the steam engine of "The Sporting News" behind my blog, but you know what? Last night, Jessica wanted to know one of the songs that was on American Idol that she just saw a few seconds of, gave me one line of the lyrics, and you know where I immediately went? I went home. Then you know where I went? Right here, to read one of your "An-update-so-comprehensive-it's-a-bit-creepy" American Idol recaps. And it wasn't there. But that's got to count for something, right?

    (By the way, I won't spoil it for you but it was the song Bucky/Chad Kroeger sang. And it wasn't good.)

  2. well, unfortunately, i work on tuesday nights... so i dont get to watch it until wednesday night, along with who gets kicked off... and i'm opening in the morning (thursday), but i'm sacrificing some sleep just to keep you fine people up to date.


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