Saturday, March 04, 2006

More Idol, More Survivor

Don't forget... TOMORROW NIGHT--THE RUNNING OSCAR DIARY, right here on The Adventures of Dave.

Spent last night, late, playing Attacktix with some of the guys... we're such nerds. Now, on Saturday morning, I'm watching the American Idol results show, finally. Yes, yes, I know who got voted off... and I'm pretty excited about it.

Anyway, the Idols just did the obligatory group performance, this time of Orleans' (or is it The Little River Band's?) "Love the One You're With". Carrie Underwood is singing tonight... you know, I really like Carrie. She's just so good lookin' and wholesome seeming--maybe thats why I've got a thing for Pickles.

Even though I know who gets the boot, I still don't like my faves to be in the bottom three... My Girl McPhee isn't in the bottom three. And neither is Pickles! I'm feeling okay now.

Kinnik is, however. So is Heather Cox. Not a problem with that. And so is Brenna. Not a problem at all. And Brenna's going home. Ha ha ha!! She says "Get ready for my album". Sure... look for it on the cd shelf at your local Dollar Tree in about a year. And she's resinging her version of "Last Dance", and its hideous.

Is there a more annoying, yet more addicting, song that Black Eyed Peas "My Hump"? I mean, its so stupid... its a ridiculous song, stupid lyrics, a dumb riff... yet is so much fun to sing along too. Am I alone?

I think Paula is drunk. I'm not kidding. No, really... I absolutely think that Paula is buzzing... she's being really stupid, moreso than usual, and Ryan Seacrest even scolded her because "this is the most intense moment of their lives, and you're making jokes." Oh, and this is where Heather Cox gets tossed off the show.

As for the guys, Bucky (...bucky...) and Steph's man Ace with the Ace Hair are both safe. Elliott Yahmean is safe. T-Hicks is safe. And of course, Chris Daughtry is safe--how could he not be after that performance the other night? In fact, I've only gone back and watched about three or four performances again, in the history of American Idol. Daughtry's version of "Hemorrhage" was one of them.

In the bottom three: Sway, Dave Radford (who?)... and somehow, Chicken Little is in the bottom three, and JPLV2.0 is. Radford is out, and during his final song, all the cast is crowded around him (Paris is even crying...) which makes me laugh. You know they are ALL thinking "better him than me".

Paula is piping up again... and she is making NO sense. She's buzzing, I swear. Sway is gone now. He really didn't do that bad, but I never saw Sway making the top four. I mean, his nickname is Sway. Be real.

Here's where we stand... Mikey has Sally, Austin and Mr. Miyagi, while I've got Cirie, Courtney, Bobby and Freak of the Week Shane. Steph has Danielle, Nick and Dan, while Ashley has Eros and Terry.

So apparently, Austin has called out Mr. Miyagi for building a rock zen garden when he needs to help the team wth firewood. What a weird group. The reward challenge involved tossing beans, rice and fish. Winner gets all of it, including spices and wine (which Courtney was just so happy about). Loser gets choice of beans or rice. No fish.

Apparently, you have to chop off the head and tail of the fish before tossing it in the bucket--and Miyagi just mutilated his fish. I mean, chopped that bad boy up. Then he dropped the next fish. What a lame guy. Hot Sally just dropped her fish. Dan the Astronaut has had to throw it three times. Bobby is wailing on his fish--two chops, aand its done. And Casaya wins it, and they elect to send Terry to Exile Island.

Yes, I'm aware of the fact that if you don't watch this show, you have no clue what I'm talking about. Casaya, the freak tribe, includes Cirie, Miyagi, Shane, Danielle, Eros, Bobby and Courtney... and since its pouring rain, and they can't cook the fish, they are chowing down on raw fish. La Mina, the other tribe, is Nick, Austin, Dan the Astronaut, Hot Sally and Terry, who's now at Exile Island. Keep in mind, there is a hidden immunity idol on Exlie Island, andwhen people are banished there for a few days, they can search for it--and Terry did. And found it.

La Mina ate the beans... and its giving them the runs and the cookie tossings something fierce. Over in Casaya, Bobby and Miyagi are sitting together in the outhouse (a reward challenge prize) drinking wine together. And they drank all of it. And Bobby is braggin on it... not a smart move. Besides Cirie, the big black mama on this tribe, I don't know if there is anyone likable on this tribe.

La Mina has lost four challenges in a row, heading into the immunity challenge. And this one involves diving to the ocean floor, collecting "skull puzzle pieces". Fun for all. Their diving in, they're going deep, in over their heads they wanna be... with Austin and Hot Sally putting the puzzle together, that sends Casaya to tribal council.

Somehow Freak-a-leek Shane has found himself leader of the tribe... and he made Bobby swear on his (Shane's) own kid that Bobby would vote a certain way. And Courtney is meditating in the Zen Garden--and Miyagi is upset. Its a Zen Garden... isnt that what its for? So the girls decide to take control, and they tell Shane they want Bobby gone, even though Shane swore on his kid he wouldn't vote him out. Big Mama Cirie has this "I can't believe I'm still here" look about her. And Miyagi feels unappreciated, darn it. He admits it. Eros is calling him out... again. And finally, after Miyagi gets 2, Courtney gets 1, Eros gets 1... and Bobby gets three. Bobby's out, and I lose my first tribemate on my proverbial team.

Well, now I've got to get chores done. Folding clothes, showering, I have to finish up some Starbucks paperwork for my interview on Monday. I'll let you guys know all about the interview as it comes.

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