Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Idol Thoughts... and its Unanimous

Okay... here we are at 1008pm, on Wednesday night... because I got home late, we watched the Idol performances tonight, taped the results, and just popped in the results show to watch. If you want to read the Idol review, go to the previous post, just below, because this one is all about the results!

First is the review clip, where Barry Manilow helped all the Idols do their 50s songs. Then the clip where Paula and Simon argued. Paula is just a weird kooky chick. She used to be really cool, with Vibeology and Rush Rush and Forever Your Girl and such... but now? Just a flake.

And here comes the cheeseball Ford commercial... it was pretty funny, with the Idols singing "We Got the Beat", complete with Chicken Little wearing a "Love Machine" shirt. I almost think he believes his own hype, sort of like a William Hung way.

Barry is on stage... and yes, I'm a Fanilow. "Can't Smile Without You" and "Mandy " will be on my iPod (when I finally get it.) And he's singing a song from his recent #1 album, "Greatest Songs from the 50s" (yes, I said recent #1 album). The song is "Love is a Many Splendored Thing". Steph just commented, "Poor thing... Barry can't smile. Botox."

Some observations... They just showed the Hispanic Bob from the Bachelor, Chicken Little is macking on My Girl McPhee, Paula is up and swaying her hands like a drunk chick at a frat party during "Freebird", and they brough Hispanic Bob onstage, seeking his next three minutes of fame.

And here comes the results...

Steph's Man Ace with the Ace Hair... and this week? He is safe. Mandisa, looking like a 00's Aretha, is safe. Elliott Yahmean is safe (Ryan sounded surprised when he said it...).

Pickles? Ryan said "Simon called you ballsy and sexy" and Pickles said "What's a ballsy?" Um... Yeah, she's safe. Daughtry, who sang a cool, cool song ("Walk the Line") is also safe.

Paris Bennett, whom I am afraid I might like... she is safe. And My Girl McPhee is... safe. Taylor is safe... leaving Lisa, Bucky and Chicken Little... Steph and I got it right.

Of course, one gets to sit down, leaving only two... Lisa Turtle is safe, leaving Bucky... Bucky... and Chicken Little. I could lose either one and be fine. Paula just said "Just because you don't win, doesn't mean you won't make it... look at Clay Aiken, Jennifer Hudson, Bo Bice..." Of course, she fails to mention that they finished in at least the top five.

And... Bucky is safe. Chicken Little goes home. HA!

And they play Daniel Powter's "Bad Day" again, during his "goodbye" montage. Chicken Little has the "I should look like I'm not surprised, but I'm actually shocked to be here." HA! And finally, he sings for the last time. Which is probably ticking Melissa McGhee off, because they are showing a lot more of Chicken Little than they did her last week... as long as he's gone.

And now, for the show that will drop my IQ about 17 points. Unanimous... or, as Fox says, Unan1mous. So, they drop 9 people in a bunker underground somewhere, as a controlled "social expirament". No contact to the outside world, no clocks (Which would drive me crazy) and they basically have to decide on one person to walk away with $1.5 million dollars--and the decision must be unanimous.

We have Adam the Poker player... Vanessa the Soccer mom... Jonathan the ladies man... Jameson the office manager... Jamie the dancer... Kelly the minister (yes, Kelly's a she)... Steve the truck driver... Tarah the fashion designer... and Richard the 42 year old temp.

So everyone has come into the bunker room... and apparently, no one has a clue why they were there. But they all got bugged eye when the host came on, via video screen, who just told them they had to decide who to give the money to. It looks like the guy who used to host that stupid kids game show on NBC fifteen years ago, where brothers and sisters had to guess the same items to win them. Anyway, if one person decides to leave, the money is cut in half.

Jamie the dancer just admitted she was freaked out, but Jameson the office manager talked her into staying, so the money wouldn't be cut in half. Now they all begin to talk to each other, to find out about each other. Kelly the minister just went off on how the Bible is true, and God and such... and apparently, Jameson is gay, and said "Homosexuality is not a choice!".

While speaking truth, Kelly is over the top--not the way to tell others about Christ. I hate when the media does this to Christians, as in, makes them look bigoted, intolerant, obnoxious... I gues thats another topic for another day.

Jonathan the ladies man just told the group a total lie about having testicular cancer. Kelly and Jameson keeps going at it. Jameson wants to get rid of Kelly, while Steve the truck driver wants the money to take care of his children, his grandchildren and such...

Now they get to vote on who gets the money. People can't vote for themselves, so people are voting for different people in order to "see where this goes". Steve the Truck Driver. gets 1 vote... hey, Steve gets another vote... and another... the next vote goes to Vanessa. The next vote? Jamie the dancer. Jonathan gets 1, Tarah gets 2 and Jamie gets another.

They failed to complete the task... and failure has "dire consequences". Those being now deciding who doesn't get the money--as in, eliminating someone. So, they read three secrets out of the group... they decide which one is the worst, and the person who belongs to that secret is gone. So, the secrets are: 1) This person filed for bankruptcy even though they had 100K in the bank... 2) This person was in a mental hospital... 3) This person was arrested for carrying live ammo. Now #2 is not bad--it happens. #3 isn't too bad, depending on the circumstances. The first one, however, is pretty bad... and guess who it belongs to? Yep, Kelly the minister. Way to show that Christ like love. Good job, TV media. Make us look like that hypocrites... not that we aren't already.

And they end the show right now... and let me tell you, I feel like a total moron for watching this--and the fact I enjoyed it? Even more stupid.

Tomorrow? Deuce Madness kicks off.

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