Sunday, March 19, 2006

iPods, TV Music & Deuce Madness Day 4

The Deuce Madness scores are below my other thoughts for the day.

I'm on a hunt for an iPod.

Here's my dilemma... I've got $250 on a Wal-Mart card. And I've got $300 cash. The 60 GB iPod that I've been wanting retails for about $399.99, and the 30 GB iPod that I may get is $299.99. If I had all the money on a Best Buy card (totaling $550) there wouldn't be an issue... I'd go to Best Buy and pick me up a 60gig.

The simple answer would be "Well, use your gift card plus cash and get it from Wal-Mart". Here's the problem: They don't sell 60gig iPods. They don't even have them listed online, and their 30gigs are only in stores. Sam's Club doesn't have them either. The other solution would be to save up more money to buy it at Best Buy, which means I'm about $150 short, when you consider taxes, plus the service plan that I'd want to put on it (for $49.99... and Wal-Marts? Their's is $22 and some change)

I'm definately buying my accessories at Wal-Mart, though. The iPod plug adapter, the case and a car apperatus that would allow me to listen to it, and charge it in the car, cost about $89, $30 and $99 respectively. At Wal-Mart? The same iPod adapter was $38, a similar case was about $17 and a similar charger was around $29. I'll figure it out, I guess.


Was there ever a time when there were no "(fill in number) Greatest/Best/Sexiest/Most Shocking Moments in (name the industry)" specials? I flipped it to Vh1, and on is the "100 Most Shocking Moments in Rock", and I've been privvy to the details of Michael Jackson's hair fire in 1984, Ozzy Osbourne biting the head off of a bat and other fun things.

I'll be honest with you--I don't know who sings it, but "Girl You Know Its True" is a great R&B album. We know its not Milli Vanilli. I actually heard Rob and Fab sing live on Arsenio Hall in the early 1990s, after the lip-sync fallout, and they were AWFUL...

Is there a more disgusting "Woman That the World Says is Hot" woman in the world than Pam Anderson? I mean, she's absolutely revolting. I would be willing to put her and Anna Nicole Smith in a boat to test the viability of the Bermuda Triangle.

Soon to come: "The 50 Greatest 100 Greatest Moment Shows."

Alright, I'll ask it. If David Mark, Jonathan and Meredith Osborne had been born in England, would their names be David Mark, Jonathan and Meredith Osbourne?
I may end up re-thinking this statement, but I think that the opening music to Cold Case has taken the spot left empty by Six Feet Under in the catagory of "The Coolest Opening Music on TV".

Speaking of music, I'm learning that there are bands that I'm supposed to like. I'm flipping through this week's edition of Entertainment Weekly, and occasionally they have an insert called "Listen 2 This", which highlights new music and other things YOU should be paying attention to. This time around, they asked celebrities to give a list of albums that "you've gotta get-by any means necessary-right now". There's a lot of Rufus Wainwright, The Who, David Bowie, Erykah Badu, Jefferson Starship and others. Have you heard any of these artists? None of their music that I've heard really appeals to me, and honestly, I can 't see how it appeals to anyone.

Some of it, like Radiohead, Jane's Addiction, Beth Orton and Joni Mitchell, I can see how you'd enjoy it (Tommy McLeod is a big Radiohead fan) and I even like some of their stuff--but what makes David Bowie brilliant? I don't get it.

What did I like in the listings? Peter Gabriel's "So", Lauryn Hill's "Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" (was there ANYONE who had more hype after her first album only to have her career disappear faster?) , Prince & the Revolution's "Purple Rain", Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall", Nirvana's "Nevermind" and Abba's "Gold".


Okay, enough chatter... here's the update on Deuce Madness, heading into next weekend's Sweet Sixteen.
1) Jon Osborne - 360
2) DMOsborne - 353
3) Brad Latta - 348
4) Lori Smith - 345
5) Scott Latta - 340
6) Yours Truly - 338
7) Drew Morris - 325
8) James Hawbaker - 323
9) Tebe Shaw, Stephanie Dollar & Jess Hawbaker - 320
12) Tommy McLeod, Michael Nipp, Jon Taylor - 315
15) Matt Latta - 313
16) Daniel Powell - 310
17) Jason Barnette - 303
18) Tyler Campbell - 275


  1. You know the feature simmons runs time to time called "curious guy", where he and somebody else like curt schilling or mark cuban exchange emails back and forth and it's usually pretty entertaining? i think we both have personalities good enough to do that and make it interesting, what do you think?

    thanks for linking to my blog, by the way-

  2. Yeah, I know what you are talking about... I can dig it. We should make this happen one day soon, we could both post the results.

    And yeah, I thought your blog was a hoot. I'll probably feature it in a "Uncle Dave's Weekend Fun Links" posting after Deuce Madness is all over.


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