Friday, January 09, 2009

Truth In the Eye Black

Perhaps some thought it silly to have the Scripture references on his eye black paint, but I thought it was cool. Personally, in a sport (and a sports culture) that is full of gangsta's and thugs, shoot 'em ups and steroids, smackin' up my ho's and other garrulous violations, I think its kinda cool to have someone that is just a genuinely good guy. There are good guys all over, college and pro, I know, and Tebow gets all the coverage, yes yes, I know that, but still...

Anyway, here's the shot of Google's most searched topics for last night during the game...


Kinda cool, huh?

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  1. That is cool. I thought that when I saw him even before I saw the google results - that makes it even better.

    I heard Falkenberry on Finebaum the day after the game hatin' on Tebow. His words of wisdom? "I'm just tired of it...scripture on his anti glare patches...praise the Lord after every's nothing wrong with being religious...that's fine...but don't try to sell it to everybody in the world"

    Isn't that the whole point, John?


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