Friday, March 28, 2008

What I Believe, starring Barack, Hillary, McCain and featuring Tammy McLeod

This is a political ramble, that goes nowhere and everywhere all at the same time. Just warning you.

I always get a little nervous when I post something political. I always have this fear that Brad Latta, in his lawyer mentality, is going to throw down on me something either I can't defend, or that it would sound stupid to refute. But, you know, I believe what I believe. And that makes me who I am.

Sometimes its just easier not to pay attention. Seriously, I envy some people who don't pay that much attention, sometimes. Of course, its in my system to try to stay as informed as I can, if not just for me, but also for other people who ask me pointed questions about Barack Obama, or Hillary, or McCain or whatever.

All I know is, as a conservative, these are dark times. Senator John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, is not a conservative. He's at best a moderate, at worst a liberal Republican who caters and compromises all too easy "across the aisle" with a party that doesn't return the favor, that being the Democratic side.

I'm a Republican for one simple reason--its the party that most closely represents who I am and what I believe. Well, its supposed to be close to that, though with McCain our possible next president, I dunno.

There's no way I can get behind Hillary Clinton. Absolutely not. Now, am I rooting for her to win the nomination? Definately. Only because she is the one that I think McCain can beat--though I will sadly join the millions who are voting not for someone (McCain) but against someone (Clinton).

Obama is another story. He is so charismatic when he talks, he's so charming and graceful and without much scandal and with his deep, manly voice and good looks, he's got America swooning. But I don't like him. Now, as far as Hillary Clinton goes, I think she's a terrible person. I actually think Barack Obama is a nice guy, and would love to sit down and have a conversation with him. I think he's less prone to blow sunshine in my face, and say stupid things like Hillary probably would.

However, I cannot support him as my President. He is a liberal. And the methods and programs that are being pushed by the Democratic party border on socialism. And I cannot support that. Socialism is an idea that states that everyone has the same amount of everything, no matter how hard you've worked for it. You've got too much, so take some of what you earned and give it to those who didn't earn it.

Healthcare is one of the big deals... what makes you think that this government (I didn't say "administration" because this includes our current president, whom I'll get to in a minute, but goes beyond him, and previous administrations) will do a good job with the health care system in America? The same government that refuses to do anything about the social security mess, the same government that is cramming mercury filled lightbulbs down our throat based on the threat of a science that is neither proven nor accurate (that being global warming), the same government that can't balance their own budget and owes trillions to the world... you want them in charge of your healthcare?

And who's going to pay for it? The rich, yes, yes, I know. Raise taxes, make the rich pay for it, because they have too much money, yes, big corporations that gouge the poor and smoke cigars on their 90 foot yachts and throw $100 dollar bills in the fireplace, because that costs them less than getting up to put a log in, right, right. Just don't give me that bit about Barack and John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, and the Clintons happy to pay their share--realize that most of their earnings are not from a paycheck, which is what would be taxes--its from investment earnings, mutual funds and the like.

Why are big corporations the enemy? Why is the rich the enemy? I mean, we all aspire to do well. I just became the manager at Starbucks, and while far from being rich, my salary did in fact, go up. Suppose I keep climbing in the company, and end up making six figures. At what point do I cross that salary line and become "rich" and "the enemy"? I mean, the top 25% of income earners in this country pay 86%, and the top 50% of income earners pay 97% of all taxes in this country.

See, I feel like there are alot of people in this country that need help. They need someone to reach their hand out and say, "Hey, I know this sucks for you, but let me help you". For those people, I have no problem with my tax dollars funding programs to help such people. But I do have an issue with increasing taxes just to fund programs that keep people in the "you owe me" victim mentality.

There are too many people in this country that believe that not only the government owes them something, but that the government is there to give them stuff. Lots of free stuff, be it welfare checks or TV analog boxes or a rebate check.

This is why I'm a Conservative. Conservatism isn't a "political party", its a way of life. Its believing that everyone is worth something, that you don't need a hand out, you need a hand up. Its telling you that you are not a victim, its telling you that your circumstances are hard right now, but I'm going to help you get out of them, being it through education or whatever, be it through getting a job. And you will do better, to the point where you'll be able to help someone else out.

I've made as little as $4.25 per hour working all nights a radio station. At one point in college, I worked 5 jobs--thats 'five'--and went to school. Two different radio stations at the same time, I catered Marriott, I did children's theater and I worked at Dairy Queen. I went probably 15 years with no Healthcare. I couldn't afford it for a while, but after I graduated and moved to Birmingham, I just chose not to get it. I probably could have, at that time, but I chose to use that money to go to the movies with the group, or take whoever I was dating out to eat or whatever. Bottom line is, I bore the responsibility if something happened, because I chose to live without healthcare. And at no time did I think "If I do break my arm, I'll just call on the government to pay me some money."

I'm pro-life. I think abortion is terrible, and I think any politician on either side of the aisle that actually voted against a ban on partial birth abortions should be roundhouse kicked in the face. Its a terrible thing. That being said, I don't think its possible to put a sweeping, anti-abortion law in place. Personally, I think that should be a state issue. Let the states decide. Let the peopel decide. If 48 out of 50 states vote to ban abortions, then those 2 states will have to deal with abortion laws and regulations, as well as any blowbacks.

I think gay marriage is wrong. See, I think you gay people really should have fought your battles over "civil unions", not "marriage". To you, its a word meaning 'legally together', for Christ Followers, its a sacred concept. However comma I think that a constitutional amendment sanctifying marriage is the wrong answer, and a polorizing concept. Once again, I say give it back to states. Let the people decide. If Vermont and Massachusetts are the only places that recognize gay marriage, then its up to the gay community to change our minds in other states. I would love to have the power to vote against gay marriage and abortion in Alabama, just as I know that woman who wore a "Roe vs Wade 25th Anniversary--Women's Choice" button at Starbucks would probably love to vote for those things. Democracy. Its a cool thing.

The war? Sheesh. I mean, its a cop out to say "doesn't matter how we got there, the fact is we are there now", but its kinda true. Do I agree on the reasons we went in? Yes, I do. Do I think Bush has made some mistakes? Many. Do I think soldiers have died in vain? Some, perhaps. Do I believe in the mission now? Yes, if only because the war was never a "war on Iraq", it was a "war on terror", a phrase that has been used and misused so many times, its a punchline. But Iraq is just a start.

If a democracy can be set up in Iraq, successfully, and can continue, it will change the entire Middle East. "Who are we to impose Democracy on other countries?" is what I hear, but my response now is simply, "Why wouldn't you?" Its freedom. Its liberty. It's every race, every color, every gender, every orientation having a say in the way your country is run. Democracy is a beautiful, wonderful thing, and should be adopted by every country.

I know, I know, there are lots of reports that tell you we are failing in Iraq, and the government there is incompetant and collapsing and so on and so forth and so on... and there are lots of reports that say the exact opposite. It just depends on if you are listening watching CNN or MSNBC, aka DNC-TV, or Fox News. I say that Fox News is actually unbiased, and someone else will tell me the others are unbiased. I think Keith Olbermann is a moron. How about that?

You know what else I believe, because I am a Conservative? I think government should collect taxes, fix roads, build bridges, give me my driver's license, protect this country from enemies, both foreign and domestic via the military, and get the $&#^ out of the $*%&ing way. Pardon my &*$^@#.

Seriously. Don't cram global warming down my throat when you can't prove it. Don't force me to buy a lightbulb that contains mercury that makes me call the EPA when I break it, when Sam's Choice 60 watt bulbs are $1.45 for four. Don't try to control my thermostat if we decide to move to California. Don't raise my taxes to fund your programs that do not work. The war on poverty? Has this really helped?

And you know what else? Don't force mortgage companies to give loans to people who clearly cannot afford a house because (mocking baby voice) "everyone should get a house!" then deride those same mortgage companies when those people who clearly cannot afford a house end up not being able to afford a house. Government, don't step in! Let the market work itself out. This is capitalism. It sucks for those people, it sucks for those companies, but the free market always evens out.

I sit here in my house, on my laptop, listening to my iPod. I look up and I see a bookcase full of books, and there is stuff everywhere. I had a conversation earlier with Nikki Brown and it just reminded me how much I love my friends. The Lovely Steph Leann and I just paid off my student loan, which means that aside from The Cabana, we are debt free completely. Free to save and invest for our future, instead of relying on Social Insecurity.

We're also preparing for a future that might be under Barack Obama. Because he's going to try to put in healthcare for the country. Mandatory healthcare. Which means whether you want it or not, you'll have to pay for it. Which means that if you don't have a job, or don't want a job, I'll have to pay for it. It also means that I better not get wealthy for any reason, because Barry wants to double the capital gains taxes. Has he ever even read an economic book?

As far as his speech the other day goes, I have come to believe one thing about Barack Obama. He's no different from Hillary Clinton, in saying exactly what the room wants to hear, only he says it better and it doesnt sound foolish, like when she says it.

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright thing is haunting him now. Have you heard this guy? He's pretty out there, I'll be honest. He's very anti-government, he hates Dubya (an election stealer and a dumb dixiecrat? any of you liberals answer me this--when are we going to get past the 'stole the election' rhetoric? its on par with global warming as still-not-proven nor even logical--I mean, for pete's sake, Democrats were running the voting centers in the Florida counties in question... its your own fault!!), and, from what I can tell is pretty doggone racist. The white man is the reason the black man is held down.

I've been going to Valleydale Church (an sbc fellowship) for almost ten years. Pastor Calvin his sermons have had a profound impact on my life, and if I didn't believe the doctrine that was being taught, I would leave and go elsewhere. I can't say that I've strongly disagreed with much the Pastor has said over the years... and why? I go to that church because he believes what I believe.

Can you tell me how Obama can stand up and say that, while he attended the United Trinity Church of Christ, pastored by Wright, for 20 years, he hasn't been really affected by what Wright says? And why stay at a church where you "strongly disagree with many of his political views" (his words, not mine). Or that after hearing the Reverend Wright blame the US for 9/11, hearing the word "nigger" being used over and over, hearing "God damn America!" several times, he wouldn't have an issue with this? No, actually Obama had Wright on his own staff, until recently.

Yes, yes, I didn't give the proper context, right right. Here's a great article from The Dallas News on Rev. Jeremiah Wright. I know much of the stuff you hear in the news is just snippets, the worst parts, but the double standard is what kills me... if a Republican had said ANY of this, it would be the end of his political career. No questions asked. Done. If a Republican had a pastor who said such things, likewise. Over.

Plus, how can I pull for a guy who throws his own mawmaw under the bus, by calling her a typical white woman who is scared of black people? You can read the reaction here, which, by the way, is the most I've ever linked to the Huffington Post in my life. I think Ariana Huffington is a dork, but sometimes, they get it right.

We're also preparing for a future that might be under John McCain, who loves amnesty ideas for immigration. Which means that millions of illegal aliens in this country will get that healthcare that he might just put in place as well, paid for by you and me. It really ticks me off to hear that illegal aliens get instate tuition, when I know people, citizens of this country, who go to school and pay the astronomical out-of-state tuition.

We're also preparing for a future that might be under Hillary Clinton. In case you thought it was all anti-Obama, there's always Hillary. I don't even have to talk anti-Hillary... if she gets elected, we might just commit a murder suicide, go home to Jesus and be done with it all.

So why conservatism?

Well, because I believe in people. I believe that people can be anything they want to be, some have to work harder than others to get it. It may not be fair, but thats how it rolls. I believe that the United States of America is the greatest, most free country in the history of the world, and we are the last great hope for this world. If America falls, so do the rest. I believe that Brad Latta is a great guitarist and I enjoy reading his political views. I believe that Rush Limbaugh is a great American, and I enjoy his show because he not only talks, he lets me hear Hillary and Obama for myself, and gives me the tools to research on my own, rather than Air America who just tells me to hate Bush and bring the soldiers home now (I believe that someone who sees the name Rush Limbaugh will automatically assume I have no credibility, much like I have trouble giving cred to someone who follows Algore) I believe we should drop this notion of bio-fuels and ethenol--if it doesnt work in the free market, then it shouldn't exist, and the government shouldn't subsidize it. I believe we should drill in ANWR, and in the Gulf of Mexico. What, some 20 million acres in ANWR and our global footprint there would be less than 2,000 square acres if we drilled? Wonderful.

I believe there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, I believe the UN is corrupt and a joke, I believe that tax cuts work, I believe the economy is not as bad as people are making it out to be, I believe that 95% of people who are out of work can find a job somewhere (McDonald's may not be pretty, but its money, and its not forever) freeing up funding for those 5% who really need help, I believe that there's something wrong with forcing English students to learn Spanish but not forcing Spanish students to learn English, I believe that political correctness is a scourge on this society, I believe the government owes me nothing, I believe other people owes me nothing, I believe that just because I'm who I am that doesn't make me entitled to anything, I believe that I should keep what I earn be it money or whatever, I believe that when a Republican screws up its all over the news as to who they are, but if a Democrat screws up, you have to search like crazy to figure out what party they belong to, I believe that if we pulled out of Iraq now, no matter how we got in there, it would be a catastrophic mistake that our country would deal with for decades to come, I believe that Iran has nuclear ambitions and that we'll end up having to take military action eventually, I believe that the feminist movement in America should speak out against Islam for the mere fact that when a Islam man dies, he gets 75 virgins, but when a woman dies, she has to be a servant, I believe that history will prove Bill Clinton to be one of the worst presidents ever, I believe that George W. Bush was a great president in his first term, but only a mediocre one in his second, I believe that the Seattle Supersonics should not move to Oklahoma City, I believe that while this administration should take some blame for the aftermath of Katrina, I believe there are about a dozen people who should be held accountable before Bush, including Ray Nagin (whom they re-elected in New Orleans, God love 'em), I believe that the rebate check program is a terrible idea (but I'll take it), I believe that no matter who takes office in November, they are going to blame only Bush for anything and everything wrong, I believe that no matter who takes office in November, we're going to be in trouble for four years, but the light at the end of the tunnel is that it opens the door for a landslide conservative win in 2012, a la Jimmy Carter losing to Reagan, because I believe that Conservatism Works Everytime Its Tried.

Now. I'm going to Wal-Mart to buy a Wii. If I can find one.

I was actually going to blog on something completely different, but I was at work tonight, and Tammy McLeod came in, just for a minute. We hadn't talked in a while, because she said something politically, and I responded and she responded and a hundred other people responded and so on, and... well, we differ in ideas. We differ in the direction this country should go in, and who should lead it. And you know what? That's okay. I love Tammy McLeod. She sang at our wedding, a great version of "At Last", to which the Lovely Steph Leann and I had our first dance, and for that alone, Tammy will be in heart. So I decided to write about it.

I just ask, Tammy, that when you do put out an album, let the first few be just good, non-partisan, non-political music that I can enjoy. If you feel the need, you can go all Dixie Chicks, and not be ready to make nice later, but I'd love a few "Fly" and "Home" and "Wide Open Spaces" first. Thanks.


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  2. Ok, I had to read another one.

    I totally agree with you on pretty much everything political. The next four years are going to be difficult. I'm not looking forward to it.

    Do you listen to Rick and Bubba? They have a lot of similar opinions about the free market and such. You probably don't have time for a morning show since you're at Sbux!


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