Tuesday, October 21, 2014

shotglass to the bigtime

If you know me at all on social media, you'll undoubtedly have heard that I co-host a podcast. I've been doing it since April of 2011, with my friends Mikey & Pinky... I won't get into all of it, because I've discussed at length before...

New Logo... made with Power Point and clip art.  Not kidding.

...but our latest episode is now featured on ShotGlass Digital's webpage. Why? Because we are the newest podcast on the ShotGlass Digital Network.

What does that mean? Well, think of it this way...

Being picked up by podcasting network is like going from an independant YouTube show to a cable channel show... perhaps the cable channel is small, but the exposure is so much more.

ShotGlass Digital is kind of like Disney, without the bajillionty dollars in the bank. Disney owns ABC, ABC Family, ESPN, theme parks, Disney Channel, Disney XD, and so on and so on... in the same respect, ShotGlass features our show, TechnoRetro Dads, Rebel Force Radio, a James Bond Podcast, Skywalking Through Neverland, a Planet of the Apes podcast, and so on...

And whereas ESPN is like it's own entity under Disney, with offshoots of its own... The Geek Out Loud series of podcasts are under ShotGlass Digital, with offshoots of its own.

Anyway, I invite you to head to ShotGlass Digital and look around. If you listen to podcasts, then check out the few dozen shows there... if you are a nerd or a geek, there is something for everyone, I promise.

If you want to hear the latest episode, it's all about our favorite scary films, just in time for Halloween... give us a listen, and if you like it, head to iTunes and give us a review. Five stars is our favorite number. =)

Shameless plug post over.

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