Friday, October 10, 2014

be my guest to a happy friday

Sometimes days are just good... I mean, granted, I have a paid for car, a Lovely Steph Leann, an awesome Campbell kid, a great house and a job--that's not bragging, that's just making a point that any day my doc doesn't say "you have cancer" or my boss says "you are fired" or Amy Adams (whom I'm in love with) doesn't file a restraining order from my excessive name dropping on this blog hoping she'll Google herself one day and it will pop up and she'll email me and tell me how delighted she is to have such a fan and say that obviously we are both married so there's that, but here's my number so we can actually be friends and holy crap, I'm still talking aren't I...?

 What I mean is, you know, most days are good... some just have random fun things that make them better.

First, my online buddy Jackson made a call out to a bunch of people where, if you lipsync "Shake It Off", he'd edit them together and make a video. Myself, and my friend Kermit, made the cut.

Sure, it's me, another dude or two, and a bunch of chicks all actin' a foo'. It's like college.
So, then, as I started my daily podcast listening, shooting thru ESPN's PTI, then Rush Limbaugh's Thursday show, and then The Remodeling Clay 'cast...

I started in on the Be Our Guest Podcast, a fun little show all about--what else--Disney World, with a little Disneyland tossed in. I've written in a few times with questions and thoughts, and they read one back in May, which was cool.

Today? They read an email I wrote a few weeks ago, and actually made the entire 30 minute podcast all about it.

Quite simply, I observed how Universal Studios now has a completely intertwined identity with Harry Potter, and if Disney was prepared for that to happen with Hollywood Studios, once Star Wars is implemented (no, I haven't heard anything official, but everyone knows it's a "when not if" situation).

Then I presented my own ideas for a possible fifth gate, or new theme park, that will likely never, ever happen, or at least in the next 25 years or so. And they read the entire email and then discussed all of it, sometimes funny, other times with great insight. It was pretty awesome.

Taken in 2010, when The Lovely Steph Leann and I went to Disney
World with our friends Lil Sister Ashley, McQ and Ash's real sister
Bri.  Oh, and I'm standing by Tink for a reason, cause it's Tink. Woot.
Tomorrow, my "little sister" is coming to town. Little Sister Ashley, who is now married and living with her boo in Mississippi, now also with a pint sized version of them named Cadence, will be in the area for a wedding party thing, and they are staying with us.

Haven't seen Lil Sister Ashley in a few years, since our respective kids were wee little babies, so it'll be a great little "family" moment. The Lovely Steph Leann is quite fond of her too... and yes, we like Brandon, the boo of the Lil Sis.


And earlier today, I got a random email with some exciting news for our podcast, The Deucecast Movie Show.

Yes, I do a podcast. Perhaps you knew that, perhaps you had no idea, but yes, I co-host a podcast all about movies--old movies, new movies, craptastic movies, great movies, and my favorite movies and so on.

Anyway, my buddy Mikey gave some great news. I can't talk about it, though... but soon. You can listen live (look for links on Facebook) on Friday, October 17th, or wait to download the show on Monday, October 19th, but we have a huge, huge announcment... and all the guys on the show--Mikey, our movie padawan P!nky and producers Tommy Mac and Shawnsharp--are pumped and can barely contain ourselves.


Random thought... "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift is fiercely battling "Pompeii" by Bastille for my favorite song of the year, though the cover of "All About that Bass" by Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox, featuring Kate Davis, is surging... that song makes me so happy.

I do like Meghan Trainor's version, but that voice doesn't match her little frame. Then again, there's also Pitbull's "Fireball".

Have you heard "I Love It" by Icona Pop? Featuring Charli XCX, whoever that is. Talk about a "I'm free from you, you tool" chick anthem. That's a song you have to sing really loud. I mean, you kinda have to yell it.

And then there is Fergie's new song, "LA Love"... which is a train wreck disaster, but I somehow still like it.


Finally... this is post number 12 in a series connected only by the fact they are consecutive posts.  Because I have a bad habit of setting a writing goal and then failing miserably, I decided to not mention it in a post until now.  Because I'm almost half way to goal of 31 posts, in a thing called #31DaysofWriting. 

You can see the tab up at the top there, click on that and see the random other stuff I've written.  Some of it is pretty good, some of it is just posted for the sake of having a post up--but its writing.

I liken it to not doing something for a while--playing tennis, or singing a loud sound like "I Love It" or running... if you don't do it for a while, you slip a little.  I took 6 weeks off.  And it took me several days to get back into it...

But I'm here.  And happy with it.   

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