Sunday, October 05, 2014

clean up

So, I was ever so close to 1000... I mean, like four or five posts away from One.Thousand.Posts. It would be 9 years and some change, from July 2005 to now, averaging slightly over 111 posts per year, about 9 posts per month. 

That's not a pat on my back, that's not a "look at me! come see how good I look!", nay, I think its more of a testament to just how much I enjoy writing.

My first post was a countdown to the upcoming trip to New York City, of which this blog was really supposed to represent... I would blog about the trip for the people back home to read daily, and when I got back, that would be that. But between blog post #1 and the trip, I also decided the world needed to know about my fandom of Kelly Clarkson and a Harry Potter/MC Hammer mashup ... 

As I flipping through some of the old, old stuff, I came across some stuff that just didn't matter. Some stuff that was like, point updates for the March Madness bracket of 2006. Some random crap that no one would even get except me, and there was one post that I read from 2007 that I didn't even understand... I was thinking "What the heck does this even mean...?"

So, I made a fateful decision... to delete them. I waded through ten pages of blog posts headings, at 100 posts per pages... found the ones that not only I didn't want to read, but that maybe I don't want you to read... and deleted about 35 or so. Just terrible stuff.

It's hard, isn't it? I've deleted a few posts here and there over the years, so honestly, if I counted everything, I'm probably somewhere around 1050 or so, but still... I'd like to think that what's in the archive now counts for something. 

I'll have to go through one day and give you my favorites... but not tonight... but this post here is around 961 or 962, somewhere around there, so hopefully 1000 will be here later this year... and soon, #40for40....

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