Thursday, October 02, 2014


Sometimes compliments are the worst things for you, not because of ego, but because you feel like it's purpose will end up failing you in the long run.

So, my friend Jessica, of the Blue Avenger blogpage... (it's actually called "she flies on her own wings", but that makes me think of "and with a broken wing... she still sings..." by Martina McBride, who is one of my top 25 favorite artists of all time, and I like "Blue Avenger", because it sounds like a super hero, which Jessica might just be... )

wait... where was I?

Ah, yes... so, today, I messaged Jessica about something, using that evil Facebook Messenger app that everyone hates because they think that's why Ebola is in our country now, and she replied that she was just about to put a post on Facebook about me... surprised, I simply said, "Ok, I'm ready!"

A few minutes later, I get that familiar ding on the phone and that banner that simply says "Jessica Jobe has mentioned you in a comment." I clicked on the box post haste, and I saw this...

Did you ever notice... d$ disappears for days.... and THEN: he suddenly bursts into the room and jolts everyone awake with his cleverness and hilarity. It's like he saves up the funny and then pours it out like syrup on pancakes, brightening Thursday!! He's like a TIGGER!!

Like, what? Well... that's just about the nicest thing I've heard today... I mean, that's just super nice...

Earlier today, in a social group I'm a part of called "Dreamers & Builders", which I'll write about soon enough, I posted a few random thoughts which caught some traction. 

Facebook is a funny thing, especially when you have something you think is itself funny--its not just what you say, it's how, and WHEN you say it. 

Having someone put an incredibly funny and sweet thing about you to the masses then stirs up a battle inside...

"How wonderful that someone recognizes you in front of others" 

"Wait, what if no one likes it?"

"Oh, okay, well a few people like it..."

"But that's it? Only five PeOpLe? Now seven?"

"Stop being stupid. Take the compliment. You've been praised."

"But... but... but... what if I'm not popular?"

The font sizes are intentional, because the good voices inside always seem to be small and still, while the negative voices are not only loud. but in disarray...

Suddenly, Self Esteem and Common Sense, normally friendly attributes to each other, now are at odds, staring down each other in the same way that babyface/good guy John Cena stared down babyface/good guy Dean Ambrose the other night on Raw... they aren't supposed to lock up, but now they are. I root for Common Sense...

Is my self worth based upon how many likes that a complimentary post about me might get? Honestly, no... but that doesn't mean I don't think about it. 

I just checked. On the surface, it would seem that 12 people agree with Jessica's contention that I'm clever and all that... and that's okay. I promise it's okay. 

So take heart. When a compliment is paid to you, accept it. Own it. If only one person, or 12, seems to acknowledge it, I guarantee there are many, many more who would if they'd see it. You're important to many people. 

Popularity is overrated.

If I seemed like I was going nowhere with this, you might be right. I think I had to see this written for myself in order to believe it. Carry on.


  1. Sometimes even an insult can be accepted and owned, to take the sting out of it. Why is it sometimes so much harder to take a complement?

  2. I still think you are a TIGGER. :-)


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