Friday, October 17, 2014

irrelevant failure

My friend Chris Holmes is a writer. And the other day, he wrote about failure. I commented on it. My friend Michele Clark made a comment about my comment that my comment really affected her. So I decided to take that comment and put it here. Feel free to comment.

It’s in the midst of failure in our lives, be it our jobs, our marriage, parenting or so on… we have two choices. We can sit down, in the muck, in the pile of crap that either has been created—or in my case most times, that I have created on my own—and we can whine and scream to God “See what I’m going through!?” as if He can only witness what we allow Him to see, or that He will only notice that which we make the most noise about.

The other choice is that we can stand up, being ankle deep… knee deep.. waist deep… shoulder deep… over our heads deep in the crap we surround ourselves with, and we can say, “Okay, God… I failed. Now… let’s move forward. You lead the way.”

God wants us to move forward. Still, we tend to scream, “Can’t you see what I’ve done? I can’t move forward!”

And God gently replies, “Yes, I see what you’ve done. I also know what Jesus has done, making what your failure irrelevant. Let’s go, we got junk to do.”

And so then, we walk forward. If we walk long enough, and far enough, that crap will eventually dry up and flake off little by little. There may always be a stain, but it will eventually fade too.

And in comparison to what Christ has done, your failures will continue to be irrelevant.

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