Sunday, May 27, 2012

saluting dad

On this Memorial Day, as another reminder that its not all BBQ and Mythbusters Marathons on Discovery Channel (not that there is anything wrong with either of those, though I'm glad that  Travel Channel isn't having a Samantha Brown marathon--I wouldn't move for 12 straight hours), I thought I'd post a couple of pictures I came across...

When visiting my Mama over Easter weekend, I went through several boxes of things that pictures that belonged to me, yet I had forgotten I had... and I thought it was awesome that I found a few pictures of my Dad.  Well, he's my grandfather, if you read this post you'll understand, but I grew up calling him Dad, and that's how he shall be remembered.

He served our country in World War II and Korea as an airplane mechanic.  Not sure he saw a whole lot of combat, but anyone who served in WWII is someone I consider part of a group that "saved the world".  Saved the world from the Germans, saved the world from tyranny, saved the world from the bad guys.  Saved the world.

I do believe John Dollar retired a Sergeant Major in the Air Force,
with a full military funeral when he passed in August of 2000

In a picture I had never seen before, this is Dad working
on one of the many airplanes he fixed.  Handy, that
one was.  On the back is written "In my work clothes"

Thought this was a hoot... the back of the picture, in his
messy scrawl, says "the chow hound".  I can only assume
that is a bottle of Coke he's holding, and in the 40s, I'm
guessing that is a fantastic bottle of cola.

Caption on the back writes, "Me under the nose of an attack plane".  Can't
help but think of Brad Pitt in "Inglorious Basterds" wanting him some
Nah-zi scalps

Caption on back says, "A few of the planes here for Air Force Day, 1947". 
Not sure where "here" is.

"My squadron in flight.  The 41st".  Yes, it took me a few minutes to figure out that the plane formation said "41".   How great is this?

And finally, no date or caption written on this one.  But
I thought it was still a great shot.

So that's my Dad, back in the day.  And like all the rest who serve, he was a hero.  No, he didn't die in a gunfight, or a roadside bomb, or saving the lives of his fellow Air Force countrymen, or in some dramatic fashion... he died of old age from many of the problems that plague older gentlemen.  But he was still a hero.

Thanks to my younger brother Shawn who was/is a Marine, to my cousins Steven and John, thanks to The Big Wasyluka, thanks to Gemini & Heather King, thanks to Joey the Marine Husband, thanks to Kirk (Tiff Abbott's boo), and thanks to all the service men and women who do what you do, voluntarily.  And thanks to the families who give them up and let them serve, who sit by the phone and stare at pictures missing their loved ones and constantly pray for safety. 

U-S-A!  U-S-A! 

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