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idol trios and baby sitting

So I manage to avoid sites like Facebook and Twitter when it comes to the day after Idol results... well, not so much avoid, as I usually can scan and spot key words like "Final" and "Idol" and "Eliminate" and see pics out of the corner of my eye, and scan past them.  I can even go on and read recaps of performances while missing the headlines to the Elimination show... so I was a little disheartened and surprised when, at the bottom of Fox News' website, it said "Idol Final between (name here) and (name here), only there were two very recognizable last names in those ( ), with a third name going unmentioned. 

Its just after 9am, and I'm just now starting this blog... but in the meantime, I also have a 5 1/2 month old in my care.  So, let's see how long 20 minutes worth of watchable video will take us...






902a... Been biding my time til just the right moment.  When Campbell goes in his bouncy seat, there is about a 20 minute window of time that's free... so its showertime right now!

923a... Surprisingly, he's still chilling in his bouncy.  So lets start this show! 

924a... With Paul Simon's "Homeward Bound" playing, they do a video montage of the three Idols remaining, Phillip2, Joshua Ledet and J-Sanch.  But there are three.  Only two will continue this journey, in case your math is off, or in case you are in charge of the budget in Congress

926a... The judges enter... Creepy, Crazy Uncle Steven Tyler.  J-Lo, who is disputing the fact she's quitting Idol after this season (disputing in the media, as the news goes understandably unmentioned on the show--by the way, don't click on that link unless you know who gets eliminated, because its right on the front page).  And Randy the Dawg.  Seacrusty tells us of the upcoming Lisa Marie Presley and The Unambiguously Gay Adam Lambert.

927a... Fast Forward through the three Idol finalists doing a group song

927a... Fast Forward through Commercial Break

928a... Fast Forward through Ford Music Video.  Only one more next week to fast forward through... and I will successfully have avoided ALL of the Ford Music Videos this year.  Can I do it?  Let's hope so!!

928a... Quick baby break

931a... Campbell repositioned into the floor playmat.  Joshua Ledet comes centerstage, and we take a look back at his performance, and how the judges just loved loved loved them some Joshua Ledet.  Creepy Uncle Steven told him there only one American Idol... and Joshua Ledet sang like it.  Jimmy Iovine disputes this, saying it was good, not great during his first song.  His second, "Imagine" was loved loved loved by the judges.  Jimmy says Joshua is the most exciting showman left in the competition, and thought "Imagine" didn't work.  He liked liked liked it.  And for "No More Drama", which was Jimmy's pick for him, he regrets picking that song because he didn't give Joshua a "big moment".  The judges?  Oh, they loved loved loved it.   Jimmy then says that, "100%, Joshua belongs in anyone's finale".  So, when and if I have a finale, I'll consider putting Joshua in it.

934a... Fast Forward through Commercial Break

935a... So, they are pushing the crapola out of "Ice Age: The Meltdown" or whatever its called.

(L-R) George Lopez as Raphael, Jesse Eisenberg as Blu and Anne Hathaway
as Jewel... and the rest of the voice cast is pretty good too... heck, Will.I.Am
seems tolerable, and funny.
936a... Ester Dean comes out and meets the Idols in a video package.  I only mention this because Ester Dean sings the title song to "Rio", that bird movie that came out last year.  And I only mention that because "Rio" is Campbell's favorite movie.  He FRIKKIN loves that movie.  He'll be having a meltdown of his own, and many times, turn on "Rio" and he's quiet. 

937a... Fast Forward through Lisa Marie Presley

937a... Fast Forward through Commercial Break

938a... Jessica Sanchez comes down to centerstage to join The Seacrusty... her song, "My All", which was completely the wrong Mariah song to sing for her, is featured, with Creepy Uncle Steven predicting J-Sanch as the Idol winner.. after he nodded to Joshua Ledet to win.  The judges loved loved loved it.  Jimmy Iovine thought the song was the wrong song completely.  For "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing", the judges loved loved loved it.  Jimmy Iovine thought the song was boring.  I love this cat.  And for "I'll Be There", J-Lo and Creepy Uncle Steven loved loved loved it.  Randy the Dawg liked liked liked it.  Jimmy?  He admits again that the song didn't give her a "moment", and again, regrets the decision to pick that song.

939a... Baby break to change batteries in the annoying musical thingy on the playmat

939a... Baby break to give 5 1/2 month old attention.  Funny how they need that.  Back soon to resume show.

1253p... Went out, ran errands, fed the kid and here we are now...

1254p... Fast Forward through Commercial Break

1254p... Here's Seacrust with Shannon Magrane, Hey Jun (he'll take a sad song and make it better), Elise Testosterone, EVP, and Skylar Laine... however, Seacrusty skips them and walks down to Jimmy Iovine, Carole Bayer Sager and Rita Wilson (aka, Mrs Tom Hanks), and discusses the passing of Donna Summer.

As an aside... "Last Dance", one of the best, most pure R&B Disco songs of the 70s, and easily one of my Top 100 favorite songs of all time.  "Last Dance" has everything... funk, groove, pop, its easily sing-along-able, its fun, its got great backing music and vocals and everything else.  Love that song.

1256p... By the way, fun, great, easily sing-along-able, funky, groovy... That's everything that The Unambiguously Gay Adam Lambert is NOT. 

1256p... Can't Fast Forward through The Unambiguously Gay Adam Lambert fast enough.  I will say his shirt makes him look like he made out with a highlighter.  A male highlighter, natch.

1257p... Fast Forward through Commercial Break

1257p... Phillip Phillips comes down to centerstage, and we see a review of "Begging", by The Four Seasons, covered by Madcorn.  The judges loved loved loved it.  And Jimmy Iovine didn't say it stole the show, but says it was very entertaining.  "Disease" was his next song, and the judges sorta kinda maybe liked it.  Jimmy Iovine says it was a risk going down in flames just as an experiment, and appreciates the risk, but it was a bad risk at this point in the competition.  Finally, "We've Got Tonight"... the judges loved loved loved it.  Randy the Dawg says "Best performance by P2 EVA".  Jimmy Iovine says he won the night, thinks it was the best of the night, and yes, P2's best song of the whole show.

101p... Baby break

(sniff sniff)

102p... Poopy break

110p... And back.  No, it didn't take me 8 minutes to change a diaper... it took me 2 minutes.  Then I, while holding Campbell with one hand, moved whites and lights from the washer to the dryer with the other, and hung up a t-shirt and two other garments.  Cause I rule.

110p... All three Idols come down to the center of the stage with Ryan Seacrust, and Randy the Dawg gushes that "these are the best final three Idols we've ever had..." and I disagree.  Good season, but after losing Colton, I feel like we just went down hill.  Jessica Sanchez should NOT be here.  If this was voice only, then sure.  But "total package"?  No.  Little Skylar Laine should be here.  And I'd take Elise Testosterone over Phillip2, even though I can understand why she didn't make it this far. 

112p... Fast Forward through Commercial Break

112p... Dim the lights, here we go.  After the nationwide vote, Jessica Sanchez goes to the finals.  Bleh.

113... After the nationwide vote, Jessica will be taking on...

113p... Phillip Phillips.  P2 vs J-Sanch, while Joshua Ledet goes home.

114p... He finishes with his signature song from this year, "It's a Man's Man's Man's Man's World", which Idol unceremoniously cuts off. 

So there we are.  Phillip vs Jessica.  I am rooting Phillip all the way, though I don't think any of these three will be stars... just my opinion. 

117p... Baby crying.  Guess we'll turn on "Rio".

(by the way... The Lovely Steph Leann... sorry I watched it without you... you can watch it while I take the kid to The Zarzaur house tonight... you can knock it out quickly...)

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