Monday, May 07, 2012

disney for a dollar

Anyone who knows me, maybe anyone who has ever met me... nay, anyone who has heard of me probably knows I'm a Disney fan.  I love the movies... I love the parks... I love traveling to the World... I love Disney history... and just about anything else that has to do with The Mouse.

When The Happiest Place in the Mall closed in 2010, it was heartbreaking, as my connection to The World was gone.  However, two years later, I have a chance to make that connection again.

I'm going to begin working towards becoming a Disney Vacation Planner.

What does that mean?  That means... I will help YOU plan your Disney Vacation, help YOU lay out the Magic, work with YOU to make your Disney Dreams as fulfilled as possible, be it your first time to The Walt Disney World Resort or your 100th time. 

Headed to Disneyland instead?  I got that.  What about those Disney Cruises?  Yep, I'll get you there too. 

This is where YOU, the faithful coffee drinker, comes in.  I need your help.  In order for me to take these first steps towards this goal, I need your vacations! 

If you and your family and/or friends are planning a Disney trip, I want to help you plan it.  It will cost you nothing to allow me to assist you with your reservations, help you answer questions about where to stay, where to eat, how to attack the parks and find all those hidden secrets to make your vacation even more memorable... but it will be a huge assist to my vision and goal!

Think you are already an expert and don't need any help?  I am certain I can assist you in things that you've never done or in experiences you have never had... I myself have spent over 100 nights at Disney in most of the almost 30 resorts on property, have taken many of the tours and trips, have eaten at the majority of major restaurants and counter services (including most character meals), and would consider myself a pretty decent Disney history buff. 

OR... if you know of anyone who is planning a trip, send them my way!  Already signed up with another travel agency?  Unless you have made the final payment, you can easily transfer over to Distinctive Journeys, the agency I will be affliated with. 

Email me for details and more at I hope to hear from any and/or all of you... I can't do it without YOU!

(ps... before you ask, let me clarify... I am NOT leaving my current job... I love what I do, and am blessed beyond measure to have a job I love... this opportunity will be done as a side venture)

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