Monday, April 16, 2012

The J-Sanch Save

And now, here we are, with American Idol results.  The Top 7 face results, and we know there is a save coming.  So, bring it.





We see a run of clips from the performance episode, including Colton Dixon and Little Skylar Laine saying "no!  no!  no!" to those dating rumors. 

Seacrusty tells us that tonight, America has put one more Idol dream in danger of losing out forever.  He asks Randy the Dawg about the vibe, and Randy the Dawg says that he's always scared of losing someone big at this point.

Fast forward through Group Song

Fast forward through commercial break

Fast forward through Ford Music Video

Fast forward through Twitter promo

Now, let's get this done.  Hollie Cav and J-Sanch comes centerstage.  This is the time when they divide up into two groups of three, then make one Idol pick between the two as to which one is the Bottom Three.  Jimmy Iovine says that these are two great techincal singers, with J-Sanch using habits that she should continue, and Hollie Cav using habits she needs to re-learn.

Dim the lights, here we go!  After the nationwide vote, Hollie Cav is sent to stage right.  J-Sanch then heads to stage left. 

Fast forward through commercial break

Fast forward through Blinky James Durbin

Fast forward through commercial break

Now, more results.  Phillip2 and Elise Testosterone come down centerstage.  Jimmy Iovine says something that... well, I sort of dozed.  Its been a long few days.  Anyway...

Dim the lights, here we go!  After the nationwide vote, E-Test is sent to hang out with J-Sanch, while Phillip2 goes to the other side with Hollie Cav.

Fast forward though commercial break

Fast forward through Jennifer Hudson and Ne-Yo

Fast forward through commercial break

Now, Colton Dixon and Joshua Ledet leave Little Skylar Laine on the Couch of Comfort, and come centerstage.  Jimmy Iovine raved about both of them. 

Dim the lights, here we go!  After the nationwide vote, Joshua Ledet is sent to stand with E-Test and J-Sanch, while Colton Dixon goes to Hollie Cav and Phillip2.  Seacrusty then goes to Little Skylar Laine, and we see her highlights from last night.  Jimmy Iovine dug her, and hopes she doesn't end up in the Bottom Three.

After the nationwide vote, Little Skylar Laine is safe.  And then Seacrusty does it... he asks her to choose the group of three that she belongs in... and she goes back to The Couch of Comfort.  Seacrusty places her with Colton Dixon, Phillip2 and Hollie Cav, telling them all that they are safe.

The Bottom Three?  J-Sanch, E-Test and Joshua Ledet.  Lots of "whoa!" and "aww!" in the audience.  Jimmy Iovine says this shouldn't be the Bottom Three.  Randy the Dawg says America got it wrong, while Creepy Uncle Steven says flat out, they'll use the save tonight on one of them.

The Lovely Steph Leann:  Out of those three, I want J-Sanch to go home
Me (staying silent)

Fast forward through commercial break


Dim the lights, here we go!  After the nationwide vote, Seacrusty sends Joshua Ledet back to the Couch of Comfort.  The person who will get saved tonight, even though they got voted out, will be... Jessica Sanchez. 

Guess what?  I'm okay with this.  She's boring  American Idol is looking for a total package--talent (check)... Looks (check)... fashion sense (check)... energy (uh...)... personality (um...)... 

The Lovely Steph Leann:  I knew it would be her.  Guess how I knew that?
Me:  How?
Her:  She's boring.  She can sing, no doubt.  But she's boring.  Her songs are boring, her look is boring, she's just boring.  She makes me fall asleep.

As J-Sanch starts to sing, J-Lo just jumps onstage and screams "Give me that mic!" and when she procures a mic, J-Lo yells "This is crazy!  We are totally saving her!"

So, Jessica stays.  and she sings the show out.  And The Lovely Steph Leann says, "Oh geez, she's going to sing anyway..."

And now I wonder... do they eliminate two next week?

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