Sunday, April 29, 2012

i hate comic sans (and other thoughts)

So, I have an announcement to make this week.  Not yet.  But this week.  A major announcement, and I'm going to use my own site as a platform to launch it.  It will extend to Facebook and Twitter, natch, but it will start here.  What is it?  What's going on?  Find out by checking here daily.

And if you are reading this on Facebook, then make sure you "like" the Clouds in My Coffee page... and if you are here on the real page, become a "following" follower.  I'd really appreciate it.


I hate the font known as comic sans.  I do.  I think its boring, I think its overused, I think its a little silly.  It just looks so... blah.  Comic sans is like that kid in school who thinks he's a little cooler than he actually is, so instead of being cool, like Verdana or Trebuchet are, he just ends up being annoying.  And the more cool he tries to be, the more annoying he ends up being.

So, if you are reading this page in a Comic Sans font, I apologize.  There is a sad reason for it. 

Working on the new laptop, with Windows 7, natch, I did a Google search today on importing new fonts into Blogger, and was all excited when I learned that Blogger has like, 70 something fonts to use--only 7 are in the default page, but go to the advanced settings and such, and you can pick different fonts for your post fonts, for your post headings, for your title line and everything... so I spent about an hour or so playing with different fonts, and had a cool looking cursive font for the post titles... I had a "felt" looking title card... and for the writing itself, had a marker looking font--all easy to read, but with my propensity and love for Sharpies, it looks like a handwritten font, written in fine point Sharpie.  I loved it.

So here I am, admiring my page and the way it looks, and think to myself "this is great... I think I'll do a random thoughts post and lead with the fact the blog has a slightly new look".  Well, this evening, I flip over to my old computer, which has an older version of Windows, and pull up Clouds In My Coffee.

And to my horror, the entire page... Comic Sans.  Its all in Comic Sans.  Gone is the cool cursive font, gone is the felt marker looking writing, gone is all the fun stuff... its all Comic Sans.  And this just won't do.  This is terrible. 

Look for this to get fixed sometime very, very, veeeery soon.  Cause this just won't do.


Kellie Martin, recently.  All growed up.
So, there is a Hallmark Movie Channel Movie on right now.  Thankfully, we aren't watching it, but I know its on.  Kellie Martin is the star.  She plays the mom.  No, not the mom of a toddler.  No, she's not a teenager who got pregnant and is struggling to make it, nor is she the college diving team captain who has a baby and a secret. 

She's the mom of like, a 9 year old.  And I feel incredibly old that I'm watching a movie where Kellie Martin is a mom of a 9 year old, and she's believable at that.



Sometimes when I go to Sonic, I push the button before I'm absolutely ready just to force myself to make a decision


UPDATE.... I published this post, and then refreshed the page on my older laptop... and the fonts worked?!  What the what?!  So... you might be reading this all in Comic Sans, or you might be reading this in the cool font that I described, going "What the fool is he talking about?"  So there ya go.


And finally, this...

That's funny, I don't care who you are.  Just funny.

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  1. I don't like seeing Kellie Martin as the mom of a 9 year old either, although I don't get the Hallmark channel. It reminds me that I have a 6 1/2 year old, have probably already hit mid-life, and am older than I think I am. boo to that.

    Like the new font changes.


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