Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Winning 2010 Bracket

Alrighty... if you want to win your office pool, then read this blog.  Well, if you are in an office pool, you've already submitted your blog, but you can compare your bracket with mine. 

You want to win, then dig this:

In the Midwest...
Kansas over LeHigh
Northern Iowa over UNLV Runnin' Rebs
Michigan State over New Mexico
Maryland defeats Houston
Tennessee def San Diego State
Georgetown over Ohio
GA Tech over OK State
Ohio State over UCSanta Barbara

Kansas defeats Northern Iowa, though gets a scare
Michigan State wallups Maryland by 20
Georgetown takes out Tennessee
Ohio State big, over Georgia Tech

Kansas also wins a close one versus Michigan State
In a shocker, Georgetown takes out Ohio State's Evan Turner

Kansas, who would have lost to OSU, beats G'town for a Final Four berth

West Region
Syracuse rolls the Catamounts
Gonzaga over Florida State
UTEP defeats Butler (12 over 5!)
Vandy takes out Murray State
Xavier over Minnesota
Pittsburgh over Oakland
The Go Gators over The Fightin' Mormons
Kansas State over North Texas

Syracuse defeats Gonzaga
UTEP takes out Vandy. 
Xavier over Pittsburgh
Sadly, the Go Gators don't have enough depth for K'State.

UTEP's Cindy run stops at Syracuse, while Xavier takes out K'State! 

Syracuse takes out Xavier for the 2nd Final Four spot.

The East Regional
Kentucky big over East Tennessee
Texas slightly over Wake
Temple over Cornell
Wisconsin over the Terriers of Wofford
Marquette over Washington
New Mexico over Montana
Missouri over Clemson
West Virginia over Morgan State

Kentucky takes out Texas
Temple over Wisconsin
Marquette edges New Mexico
West Virginia dominates Mizzou

Kentucky beats Temple
West Virginia rolls Marquette

WVU beats #1 seeded Kentucky for the Final Four

South Region
Duke over Arkansas Pine Bluff
Louisville over Cal
Texas A&M over Utah State
Purdue survives a scare vs. Siena
Notre Dame over Old Dominion
Baylor over Sam Houston State
Richmond over St. Marys
Villanova over Robert Morris

Duke edge L'ville (had trouble with this one)
Purdue over Texas A&M
Notre Dame over Baylor
V'Nova over Richmond

Duke takes out Purdue
V'Nova over Notre Dame

Villanova gets to the Final Four via a beatdown of The Dookies

Your Final Four
Syracuse defeats Kansas 74-71
West Virginia defeats Villanova 65-59

Syracuse wins the NCAA championship by a beating of West Virginia 70-61

You heard it here.

Now, to win your office pool, line your bracket up with mine, and make sure that yours is exactly the opposite of what I have. 

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