Friday, November 13, 2009

Live From Destin

Coming to you from the home of Mike & Susie Fitzharris, with Susie being one of the Lovely Steph Leann's high school Besties.  We had to come down to Pensacola for The Lovely Steph Leann's job, as they send her down to the Pensacola location of her work once per month to do some work.   All I can say is, she's good at her job.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll have more to report this weekend from our coupla'days away--which we just don't get many of, unless we're going to Disney World.  Even then, we take people with us, so seldom is it just us.

But for now... here's some book stuff for you...

Three Books I Am Going To Read in a Row:

This is "The Big Book of Basketball" by Bill Simmons, also known as ESPN's The Sports Guy.  I read his first one several years ago, that being "Now I Can Die In Peace: How the Sports Guy Found Salvation Thanks to the World Champion Red Sox"... I've got the hardcover, and I'm probably going to get the paperback, because its updated.

By the way, I love trade paperbacks.  They are a little larger than regular paperbacks, they look good, and they aren't nearly as bulky as hardbacks.  Many of the books I buy, especially by Stephen King, are in trade... but some books I want to read now. 

And speaking of Stephen King, here's his latest, called "Under the Dome".   This book looks fascinating, and apparently, some people are relating it to "The Simpsons Movie", with the whole dome-on-town concept.  I mentioned this book to my friend MZ, and thats exactly what she said... "That sounds like 'The Simpsons Movie'!"  I had to tell her that King had been writing this book off and on for over 30 years.

The story is, one day a town is suddenly cut off from the rest of the world by a huge dome that sets down over a small Maine town.  And chaos ensues.  Can't wait.

Actually ordered this and above book on for $25.50.  "The Big Book of Basketball" was $16.50 and the new King novel was $9 with a pre-order, which I did.  Spend $25 and get free shipping.  Of course, the downside to free shipping is that you have to wait forever to get the book--mine is due for delivery on November 17th.

Here comes Sarah Palin.  I love Sarah Palin.  Don't care what you say, I think she's smarter than most of the Republicans that are out there today, and those of you who say, "She's crazy!" just haven't been paying attention--or paying too much attention to CNN and Obama-TV MSNBC.  And I'll end up reading her biography, "Going Rogue".  And I'll probably enjoy it.

Actually, I'll probably wait until I can get this on audio.  Hopefully, it will be read by the author.  That, I can dig.

According to an article on Fox News Online:

In Palin's "Going Rogue," Palin confirms reports of tension between her aides and those of the 2008 Republican presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain. The vice presidential candidate confirms that she had wanted to speak on election night, but was denied the chance and says she was kept "bottled up" from reporters during the campaign.

Palin also writes harshly of CBS anchor Katie Couric, whom she describes as "badgering" and biased. Palin's series of interviews with Couric were widely regarded as disastrous, leaving the impression of an ill-informed candidate who was unsuited for the job.

And, just a note on CNN, here's why they suck.  Last night, Carrie Prejean was on Larry King Live, and when Larry asked her a legitimate question about her past, she said, "That's very inappropriate, Larry."  They had a rough exchange, and she came off looking like an idiot.  Which she might be--listen, I supported her at the beginning through the whole pageant mess, but now she's just annoying--she came off looking stupid and like a moron.  And what did CNN do?  They flash a graphic on the screen that says, "PREJEAN ON SARAH PALIN:  I THINK SHE'D MAKE A GREAT PRESIDENT".  Really, CNN?  Was there a need for that?  That, CNN'ers, is why you are continually in last place in the news network races.

By the way, on a random note, did anyone else completely miss the fact that Hurricane Ida came through already?  I asked The Lovely Steph Leann a few days ago about Ida, and if it would impede our journey to the Florida Panhandle, and she said, "No."  And then today, she mentioned how it rained for about 28 straight hours the other day--that was Ida.  Had no clue.  I was still thinking it was in the Gulf somewhere.  I blame George W. Bush.

And finally, here's one I just finished.  "Native Tongue" by Carl Hiaasen doesn't deviate, plot set-up anyway, from most of his other books.  Hiaasen has lots of colorful characters he spreads out through the book, and you know somehow, someway, they are all going to cross paths at one point or another in a crucial plot point.   And, like just about all of his other books (might be all of them--I have only read four), the story takes place in Florida.
This one actually takes place close to Key Largo, at a Disney rip-off called The Amazing Kingdom of Thrills, and it involves steroid taking security guards, gun shooting baboons, mafia witnesses, mob hits, a professional golfer, a chick who plays Robby Raccoon, a former governor of Florida living in the woods wearing a panther tracking color, a chick who writes poetry for a phone sex line, and a protagonist who was hired because he writes great press releases.  Oh, and it centers around two rat-like creatures who may or may not be extinct, stolen by two burglers who may or may not be complete fools.  The book is funny, its fast paced, it does have lots of language, and was a breezy read. 

Alright, that's all I got for tonight.  Time to get The Lovely Steph to bed--she's snoozing on the couch, otherwise I'm pretty sure that Jimmy Kimmel Live wouldn't be on.  Not that I don't like Kimmel, but she has the remote.  She's sleeping on it.


  1. David, David, David...just when I think you're maybe starting to come around a bit, that I've made some kind of difference in your political life, you drop Sarah Palin on me. Just for laughs, what is it exactly that leads you to believe that she's smarter that most Republicans out there? Or is that more of an indictment against "most Republicans"? And the whole "she's smart, really, just misunderstood by the mean liberal media who make her look dumb"'re better than that.
    So I'll do my thing and throw out annoying questions and sit back and wait for your response. This should be fun.

  2. I just put Under the Dome and Native Tongue on my Good Reads list. I'm leaving off the Sarah Palin book, but I think my cousin Cass would love it. She, like you, think Sarah is da bomb. I'm still not really sure how I feel about her. At first I thought she was cool, but the more I saw her on TV the less and less I liked her. Oh well. We'll see what happens, right?

    Have I mentioned how much I dig your blog? Well, I do. It's always fun to read.

  3. Yes, Brad... I could probably go back and forth on you in a series of 40 comments about Sarah Palin, but I won't. I will address the last comment, the one about "the media thing" and how I'm better... well, honestly, Sarah Palin has been crucified in the media, unlike any other candidate. And no one says anything about it. And anyone who doesnt see the overall, left leaning media bias (even from Fox News to a point) is... well, just not paying attention. I'm sure we'll discuss it later.

    And Wendi--my books, which were supposed to be delivered on November 17th, were in my mailbox today! Crammed in, smashing the rest of two days of mail, including my latest Entertainment Weekly (The Lovely Steph Leann said, "well, twilight is on the cover, so no big deal I guess". I'm starting on both very soon! And I'm going to either wait for the Palin audio, or the trade paperback...

  4. 40 posts on Sarah Palin sounds like my idea of a fun Friday night. Too bad you're not interested.
    But seriously, it's fine to like her, think she's a maverick, feel like she's gotten an unfair rap, all of that. But you can't make a statement about her intellect without supporting evidence. Unfortunately for you, the overwhelming (unbiased) evidence is against her being smarter than most Republicans out there. In fact, it's against her being smarter than most types of furniture.
    One example--she admitted herself that her (unbiased) interview with Katie Couric was a disaster. There are literally dozens more examples, none of which involve the mean liberal media. This one's going to be hard for you to win.

  5. Well... according to your logic, most furniture tops the intellect of most Republicans... so by default, Palin might be smarter than most Republicans, as long as she's at least smarter than a few barstools, which I am sure she is... just sayin'... =)

  6. but... i will grant you this... i should rephrase my statement, and take out the word "smarter" and use the words "more favorable". and for now, I'll call that the end of it, and won't take the bait. For now.

  7. Well, there's two arguments going on. If you say (and believe) that she's smarter than most Republicans, which was your original assertion, and weigh that with the evidence that she's actually dumb, you're saying most Republicans are dumb, she just happens to be the smartest among them. That's one of those deals where you win the battle but lose the war, and I don't think that's the point you really wanted to make.
    On the other hand, if you're saying she's actually SMART, objectively, not compared to anyone, that's going to be a much tougher premise to prove. This is an extreme minority position, and I'm seriously at a loss at how you'd even go about trying to prove it.
    "More favorable" is perfectly fine, as long as you don't consider intelligence a virtue. And you may not. Doesn't make you a bad person =)


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