Thursday, March 04, 2010

Goodbye Haeley!

Two Idols in one night... first, I watched the Chick Six, after watching the Dude Half Dozen last night... and its the recap!  I haven't checked Facebook or in the last few hours, so as not to find out by someone putting on their status "Wow!  I can't believe Blah Blah is staying!" or "OMG, I wish Blah Blah would get out of here!".  




Tonight, not only do we have an hour's worth of show to tell us what can be told in 2 minutes, in that hour we have The Widower Danny Gokey singing tonight.

Lest I forget, there is a way to move quickly through this show, and that's skipping the Group Song, which always sucks. 

The guys are first.  Tim "I'm Not Keith" Urban stands up, and he's safe.  Todrick Hall is next.  After the nationwide vote, he is asked to remain standing--and that smile on Todrick's face shrinks to a slight grin.  Big Mike is grinning big, and Seacrest tells him he can sit down now. 

Casey James is called up next, and he's safe.  Which leaves Todrick Hall and John Park, which I could see coming when the back row stood up.  I could lose either of these guys and be okay.  Who goes home?  John Park.  The Lovely Steph Leann says, "I think I could have done without Todrick... he's kinda of annoying..."

And... now we can skip through John Park's song and through commercials.

And now, the guy's front row stands up.  Lee Dewyze stands up, and sits down, safely.  Aaron Kelly stands, and will be sitting down shortly.  And... he's sitting down.  Alex "Don't Call Me Adam" Lambert is called upon next, and Seacrest tells him to sit.  This leaves Andy Garcia and The Wrong Jermaine.  Both come to the middle... The Lovely Steph Leann begins to pray, "Oh, please let it be Jermaine who goes home... its got to be Jermaine... its got to be Jermaine..."

Who is safe and sticking around?  Andy Garcia, the early favorite, survives a scare.

And... now we can skip through The Wrong Jermaine's song and through commercials.

Here comes The Widower Danny Gokey, and somewhere, Cindy Jo is searching for the keys to the bandwagon that she was driving all last year (that is, until she stabbed The Goke in the back and went all Kris Allen on him--again, bandwagon)

He's here promoting his brand new album, and his new single, "My Best Days".  Its pretty generic, not bad, but I can tell The Lovely Steph Leann is all kinds of digging it.  She does this slight head nod to the music when she is taking in something that she really likes. 

I wish that the judges would be able to critique the new stuff.  I'd love to hear what Simon the Cowell had to say about "My Best Days".

Speaking of which, Ellen DeG says she loved the performance, and that they'll put them through.   Apparently, last year when Randy Travis was a "mentor", he came up to The Goke and told him that he should do country.  He is just talking a thousand words a minute, and its like Seacrest is trying to cut him off but can't.  Seriously... I kinda like The Goke.  He's a good guy.

Let's flip to the Chick Six.  Dim the lights!

Lillyscott is up first, and she easily sails through.  She sits down, safe.  Paige Miles, Didi Benami, Michelle My Belle, Katie Stevens are all on this row. This sucks... I don't want to lose anyone in this row.

Paige sits down. Katie Stevens is up, and she sits down.  Didi Benami and Michelle My Belle are left.  BOO!!!  BOO!!!

And... now we can sadly skip through Michelle My Belle's song and through commercials.

Who stays?  Either way it sucks.  Haeley and Lacey should be out of here!  Didi Benami is safe... and out of those two, I'm okay with it, but it sucks!  First Janell Wheeler and now Michelle My Belle!  Of course, this is a country who elected a guy to lead the country after less than 150 days in the Senate, because he wasn't Bush and he wasn't white.  On all counts, BOOO!!!!

Now on the front row, Katie Epperly is up first, and she sits down.  The Lovely Steph Leann says, "Yeah, but don't ever, ever wear those earrings again."  C'Bosox is obviously safe.  Duh.

Siobhan Magnus is up now... okay, okay, I admit it, I like her more and more I think.  She comes back next week.

That leaves Haeley Vaughn and Lacey Brown.  For the guys, I could have lost either Todrick or John Park and not cared... but this duo?  Get rid of Haeley!  Lacey is going to have to step it up like a stepshow next week, though.  Simon says, "Its obvious who will go home tonight..." I beg to differ, because this is the same show that sent home Janell Wheeler, Joe Munoz and Michelle My Belle, so who knows what's happening here?

Whew... Haeley is going home.

And then, in conversation with Haeley, I'm not sure how it happened, but Seacrest either used the word "cooter", "hooter" or "pooter".  Either way, so long Haeley.

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