Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Discussing Diddy, Didi and Yogurt Mountain

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We headed to dinner late tonight... out of our choices for dinner--Baha Burger, Chipotle, Dale's, Purple Onion, Jason's Deli, of which I didn't really want to go--we chose Baha.  We got there at 7:53.  They close at 8p, and we felt pretty bad walking in wanting food with five minutes to go.  So we walked next door to Pablo's Mexican.  Let me just say, it was fantastic...

My three rules of Mexican restaurants:
1) Keep the tea coming
2) Bring my sour cream out with my meal, not a few minutes after
3) Read rules 1 and 2 and follow them.

Our guy was great, filling our tea when it was barely at the half point full, and the sour cream was out with the food.  Awesome.  And while we were in there, we saw half of Idol, the half that saw Katie Stevens join the Bottom Three.  As Katie walked to the Silver Stools of Shame, we left, full and happy.

Full, yes.  Done, no.  We then went to this fairly new place that I like to call Build-A-Waist.  Otherwise known as Yogurt Mountain, where there are over a dozen kinds of frozen yogurt (I went with cheesecake, she with strawberry cheesecake), and at least 30 toppings (I went with coconut, peanut butter chips, cheesecake bites and graham crackers).  You fill up your cup and then pay by how much you have in there, at a rate of 45 cents an ounce. 

And now, full, overly full and happy, we return to The Cabana.

And here's some Idol chatter...

Fast forward through the recap, through Ruben Studdard singing, through the Ford promo, through the Clash of the Titans promo, through what seems like 15 sets of commercials... seriously, why is this show an hour long?  This can be knocked out in 30 minutes easy, even with a few promos and a performance.

They are killing so much time, talking to each contestant, talking to the judges about each contestant, droning on and on about nothing.

Fast forward through a Justin Bieber sighting--who is this kid, anyway?--and an Usher performance

Fast forward through another set of commercials

Safe so far tonight?  Lee Dewyze, Casey James, Siobhan Magnus, Aaron Kelly.

Didi Benami stands up and I call it--Didi taking a walk to the Silver Stools of Shame.  Now, Big Mike stands up.  Seacrest fakes Big Mike out by saying, "This is surprising, Mike would you walk over here, please..."  And amidst looks of shock, Big Mike walks.  Seacrest stops him, gives him a handshake and says, "You are safe."  Then Big Mike proceeds to yank Seacrest off of the floor, high in mid-air. 

C'Bosox stands.  She's safe.  Andrew Garcia and Tim Urban stand up.  Andrew is safe, Tim Urban joins Katie Stevens and Didi Benami on the Silver Stools of Shame... Seacrest sends one of them back to safety... and it's (please Didi... please Didi... please Didi...) Katie.  The Lovely Steph Leann shouts, "SUCK IT!" in frustration.

I'm afraid Didi Benami is going home tonight. 

Fast forward through commercials

Fast forward through Diddy Dirty Money

This exchange:

The Lovely Steph Leann: Who?
Me: Diddy Dirty Money
The Lovely Steph Leann: Who?
Me: It's Diddy.  You know, Puff Daddy?
The Lovely Steph Leann: Like, Sean Combs?
Me: Yeah.  He's Diddy, and I guess his group is Dirty Money.  I dunno
The Lovely Steph Leann: That's a stupid name

Fast forward through more commercials

My thought is that the only way the judges would use the Save tonight would be for Crystal Bowersox, Siobhan Magnus or now, Lee Dewyze.  And because Tim Urban nor Didi Behami's names are Crystal, Siobhan or Lee, there's no chance.

And I was right.  Didi Benami is gone.

I thought the Idol season was on an upswing.  I thought perhaps, after last night's show, with Usher, maybe, just maybe we were seeing things on the rise.  People were starting to step it up, we were getting rid of the chaff... and now this? 

This show sucks.

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  1. I'm glad Didi is gone although the devastation on her face made me feel sad for her.

    In the end, her voice grated on me like fingernails on a chalkboard. I'm glad I won't have to hear it again.


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