Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Super Bowl XLII Running Diary (ie, the boring blog)

As we were riding home tonight, I told my dear Steph Leann that I was considering not posting the running diary from tonight's Super Bowl party at The Nipps house. However, since its tradition... (I had to write it on Word then post it later, as there was no network connection)...

Here we are, blogging live from the upstairs loft of the Nipps home for our annual Super Bowl Running Diary. So far, we got the Mackey Clan, Big Wookiee, Little Wookette, The Lovely Steph Leann, The Honorable Revr’n Ty, Tommy Mc, Amy Mac, and Eli has the Giants on the board with 3-0.

542p… Bud Light has a great commercial featuring fire breathing efforts.

545p… Anytime you can get “What is Love” involved in a commercial, plus LL Cool J, its comedy gold.

549p… The price of a commercial this year? Around 2.7 million. The cost of a Super Bowl ticket? Up to $5,000 or more. Hanging out with Wook Fu, Mikey and Tommy with a chance of the Patriots to go undefeated in an NFL season? Priceless.

555p… New England is driving. Honestly, though, there is no reason that New York should been in this game. Amy is putting her baby down. Don’t ask.

556p… The Good Doctor Earl and Army John just came in to a shower of “Ey!s” and “Yo!s”

558p… I think the over/under of “Don’t throw it to Stonehands” being thrown out there is around 33. Its up to 4 already.

6pm… Ah, Barack Obama! He’s suave… he’s charming… he’s a good speaker… he’s eloquent. So’s the antichrist.

601p… The Pats Score!!

606p… A commercial with a talking stain. Classic. Various shots of Gisele (Tom Brady’s chick), Pam Anderson (to which Wook-Fu says “I’m thinking of a garden tool now) and a hot, hot, hot Jenny McCarthy. One of my favorite bad girls.

610p… Nothing clears a room like the words “Spinach Artichoke Dip”

611p… Peyton in the stands looking like Venus, watching Serena in the Wimbledon finals. Bitter. Very bitter.

612p… This exchange:
Mikey: Why’s he taking so long to snap the stupid ball?
Me: He’s Eli Manning. You can give reasons, but really it boils down to the fact that its Eli Manning.
Wookiee: That’s what Mannings do
Me: Of course, you know Manning hasn’t had an interception in what, three games?
(Manning throws an interception…)
Wookiee: Dave!!! (smacks me on the leg)

618p… This exchange:
Lynn Nipp: Is Tom coming?
Mikey: Probably not. I hadn’t heard from him
(phone rings)
Ken Nipp: Hello? (pause) Hi Tom

624p… Lifewater commercial: Lizards dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Good stuff.

627p… Wow… Tom Brady gets sacked like, twice in a row—this is no way to win a Super Bowl… You know, its always a party when Amy Mac brings up STDs

630p… Though I should know this, clapping at your wife and saying “Hey woman, go get me some food… NOW!” never works.

633p… Daniel & Jennifer walk in, wearing Patriots shirts.
Wookiee (pointing at me): Hey, join the bandwagon here
Me: Hey… I’ve been rooting for the Pats since they were what, 15-0?

640p… I’ve been sampling the goodies downstairs… Jenn Powell made a great chocolate cheesecake dip, and someone had chilled shrimp, and I’m sitting with a big bottle o’Ginger Ale. And we were able to see the Justin Timberlake commercial, though I missed the first few seconds. We also got to see Harry Potter & the Prince of Caspian… or Narnia 2, as we call it.

650p… Random quote from Michael: “Someone get me some E-Z-Cheez!”

654p… At halftime, we’re 7 to 3. It’s a pretty terrible game at this point.

725p… So, Steph had the computer to show the house off to everyone, via pictures. Big Tom just came in, as did Jill and her friend Shannon. Jill makes the 4th person in two days to cross my path that I haven’t seen in like, five years. Yesterday, Chad from my 2002 Shades Mountain New York Trip came in, then a while later, Diane Vogel from my old job in Parisian came into Starbucks. Who knew.

727p… Tommy Mac has picked up the first quarter prize that the Nipps always offer, while The Good Doctor Earl got the second quarter prize. I’m hoping for a lot of New England scores to get me up to speed for the next prize.

729p… And… New England is finally making some plays

730p… Random lines tossed out during the Tom Petty halftime extravaganza:
“Hi I’m Tom Petty… when did New England get a team?”
(Some colorful images on the screen) “Look! That’s what Tom Petty’s fans see!”
“This is like, Tom Petty’s Greatest Hits!”

731p… has now paid almost five million dollars to show two commercials, advertising a website no one has ever heard of. And next is Shaq as a jockey, which is hysterical. Earlier, there was a chick with a uni-brow who attracted men by rubbing Planters peanuts all over herself. At the end, she picked a wedge. That might be the best two seconds, yet the most disturbing two seconds, of the entire night.

743p… 4th and 13, the Patriots go for it. And they miss it. Could the Patriots undefeated season really go down on an insufficient game such as this.

745p… Johnny 5 is alive… as in, Wall*E, the new Pixar movie coming up. Steph Leann loves it, and chuckles and laughs loudly at the funner movie coming out.

746p… Jenn Powell says “I’d much rather talk house than football!”

757p… Posts are fewer and more far between because really… this game is kinda boring. I mean, its 7 to 3, almost 4th quarter. We’re all yawning.

759p… This game might be Gisele Bundchuck’s fault. This is what happened to Romo when Jessica Simpson showed up… I think they should just start showing more Jenny McCarthy.

804p… The Mackey domination continues. Paula Mackey wins a prize for the second year in a row, this time for the third quarter.

805p… Stewie vs. Underdog for a bottle of Coke. And who gets it? Charlie Brown! That commercial was excellent!

810p… The New York Giants has just scored a touchdown… they’re up 9 to 7, with the extra point pending. Kick is good, and 10 to 7.

816p… The Good Doctor Earl just made a Lou Ferrigno reference. This is the kind of night its been.

823p… If the New York Giants win this, the 2008 NYGiants will be the Mira Sorvino of the Super Bowl lore… winning a big prize they really shouldn’t have been in the running for, they shouldn’t have won and beating a much bigger opponent that should have taken it in a runaway.

835p… Well, 3 minutes left, 10-7 NYGiants. Its down to the wire. We’ve actually spent time discussing Ambre Lake on Rock of Love 2.

839p…. TOUCHDOWN TO NEW ENGLAND!!! I want to see Randy Moss get a ring. He’s had such a hard life.

842p… I’m currently depending on Manning to choke. Just cause it happens.

850p… “Don’t throw it to Stone Hands!” jus tossed out. Manning almost down, tossed the ball, caught downfield. The room erupts.

856p… New York just takes the lead. After this entire game sucked, the last four minutes have actually been pretty doggone good… of course, you want to see New England go 19-0, but still… its pretty great.

859p… Stephen Gostowski. No one knows who the kicker is, until you need him. Twenty five seconds left, down 3, New England is looking at failure. Had they lost a few times in the season, it wouldn’t be as big a deal, finishing 14-2, then losing in the Super Bowl… but 18-1? Its unacceptable.

902p… Somewhere, the 72 Dolphins has a big bottle of champagne, waiting to pop.

903p… The New York Giants have just beaten the New England Patriots. How ridiculous. And another Mackey wins. And I’m done.

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