Friday, February 08, 2008

the moving diaries: 24

Twenty four, as in, twenty four hours from now.

Despite when you may read this, at this very moment I'm typing these words, its 717am on Friday morning, which means at 717am on Saturday morning (tomorrow, natch) the Lovely Steph Leann will be running around like her pants are on fire, while I'll be finishing tape on the final boxes that will transport our family from The Park at the Galleria to The Cabana.

As it stands, I'm about to watch Survivor: Micronesia -- Fans vs Favorites. I love Survivor, and I've watched it every single week, every season (except the first one...), through the incredible Outback, Pearl Islands and China, and even through the disasters of Thailand and Fiji... this time, its the top ten fan favorites (minus a few that didn't want to come back) featuring one of the hottest Survivor chicks not named Elizabeth Filarski-Hasslebeck (Australia)... I speak not of Parvati (Cook Islands) or (China), but of one of my favorite Survivors ever, Ami the Lesbian Barista (Vanuatu).

My favorite line ever? From Jonathan, who is one the Favorites side, who did the mutiny in Cook Islands.... "If I stay with my tribe, I betray my friends, and I'm a bastard! If I swap tribes, I betray my tribe... and I'm a bastard!"

I did not watch American Idol this week. KT comes to me on Wednesday at church and says "DID YOU SEE IDOL!?!?!?!" On Tuesday, the Lovely Steph Leann asks me to come by The Cabana before going home (our home for the next 24 hours, the apartment, is six miles from Starbucks. The Cabana is about 2 miles in a different direction), so I didn't get to tape Idol.

That hopefully will change on Monday, when DirectTV comes to my new home to set me up with DVR... my first DVR ever! I'm pumped.

Back to Idol... I have Wednesday on tape, so I'll try to watch it this weekend.

Survivor moment, here on tape: Kathy says, about Chet, "I think I worked with a homosexual... in the 80s... but been friends with one..."

Our house is in chaos. Boxes everywhere. Our stuff reminds me of when Jesus fed the 5,000... each time I pack something, suddenly, two more things appear in its place. I actually found a Vol-tron and a Go-Bot while packing stuff.

When I have to open, I have to be at Starbucks at 530am, which means I leave the apartment around 510am. I always try to be quiet, as to not wake The Lovely Steph Leann, but its hard to keep quiet when you almost fall over empty boxes in the dark.

Survivor Moment, here on tape: Eliza, Jonathan, Yau-Man and Ami the Lesbian Barista just made an alliance. Amanda the Flirt, Ozzy the Tree Climber, Parvati the Sex Kitten and James the Gravedigger already have paired up, while Jonny the Fairplay is playing both sides. Of course. His comment? "I can't believe that there 9 other Survivor favorites here, that are believing what I say... have you not watched the show before???"

"Vantage Point" looks like a cool movie. It looks like the kind of movie I'd like... I hope it doesn't suck.

Do you realize that I'm approach 10,000 page loads on the Clouds in My Coffee Blog, presented by Citi? That means that my blog page has been viewed and loaded 10,000 times. I mean, its not a huge number over 3 years (June 2005 is the beginning of the blog), but that still averages about 9 to 10 views per day, every day. And thats just here on this page... this blog is also featured on my MySpace Blog Page and on Facebook, so heck, it could be 30 to 50% more vies than that.

And thats considering that I took the fall of 2005 off, plus a few other months here or there when I didn't blog. I mean, I'm not patting myself on the back too much, but hey, I'm proud of what I've done. Go me.

Survivor Moment, here on tape: The Fans win the first challenge, beating The Favorites. I do believe The Favorite have underestimated The Fans. And Cirie speaks for the first time. You got The Favorites, who are already scheming to take one another out, teaming up, half of them trying to take out Eliza. On the other hand, The Fans are just happy to be here. Jonny Fairplay is up to some tricks, but Ami the Lesbian Barista is not fooled!!

The time is now approaching 806am... I have to be at Starbucks at 9 for some training stuff... and Survivor: Micronesia is quickly coming to an end (they are voting now), so my day is about to kick into high gear. I just got a phone call from DirectTV confirming my appointment & installation, which I said, "Yep!!"

On the docket today, after work? Continue packing. Move boxes. Label boxes. Get KT's man JR to help me put kraft paper down on the carpeted steps at The Cabana, so you mangy people won't be dirtying up my carpet... well, The Lovely Steph Leann's carpet, anyway.

Survivor Moment, here on tape: Jonny Fairplay goes home. He's saying that his girlfriend is 7 months pregnant and he's having a crisis of conscience, and that he should be at home with her. Personally, I think, like Gene Simmons on Celebrity Apprentice (which I just realized I forgot to record last night, curse it all), Fairplay is just wanting to leave the show. Next week? Krazy Kathy breaks down, The Fans turn on each other, two people go to Exile Island, and Ozzy and Amanda git it on.

And now... I'm going to move. The next blog should be live, from The Cabana....

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