Friday, February 29, 2008

Four Years Later...

By the way... those of you who read the site have lots to read, including two days of Idol, a 100 Coolest Recap, a long post, and now one more...

But it would wrong to not mention one thing... despite my hotness for Amy Adams, and my adoration for friends like Nikki and Little Sister Ashley, and a love for castles versus my love for modern art, and the fact I've managed to get by 4 years without a single Streisand movie, and even knowing that Ashley Judd is truly a goddess (you have your Firth, I have my Judd), one thing remains true.

I love my wife Stephanie Leann more today than I ever did on February 28th, 2004, because of a million things I would be up all night listing.

Right now, its 110am, its 70 minutes from our 4 year anniversary day ending, and she's sleeping away blissfully. But I thought I would just say it here, because I know she'll read this tomorrow.

Steph Leann--I love you very, very much, and you are truly what God had for my life. Not only am I a better person just because I know you (you all are, really), but even more so because I'm married to you. I'm excited that you are still able to put up with me on this journey, and I can't wait to ride Cinderella's carousel with you again... (meaning that we would, of course, be there).
Your my song.

ps... before you ask me what I got her for our anniversary... I bought her a house. What more do you want?

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