Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Idol Boys... Then there were 10

American Idol is live! The guys will come out and try to bring it for another week! After the storm that almost ripped our town apart (not really, but it did wake me up at like, 4am this morning, as did the phone call from my ASM telling me that Starbucks had lost power, to which we didn’t actually open the store until 3pm and… wait, where was I?)

Last week, it was the 60s, and this week, its the 70s (think next week might be the 80s?). Michael Johns is up first, and he’s singing “Go Your Own Way” from Fleetwood Mac. He sounds okay, but I’m not sure I like his version of this. He’s missed a few notes already, and I’m not sure I can dig it.

Its not perfect, I can tell you that… Randy liked it okay, er, aight, Paula loved it, and Simon says it was his weakest performance of the whole competition. I totally agree with that.

Jason Castro is up next, the dreadlocked guy. He’s admitting to the camera that he hates doing interviews, because they are always awkward. Its kinda funny, actually… he says, “I love music, but there’s more of the not-music stuff than I thought.”

He’s got the guitar again, and he can play it well. I don’t know the song he’s singing… wait, yes I do. It’s a Bee Gees song. The Dreadlocked One is doing Bee Gees with a guitar… and sounding great. His version of “I Just Want to Be Your Everything” is really good, and the Lovely Steph Leann admits, “I don’t like his hair… but he’s really good looking. Like, really good looking.”

Randy didn’t like it much. I thought it sounded great. I guess I agree with Paula, who blows sunshine. Simon didn’t like it at all, mentioning weak vocals. They challenge him to go without the guitar next week… if he makes it to next week.

Luke Menard is coming up now, telling us that he’s part of an acapella group called Chapter Six. Luke is doing some Queen, “Killer Queen” in particular. Interesting choice in songs, really… I mean, he was a rainbowy as a box full of Lucky Charms, but Freddie Mercury was a musical genius, so Luke is doing one heck of a step-out to take on the Fred.

As boring as I think this guy is, I surprisingly liked his performance. It wasn’t my favorite, but he was much better than last week’s schmaltzy stuff. Randy recognized the risk and liked it, Paula blows sunshine in Luke Menard’s ear, and Simon thinks it was a mistake. “The singer of that song has charisma and personality, and you didn’t,” is what Simon says, and I agree with that.

Ryan calls him Dawson’s Creek. That was really funny.

Robbie Carrico, the guy who looks like a younger, blonder Travis Tritt, has his turn behind the microphone. Robbie admits he’s a drag racer back home, loving the rush of the fuel and tires and so on. So, 2 Fast 2 Furious is doing Foreigner’s “Hot Blooded”, and already, I don’t like it.

Lou Gramm has this rockin’, deep, raspy voice when he belts out “hot blooded! Check it and see! Got a fever of a hundred and three!”, and Robbie just doesn’t have it. As my friend Erin Formerly Known as Coates would say, Robbie drops into my NO pile.

Randy not only gives Lou Gramm a mention, but says he wasn’t wowed at all. Paula loves Robbie and shows it her sunshiny best, including saying an Inspirational Poster. Simon liked the vocal, actually.

Danny “I could be a friend to you” Noriega is now making his way to the stage. Not sure if he’s wearing pumps or not. He admitted that he was in a punk rock band a few years ago… not sure of the band name, possibly R.E.M. (rear end men), or maybe Brokeback Mountme or something. Anyway, Danny Noriega is taking on “Superstar” by The Carpenters, one of those untouchable groups to The Lovely Steph Leann. I think Steph Leann threw up in her mouth.

Randy has problems with the vocals, while Paula isn’t sure whether to give him props or take him purse shopping. Simon thought this was better than last week (what wasn’t?). I will now stop Steph Leann from poking popsicle sticks in her eyes.

I’m not thoroughly convinced that Danny Noriega isn’t a girl.

David Hernandez has his turn to sing. He used to be a gymnast when he was a kid. D-Hern is singing something that I don’t recognize, though he’s not too bad with it… ah, yes, “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” by Dylan. I like this guy, I think. Even if the song itself is not perfect, I do like his version of it. Its different, its fun, its Hernandez.

Randy loved it. Paula stood up for him. Literally, up and clapping, and sunshiny. Simon says it was the best vocal of the night. Out of what we’ve heard so far, I agree.

The Yeager(meister) is up, and he is a multi-instrument player, including piano, guitar and drums. Very talented, but can he handle the Doobie? As in, the Doobie Brothers, that he’s trying to sing. No, not a real doobie, though I’m sure he could. Not that I think he is a drug dealer or anything, I’ve just realized that people who you wouldn’t think would do things sometimes will… oh heck, I’m rambling again.

Yeager(meister) is singing “Without Love”, or at least, I think that’s the name of it. I actually like The Doobie Brothers, especially when Michael McDonald was lead, though this isn’t one of those songs. However, Yeager(meister) is doing a pretty fine job mirroring the lead of the Doobies. I will say he’s about two inches away from having a full blown Flock of Seagulls hair cut.

Randy didn’t like it. He said it was a little pitchy, and perhaps karaoke, and actually, I could see that. Paula is struggling to criticize, and is just tossing out some flowers and butterflies. Simon didn’t like it at all, and is throwing out some meanness. Simply put, “You’re a quite good singer who can’t perform very well”.
Yeager(meister) responds, talking about he wants to get into the heart of a song, and will have to come out next week even better, and Simon says, “Its like the Oscars, the speeches are never ending, we need the Oscar music.” Yeager(meister) looks as if he’s about to come across that desk and kick Simon in the face with serious abandon.

On a side note, I really like that song in the MacBook Air commercials.

CheezyDeezy is singing Donnie Hathaway. He reveals that his name is Nigerian, from a native dialect. And his last name is Ezy? CheezyDeezy Ezy? Oobie Scoobie Doobie Kanoobie?

CheezyDeezy is breakin’ it down though, I’ll give it to him. He hasn’t really been one of my favorites, mostly cause he’s been boring… until tonight. I’m tossing CheezyDeezy into Erin Formerly-Known-As-Coates YES pile.

Randy shouts, “CheezyDeezy is back! Dat was hot, baby!” Paula says “brilliant clouds puppies babies”. Simon can’t say his name, but gave him some props. CheezyDeezy gets some love. Simon takes a shot at CheezyDeezy’s suit from last week, which was horrid, and asks him if he’ll wear it again… CheezyDeezy says, “Man, we on tv, I can’t wear it twice, only you do that!” Simon has a “I hate you now” grin on his face. I’m still expect Yeager(meister) to jump off the balcony onto Simon, yelling “CheezyDeezy! Let’s take him!”

And if you think I’m using his name over and over cause I think it’s funny, you’d be right.

David Rob Thomas Cook is a word-geek. He likes using big words. Me too. I knew I liked this guy. My love for words I can’t say equivilates his word-geekdom.

He’s singing “All Right Now”, with the guitar in hand, by the band Free, a notable one hit wonder you’ll hear in most TimeLife 70s collections and movies like “Dazed & Confused”. David Rob Thomas Cook is a very likable guy, and he’s not too bad with this… it wasn’t great, but it was decent enough.

Randy called him “the real rocker of the show this year”, which I’m sure made Robbie Carrico clinch his fists. Paula says something about balloons, clowns, kittens and rainbow flowerdom. Simon liked it, though says David Rob Thomas Cook doesn’t have a lot of charisma. He responds, “Fortunately, I don’t have to win you over, I have to win the people at home with my charisma,” to which Simon responds, gritting his teeth, “I know the rules of the competition.”

And Young David Archuleta is finishing up the Guys Night. He reveals that when he was 11, he was able to meet the American Idol first season finalists, including Kelly Clarkson. Of course, when he was 11, it was 2002. No, I’m not kidding.

He’s singing “Imagine”, always a risk on this show. There are certain songs that you just better shy away from, unless you are going to bring da noise and da funk—or in this case, knock it out of the park. Several Celine songs, a few Whitney songs, some Mariah songs and John Lennon’s “Imagine” are on that shortlist.

Granted, Young David is doing the song justice. I’m a little bored, really, but he sounds great singing it. What will the judges say?

Randy says, “Dawg, that was one of the best vocals I’ve ever heard on this show!” Young David says he sang the third verse only, because it was his favorite and has a great message. Paula is filling out adoption papers. Simon says what I said earlier… very, very risky. He says that Young David pulled it off, and has now become the one to beat. If Young David wins this thing (and make no mistake, he will end up in the Final 12), he’ll definitely have a Buble/Groban type career, which is not a bad thing.

My picks for the Final Six Guys? Young David, CheezyDeezy, Jason Castro, Michael Johns, David Rob Thomas Cook and unfortunately, Danny Jessica Alba Noriega. I think David Hernadez could end up in there, bouncing out The Dreadlocked One or Noriega.

Going home on Thursday? Luke Menard should probably get out—he’s not going to win this, and either Yeager(meister) or Robbie Carrico. I only say those two because really, they are both rather boring.

Onto the chicks!!

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