Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Idol Chicks... Ten Down, Two to Go

The chicks are up now, as the guys are in the dawg pound, awaiting results. Once again, it’s the 70s classics being performed for our 10 chicks, hoping to make the next round of 8, then finally, to 6, which puts them in the finals.

Carly Smithson
Irish Carly works at an Irish bar, and she and her husband also work at a tattoo parlor. She’s got a thicker accent than usual… I wonder if she’s adding to it.

HECK YA!!! Carly is busting out some “Crazy on You” by Heart, one of my 100 favorite songs of all time. This song freakin’ rocks… and Carly is rocking out with it. Wow… I was not expecting this. This is the best performance I’ve heard since the elimination rounds begin…. Rock on!!!

Randy thought the beginning was a little rough, but the middle and end went strong… Aight. Paula loves sunshine. Simon liked it better than last week’s, though he still doesn’t feel as if she’s chosen the right song that gives her The Moment. She’s awesome. I loved it.

Syesha Mercado
She reveals that she’s been in a few commercials, and then does a great imitation of Democrats. Kinda cool. She’s taking on Billy Paul’s “Me & Mrs. Jones”, though she’s singing “Me & Mr. Jones”… a song about a love with a young person and an older neighbor. Truly a song about Stifler’s mom before Stifler’s Mom came into being on the screen.

Syesha is wailing it, too. I like it. The song is not my cup of tea, but she performs it well. Randy says it was the wrong song choice, but it was aight, while Paula tosses butterflies and kittens her way, and Simon thought it was indulgent. Since the song wasn’t written for a girl to sing, he thought it was a bit silly to sing it that way. I thought it was alright.

Brooke White
She lets us know that she went to beauty school—and dropped out--and KT starts to giggle. She says she’s not talking because you, our loyal readers, will think she’s a horrible person. Yet, KT giggles.

She takes on Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain”, yet another one of Dave’s 100 Favorite Songs of All Time. By the way, for you new readers, I love Carly Simon, and this song is where “clouds in my coffee” comes from. Guitar in hand, she’s doing a decent job for it… KT asks me, “Do you like her singing this song, since you like it so much?” I replied, “Ehh… she’s pretty good.”

KT adds, “If you got to beauty school… shouldn’t your hair be… pretty?”

Randy makes a joke that the song was intended for Simon, possibly. Paula gives her puppies and noogies. Simon absolutely loved it. He even feels like the song was perfect.

Ramiele Malubay
Little Ramy used to Polynesian dance (hula dancing for those people in Mississippi) when she was little, though that can’t be too long ago. She says she might do it onstage, if she does a fast song.

Another great song! Thelma Houston’s “Don’t Leave Me This” starts a disco run for Idol. This is a great song cause it starts out slow, builds, then busts out with “ooooohhhhh baaaybbeeee! My heart’s full of love and deeee-sire fo’ you!!”

Little Ramy is doing okay with it, though she’s a little more subdued then I would have thought. Big Jo from last week would have been going to town on this, had she not got cut last week.

Randy says it was a little rough for him, and with so many dope records, she choice this one and it was the wrong choice. Paula drops a bucketful of sunshine on Paula’s feet. Simon astonishingly agrees with Paula, thinking it wasn’t very good.

Kristy Lee Cook
KLC says she’s a tomboy. She rides horses, she camps, she boxes, she fishes, she’s a redneck woman she ain’t no high-class broad. She’s just a product of her raising, she says Hey y’all and Ye Haw!

Linda Ronstandt is the artist of choice for KLC, singing “You’re No Good”. KT says, “Last week I didn’t think she was all that pretty, but right now, she’s really beautiful.” I agree, I think. Maybe its because I’m a boy and there’s cleavage involved. Inner monologue, sorry.

Randy says it’s a 100 percent improvement over last week, but he liked it aight. Paula throws grenades of sunshine that when they explode, they turn into pink and lavender ponies. Simon says he has a feeling that KLC should possibly explore a country route.

Amanda Overmyer
She comes out with a mane of hair streaked, and she looks like Simba. She tells us that she rides a Harley, is a nurse, and loves reading. She reads rock icon biographies, which she says helps educate herself.

Actually, she doesn’t look like Simba, she looks more like Scar. KT thinks its more Cruella de Vil. Either way, she’s highly weird looking. She’s singing… okay, she stabbing to death… Kansas’ “Carry On My Wayward Son”. The best part of this song is when she’s not singing, and the guitar is playing.

The final note comes, thank Heavens, and she pretty much eats the microphone. I thought she should have done Heart—“Magic Man” or “Barricuda”.

Randy didn’t like it at all. Paula compliments Scar de Vil on her dancing, and struggles for something good to say. Simon says he felt like the video was real, and natural, while her performance felts really contrived, and the song was ugly. I totally agree… the song was terrible.

Alaina Whittaker
The 16 year old reveals she doesn’t like the food that touches each other. Hear hear! I feel ya.

She’s doing some Olivia Newton-John, “Hopelessly Devoted to You” (which, when teased before the commercials, The Lovely Steph Leann and KT both gasped). KT asks “Is she The Gap?”

The Gap Toothed Blonde takes the stage, and already I’m bored. She actually could put the microphone in her gap in her front teeth, and sing from the back of her throat. The song isn’t bad, but to me, it was kinda unremarkable.

Randy likes the song, but didn’t like the song choice. He uses the word “Pitchy”. Paula loves Alaina. Simon likes her a lot too, but thought the song was old fashioned, as was the performance and presentation. He admits that she’s a “dark horse” in this competition, liking her more now than a few weeks ago.

Alexandrea Lushington
A former poster child for the Atlanta fire department, cause her pops was in the AFD, and she got to sing at Ground Zero too. Very cool.

She’s singing “If You Leave Me Now” by Chicago. This is a risky move… not because Chicago is necessarily hard to sing, but because Steph Leann loves loves loves her some old school Chicago. The verdict? Steph Leann says, after a pause, “Hmm… she’s… okay.”

Randy says the song was too safe, which is one of the first times the word “safe” is used. Paula jumps in to give her hugs and giggles. Simon says he was a big fan of Alexandrea back in the day, but that she’s struggling now, and the song is so old fashioned. I can agree with that.

Kady Malloy
KD is an opera singer, singing the big O since she was 9. Opera is not my cup of tea, unless its preceed by the words “Phantom of the”.

Here’s “Magic Man” by Heart! And unlike Carly Smithson, she’s not doing so great. KD is probably the hottest chick in this show right now, but she’s not doing herself any favors by this song. “Magic Man” is probably in Dave’s 150 Favorite Songs of All Time (possibly in the top 100, but I’m not sure yet).

KT says her dress makes her look like she has a big bulbed string of Christmas lights hanging from her neck.

Randy says she never quite found the notes. Paula is digging in her pocket for some sunshine, though she only finds rainclouds. Simon didn’t like it at all. He even says “Everything you do on film is fantastic… but the performances are not very good at all.”

I think KD is in real danger.

Asia’h Epperson
She was a middle school and high school cheerleader! Who knew? She went to cheer camp!

I really like Asia’h, and I hope she does well. She is singing “All by Myself” by Eric Carmen, also made famous a few years ago by Celine Dion. This song has real belt potential, which is probably why she sang it.

And… during the part she’s supposed to belt, it sounded like she dropped a note, like completely. And she hits another note that made KT turn over and Steph Leann look up sharply. She redeemed it at the end, but wow that was kinda rough.

Randy reveals that Asia’h has been sick, and even after that, he liked it. Paula has a cup full of ta-da and sunshine, and splashes it all over Asia’h. Simon says it takes one heck of a singer to pull that song off, and she couldn’t do it because she’s not that good.

So… I think that Scar de Vil is gone. After her, I think KD is in danger.

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