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No Doubt... It's Idols!

Scroll down for the Idols, but first, here's the update on Deuce Madness... quite simply, if Georgetown defeats Ohio State to make it to the finals, David Mark Osborne wins the 2007 Deuce Madness outright. If Ohio State emerges victorious, Drew Morris and DMO will tie, leading to a Finals Tiebreak.

Final scores released on Monday.

It's Dave's Random Bracket Sweet Sixteen!
The scores so far:
The Mikey Nipp Region
(1) Strong Bad takes out (8) Meredith Quintana 3-0... (5) Wendy Garner over (4) The Shawshank Redemption 3-1... (11) The Mackey Clan out-tosses (14) Erin Formerly-Known-As-Coates 3-1... (15) Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story continues its Cinderella run over (7) Kelly Clarkson 3-1

The iPod Region
(9) Ashley Judd ends (16) Hannah Pruitt's run 3-1... (4) Scott Latta takes out (5) Ashley Spell 3-2... (3) Hard Rain feat. Christian Slater defeats (6) The Empire Strikes Back 3-1... (10) Factor 7 outplays (2) The Rock 3-2

The Paula Maddox Region
(8) Christy Parvin over (16) Nelly Furtado's "Say It Right" 3-1... (4) Kellie Pickler sweeps (12) John Cena in The Marine 3-0... (14) Sarah McLachlan outsings (6) Hootie & the Blowfish 3-2... (10) James & Jessica Hawbaker defeats (2) O'Carr's Cheesecake 3-2

The Kids Hot Chocolate Region
(1) OutKast's "Hey Ya" over (8) The Geico Caveman 3-1... (13) Fergie's "Fergalicious" takes out (5) NYC Jenni... (6) Lost outcuts (14) HBO's "Autopsy"... (2) Tyler Campbell knocks out (7) Lily Allen's "Alright, Still" 3-2

Our Sweet Sixteen is Set!
In the Mikey Nipp Region:
(1) Strong Bad will take on (5) Wendy Garner, while (11) The Mackey Clan goes up against (15) Dodgeball, a True Underdog Story

In the iPod Region:
(9) Ashley Judd goes up against (5) Scott Latta, then (3) Hard Rain starring Christian Slater takes on (10) Factor 7

The Paula Maddox Region
In a battle of the blondes, (8) Christy Parvin matches up against (4) Kellie Pickler, while (14) Sarah McLachlan will face off against both (10) James and Jessica Hawbaker

The Troy State Region
It's like Dave's Idol when (1) OutKast's "Hey Ya" sings against (13) Fergie's "Fergalicious", and finally, (6) Lost will take on (2) Tyler Campbell

Who will make the Dave's Random Bracket Elite Eight? Tune in Thursday!

Now, we get to American Idol...

Ah, the guest judge is Gwen Stefani... someone I can really, really be excited about seeing... let's face it--Gwen is hot. She just is. And her music is... well, hot too. No Doubt was a great group, with Tragic Kingdom being a great album, but I'm really liking Gwen's solo stuff too... "Hollaback Girl" is just fun and addicting, while her new stuff, including "Sweet Escape" is catchy. Okay, enough for the Gwen sales pitch...

Kiki is up first, and she'll be singing Donna Summer's immortal "Last Dance", a disco song I just love.

FYI... its 745 in the morning, and I was about to re-start American Idol before I go to work, and ended up spending 10 minutes watching Vince McMahon and Donald Trump on Fox & Friends, promoting the "Hair Match" on Wrestlemania 23 this weekend. Just thought I'd mention it.

To me, this totally feels like a song LaKisha should be singing... let's hope it works. Let's forget the fact she's wearing a Hawaiian Komono and ho boots. Randy liked the "uptempo joint". I like how Randy has added "joint" to "dawg" and "yo" to his vocabulary. Paula and Simon both liked it too.

And I just saw the new trailer for Spiderman 3. I'm as giddy as Michael Jackson watching a boys choir.

Up next is Chris Sligh. He's taking on "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" by The Police, very daring. You know that car commercial where the dork is inside talking to the chick pumping gas... "would you like to come in for a smoothie?... YOU'RE SO HOT!!!". I would totally be that dorky in Gwen Stefani's presence. And I don't feel bad saying that--I think Steph would be a little weak around Colin Firth or Bradley Whitford.

And Chris is ahead of the band, just like last week. He's totally slipped into the middle-of-the-pack with C-Rich and Phil Stacey. Randy and Paula agree. Simon thought it was a mess.

Hey, its Gina Glocksen! G-Rock is singing The Pretenders "I'll Stand By You", a song-tempo change for her. If her skirt were any shorter, it'd be a belt. Not that I'm complaining... um... er, I mean, not that I'm condoning it. Bad Gina! She does look the best I've seen her, though.

And I thought the song was great. Randy agreed. I think Paula has a cauliflower on her ring. She liked the song too. Simon said "your best performance... the difference in a few weeks ago and tonight is like chalk and cheese" Go G-Rock! Go G-Rock!

Steph has already seen the show, and I asked her about Punjab as we lay in bed... she laughed, groaned and said "you'll have to see it". So, I'm bracing myself for a train wreck of a Howard Dean proportions...

He's singing "Bathwater" by No Doubt, which prompts Gwen to say "I think he was nervous because he forget some of the words"... no Gwen, he forgot some of the words because HE FREAKIN' SUCKS. Though she does add "...he chose it, so good luck for him" as she laughs slyly.




All his hair is pulled up into a mohawk. His hair is in a mohawk. No seriously, all that hair is pulled into a mohawk. And the song is AWFUL... That might have been the worst experience of my life since I heard "Ladies and gentlemen, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi" for the first time.

Randy says "I'm speechless...". Paula basically told him to grow a pair and sing. From Paula, that's pretty low. And Simon adds "I don't think it matters anymore what we say... you are in your own universe. Good luck."

And now I'm going to go overdose on Tums.

Haley is taking on "True Colors" by Cyndi Lauper... Gwen is cracking me up, because as Haley is practicing, Gwen's got this look on her face that say "what the...?". Hilarious.

At least she's got on more of a party dress and not a ho-wrap like last week. Too bad she's still awful. As much as I've heard the crowd say Antonella will wind up in Playboy, it wouldn't shock me if Haley did it after she got booted from this show in a week or so.

Randy and Paula... neither liked it. And its never good when Simon starts saying "How do you think you did?" because he wants to respond "it doesn't matter what you think, that was terrible".

Phil Stacey is in this hizzy... you know, I actually have grown to like Phil Stacey... I don't know if I'd buy his CD, but he's a likable guy. He's a Christ-follower, so that makes me kinda like the guy by default. Wow, he's taking on The Police's "I'm a Scary Stalker", also called "Every Breath You Take".

And its actually pretty good.

Randy liked it... Paula liked it... Simon thought it was really good. Phil and his wife are the kind of people Steph and I would invite to our Sunday Sch... er, Life Connection class.

Mindy Doo is doing some Donna Summer, "Heaven Knows", a song I'm not familiar with, though with Mindy Doo, does it even matter? Except for the fact her dress looked lke a 1987 JC Penny catalog threw up, she's fantastic.

My favorite part is watching her cute, humble face when the judges gush on her. Wow this chick has some pipes. And.... there it is from Randy. And... from Paula. Simon says "Vocally outstanding, but not the best performance... but hate the outfit."

No breakfast better than reheated, three day old sesame chicken from Happy china. Makes me feel like I'm in college again.

Beatbox Blake is attempting The Cure's "Love Song", a tough song to pull off. Gwen cautions him on not doing the beatbox in the wrong place, and he actually does it without the beatbox. Impressive.

Randy just kinda-liked it. Paula has all sorts of sunshine for Blake. I think she just slipped him her room key. Simon says "best guy in the competition... be careful not to fall into the Daughtry mold where you're always doing your own thing..." Okay, so McPhee, Pickles and Taylor Hicks combined have sold about 50 to 75% of what Daughtry has sold... I think Blake will be just fine if thats the case.

Jordin is "Hey Baby" by No Doubt. I'm actually surprised. She's sporting the Janet Jackson hula-hoop sized earrings, and she's got a less-skanky Britney school girl outfit on. Interesting. I really like Jordin, but I'm not sure I like the song.

Randy says it was risky, but it was good. Paula says "hip", "adorable" and "give my room key to Blake". Simon says she's much improved.

And closing the show tonight is C-Rich, who is singing "Don't Speak".

What Gwen says: "I've seen Chris on the show before, and I know he likes to do this 'vocal Olympics' sometimes, and I don't think she song really needs that..."

What Gwen meant: "Oh crap, he's going to totally screw this up, and I'm not happy about it."

This is totally a chick song... as in, its weird when guys sing it. Like now. And I think he borrowed Jordin's schoolgirl tie she was going to wear.

Randy liked the twist on it... Paula liked it. Simon liked the song much better, but not crazy about the vocals. I personally thought it was terrible.

Alright, my top ten for tonight: 1) Gina... 2) LaKisha... 3) Mindy Doo... 4) Phil... 5) Jordin... 6) Blake... 7) Chris Sligh... 8) Chris Rich... 67) Haley... 154) Sanjaya

And my overall top three: Gina, Mindy Doo and Blake

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