Saturday, March 17, 2007

Deuce Madness Round Two Completed!

220 Saturday Afternoon...
Holy poo... so Thad Matta coached Xavier to the Elite Eight a few years ago, then bolted for The Ohio State, a team that hasn't played Xavier since an NIT game in the early 80s... Xavier, a college in Cincinnati, is a mere few hours away from Columbus, home of The Ohio State, but they say OSU won't play them... OSU says "Why should we? We're The Ohio F*$&&ng State."

So when Xavier beat BYU, it was all about the Battle for Ohio... and honestly, if I knew this much bitterness rested in this match, I probably would have picked Xavier... as it sands, Ohio State is up by 5 in OT.

A few things I've learned, however, from watching CBS basketball country:
1) This is truly our country. Not their country. Ouuuuur country.
1b) I hate John Mellencamp
2) "How I Met Your Mother" has a new episode coming up
3) Miller Lite won the Beer Cup for the 4th time
4) Gus Johnson is a lunatic.

Oh yeah, at #5... Greg Oden is the greatest to ever play the game. According to CBS, anyway.

232pm, Saturday... Ohio State takes out Xavier at 78-71, and really, they didn't beat 'em... Xavier missed something like 348 3-pt shots in overtime. Anyway, everyone picked OSU, so add 10 to your score.

Had they lost, however... wow. It would have been a whole new Deuce Madness ballgame. Funny though, only two (Steph$ and Hawbaker) picked OSU to win it all, though Ohio State makes lots of appearances in all of your Final Fours and Elite 8s.

More scores tomorrow.

Sunday afternoon, 150pm...

...just got in from a great lunch out at Happy China (crab rangoon rocks), and then... actually visited an open house--well, not really an open house, as they are being built as we speak--but a visit to a possible house/condo we might want to invest in... we shall see...

Anyway, turned on the tv just in time to see "the iron be unkind!" (Gus Johnson's words, not mine) as Virginia whiffed a game tying tre in a loss to Tennessee... and now is Purdue, beating Florida (only first half so far).

So here is where we stand... 1) DMO, 370... 2) Drew, 360... 3-tie) Brad, Tebershaw, Mark, 340... 6) Barnie, 335... 7-tie) The Idol, Daniel, 330... 9) Scott, 325... 10-tie) Steph$, JTay, Matta Latta, Hawbaker, 320... 14) Yours Truly, 310... 15) Garrett,305... 16-tie) Sarah, TomJ, Mikey, 300... 19) Tyler, 295... 20) Trey, 280

Back soon with more...


Sunday Night, 1144pm...

Hmmph. So, Texas lost. I now am officially the first person in Deuce Madness '07 to lose their predicted champion. You know what, hold on one minute... back in a second...

Sunday Night, 1150pm...

Sorry about that. I just took my bracket outside and let the neighbors dog take a big slam on it. That's about all its worth right about now. Its steaming in the crisp night.

So now that round 2 is over, here's where we stand... Mark & Barnie had stellar, stellar second rounds, nailing 14 of 16 games, while Scott & The Idol got 13 0f 16. Toss Drew's 12 right, and they are the only ones who picked up the 10 point bonus for getting at least 12 of 16. This was huge for Drewski, as it allowed him to tie DMO at the top, both at 410 points.

In 3rd is The Mighty Gainey at 400, while Barnie leaps into 4th with 395. The Idol is in 5th with 390, while Brad Latta is in 6th with 380. Scott is in 7th with 375, while Steph$, Daniel and Tebershaw all tie at 370 in 8th place.

Hawbaker is 11th with 360, and for 12th is a 6-way tie between JTay, Matta Latta, Sarah, TomJ, Mikey and Yours Truly (350). Rounding out the bottom is Tyler in 18th (335), Garrett in 19th (325) and Trey breaks 300 points (310) for last. Again.

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