Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dave's Random Bracket... First Round Action

Scroll down for Deuce Madness 07 results... check here Tuesday night for more Dave's Random Bracket action

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Hannah Pruitt defeats Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories' "Stay" by a total of 3 to 2! 16th seeded Hannah goes on to the Double Tall Cafe Mocha Subregional (in the iPod Region) to take on top seeded Rush Limbaugh.

The Doppio Espresso Subregional
(6) The Empire Strikes Back def. (11) Ultimate Sue Storm 3-1

(3) Hard Rain with Christian Slater def. (14) ESPN's SportsCenter 3-2

(10) Factor 7 def. (7) Katharine McPhee 3-2

(2) The Rock def. (15) Sweet Potato Casserole 3-0

Next Round:

(6) The Empire Strikes Back vs. (3) Hard Rain, starring Christian Slater

(10) Factor 7 vs. (2) The Rock

Tall Vanilla Bean Frappuccino Subregional

(11) The Mackey Clan def. (6) Rick & Bubba 3-2

In a major upset, (14) Erin Formerly-Known-As-Coates shocks (3) Ann Coulter 3-1

(7) Kelly Clarkson takes out (10) Survivor 3-1

In a bigger upset, (15) Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story defeats (2) The Big Wookiee Chris Fulaytar 3-2

Next Round:

(11) The Mackey Clan takes on (14) Erin Formerly-Known-As-Coates

(7) Kelly Clarkson takes on (15) Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story


The Iced Tall Cafe American Subregional

(1) The Sports Guy vs (16) Nelly Furtado's "Say It Right". Will Nelly tell Sports Guy "you don't mean nothing at all to me"?

(8) Christy Parvin vs. (9) Florida Gators, National Champions. The pride of Gainsville takes on the pride of wherever Christyis originally from.

(5) Nina Simone's "Feelin' Good" vs. (12) John Cena in "The Marine". Classy and jazzy takes on scripted mandrama

(4) Kellie Pickler vs. (13) The Drudge Report. Your site for news is up against your site for bubbly airheadedness.

The Kids Hot Chocolate Subregional

(1) OutKast's "Hey Ya" video against (16) Haley Heckman. Young Haley set to take on Andre, Dookiee & the entire Love Below

(8) Geico Caveman vs. (9) Sandra Oh. Will this battle be so easy a caveman could do it? Is she?

(5) NYC Jenni vs (12) Gil Grissom. Will NYC Jenni be looking too far ahead to a possible showdown with her enemy, Sandra Oh?

(4) Tommy McLeod vs (13) Fergie's "Fergalicious". Will Fergie's definition make Tommy go loco?

Check back tomorrow as the field of 65 is ripped in half...

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