Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A New Cup of Coffee...

So, I got a job assignment... I'm headed to the Cabaha Heights Starbucks. For those of you out of state, I'm currently ASM at the Starbucks on Hwy 280, one of the busiest in the city... and I'm going to a store that doesn't make quite as much, but is growing fast... and I'm excited about it.

I mean, I would stay at 280 if I could... but I know I'm not going to get that store (as manager) no matter what. Eventually, I would have to leave... and it might as well be now. I'll miss my people there, many of which I hired, notably Rocky & Nall Wall, two great shifts and future managers, and two big wrestling fan... Theresa, who is getting married in June, and I think is going to be an awesome wife and awesome whatever she's going to do with her life... Lauri, who I've known a long while and makes me laugh... and Amanda, whom I'm just getting to know, and can see remnants of myself and Steph in her and her hubby's Tim's three month old marriage.

I start Monday.

This keyboard is crap. It really is. I have to keep going back and correcting my sentences, cause it keeps missing letters when I type, and I type fast (up to 75 wpm in high school--we used real typewriters... no, I'm not kidding). To show you how bad it is, I'll type this entire paragraph over with no corrections:

This keyoard s cra. It rally is. Ihave to keep going back and correcig my sentences, cause it kees missing letters wen I type, and I type fast (up to 75 wpm in high school--we used realy typewriter... no I'm not kidding).

See, told ya.

I love how President Clinton, in 1992, fired 93--NINETY THREE--district attorneys, all at the same time, surely disrupting at least some investigations going on, within two weeks of taking office... the wacko left is going nuts over Atty General Gonzeles firing 8 D.A.s, after almost two years of studies and recommendations, including some D.A.s that were retiring anyway in a few months--a power not only given to President Clinton, but also Dubya--because it might "interrupt some important investigations"... none of which, unfortunately, including Sandy Burgler and Representative William Jefferson, Democrat Louisiana.

Oh, and I also love Rosie O'Donnell, defending KSM, who admitted to a ton of terrorist plannings, not the least of which is the 9/11 attacks, and the 93 WTC bombing. She's just precious. I mean, to call this guy a terrorist is to take away his "humanity". Can't do that.

And on "The View", she went on this tirade about the war and the military and so on, all of which I could actually refute easily. And I'm stupid.

Continued 1st Round Action in Dave's Random Bracket!

The Paula Maddox Region
Iced Tall Cafe American Subregional
(16) Nelly Furtado's "Say It Right" shocks the top seeded (1) Sports Guy by a score of 3-1. Nelly will take on (8) Christy Parvin, who swept (9) Florida Gators, National Champions, 3-0.

We'll also see a John Cena/Kellie Pickler second round match, as we have our first 5/12 upset--(12) John Cena in "The Marine" blanks (5) Nina Simone's "Feelin' Good", while (4) Kellie Pickler out sings (13) The Drudge Report 3-2.

The Grande Soy Chai Subregional
In other first round action, (6) Hootie & the Blowfish out sing (11) Kate Winslet (whom I was actually rooting for--again, I need help) 3-2, and will take on (14) Sarah McLachlan, who beat (3) Ryan Sherman 3-0. At least he got 12.

(10) James & Jessica Hawbaker double-team (7) Nikki Brown 3-1, and will face (2) O'Carrs Cheesecake, which took out (15) Attactix 3-1.

The Troy State Region
Kids Hot Chocolate Subregional
(1) Outkast says "See Ya" to (16) Haley Heckman 3-1, and (8) The Geico Caveman outthunk (9)Sandra Oh 3-1. Outkast vs The Geico Caveman in the 2nd Round.

We'll see (5) NYC Jenni take on (13) Fergie's "Fergalicious" in the next round, in a battle sure to be D to the E to the L-I-C-I-O-U-S. Jenni wiped out (12) Gil Grissom 3-1, and Fergie took out (4) Tommy McLeod 3-1.

Coming later on, the final matches of the first round, including the Venti Caramal Macchiato Subregional:
(1) Strong Bad vs (16) The Samson Tigers
(8) Meredith Quintana vs (9) The Red Hot Chili Peppers "Snow"
(5) Wendy Garner vs (12) The Purple Onion
(4) The Shawshank Redemption vs (13) Sister Act 2's "Joyful Joyful"

And the Double Tall Cafe Mocha Subregional:
(1) Rush Limbaugh vs (16) Hannah Pruitt
(8) The Amazing Race All Stars vs (9) Ashley Judd
(5) Ashley Spell vs (12) Dale's Southern Grill
(4) Scott Latta vs (13) Ginny Weasley

Oh yeah, we'll have some Idol chatter as well...

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