Friday, March 16, 2007

Dave's First Ever Random Bracket

If you are looking for Deuce Madness updates & action, just scroll down to the posting Deuce Madness 2007, below this posting here. I'll update that same posting all weekend.

I've already given my affinity for tournaments and brackets... heck, even stupid ones like ESPN's "Wacky Bracket", the previously mentioned Chick Bracket or the current Birmingham News' "Face of Alabama" tourney intrigues me... and though I'm not sure that Brooke Smith should have won it, she deserved to make it past the first round. But I digress...

So, I started thinking, it's my blogsite, what if I did my own bracket? Bracket of what, though? Favorite stuff? No, that changes too much. Coolest stuff? No, that's the Top 100 of the Year. Hmm... what if it was random? I mean, completely random? As in, pick from the thousands, nay, millions of places, people, foods, movies, musicians, and so forth that I enjoy, and that make me happy... thus, was born the first ever "Dave's Random Bracket".

So, I gave myself a time limit--15 minutes--to come up with most random subjects I could... it's mostly stuff that is current for me, be it movies, music or whatever. Then I just used a spreadsheet, randomly put them into seeds, and then used the template I have for the NCAA Tournament.

65 random things... all vying for the coveted, first ever Steph Leann Random Bracket Championship Trophy, or SLRBCT for short, all broken into 4 regions: The Mikey Nipp Region, the iPod Region, the Paula Maddox Region and the Troy State Region... and the 16 in each region may or may not have anything to do with the region's title itself.

So, here's the match-ups--I don't yet know how to design a bracket online... so imagine the lines and brackets and future matchups:

The Venti Caramal Macchiato Subregional
(1) Strong Bad... the bad boy of Homestar Runner
(16) The Samson Tigers... my hometown team, winning thier 2nd girl's b'ball state title

(8) Meredith Quintana... we just don't see her enough
(9) Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Snow"... early contender for my fave song of '07

(5) Wendy Garner... I heart Wendy
(12) The Purple Onion... I heart those chick-in-a-sack pita roll-ups

(4) The Shawshank Redemption... the only Steve King movie that beats the book
(13) Sister Act II's "Joyful Joyful"... one of the best music montages ever

The Tall Vanilla Bean Frappuccino Subregional
(6) Rick & Bubba... the funniest morning show ever
(11) The Mackey Clan... that's Paula, Josh, Brandon, Nicole and Mackey himself

(3) Ann Coulter... she's reached "Dave Celebrity Girlfriend Hall of Fame"
(14) The Erin Formerly Known as Coates... how cool has she become over the years?

(7) Kelly Clarkson... what is truly behind those hazel eyes?
(10) Survivor... could have been ranked higher, but for a down season

(2) The Big Wookiee... who is now Big Wookiee Daddy
(15) Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story... never get tired of this movie

The Double Tall Cafe Mocha Subregional
(1) Rush Limbaugh... the father of modern conservatism
(16) Winner of the Play-In Game

(8) The Amazing Race All-Stars... we're done with Rob & Amber, now let's punt Mirna and Charla
(9) Ashley Judd... the only reason "Double Jeopardy" is remotely watchable--or stomachable

(5) Ashley Spell... truly one of my ten favorite people right now
(12) Dale's Southern Grill... love their shrimp, Steph loves their steak

(4) Scott Latta... this kid will be writing for one day
(13) Ginny Weasley... my favote Harry Potter character

The Doppio Espresso subregional
(6) The Empire Strikes Back... second on the list of "Greatest Movies Ever"
(11) Ultimate Sue Storm... the hottest 2-D out there

(3) "Hard Rain" with Christian Slater... a truly great craptastic movie
(14) ESPN's SportsCenter... standard viewing for any day

(7) Katharine McPhee... I don't care what you say, I love love love her CD
(10) Factor 7... I'm holding out for the reunion tour

(2) The Rock... I still have a man crush on him
(15) Sweet Potato Casserole... I had to know Steph could do a decent SPC before I could marry her

The Iced Tall Cafe Americano Subregional
(1) The Sports Guy... Bill Simmons is my sports writing hero
(16) Nelly Furtado's "Say It Right"... with Timbaland, a song buzzing in my head

(8) Christy Parvin... like Quintana, she just doesn't appear nearly enough
(9) Florida Gators, National Champions... no one predicted this in August of 06.

(5) Nina Simone's "Feelin' Good"... sultry, jazzy, cool
(12) John Cena in "The Marine"... craptastical cinema at its finest

(4) Pickles!... Kellie Pickler's new CD sounds kinda like Deana Carter--and Ilove Deana Carter
(13) The Drudge Report... besides my site, your one stop for all news

The Grande Soy Chai Subregional
(6) Hootie & the Blowfish... "Cracked Rear View", one of the finest album ever
(11) Kate Winslet... I'd watch her read the phone book

(3) Ryan Sherman... got himself a new job in the city
(14) Sarah McLachlan... Sa-rah's better than ice cream, its better than anything else that I've tried

(7) Nikki Brown... tall and awesome
(10) James & Jessica Hawbaker... what a cool couple

(2) O'Carrs Cheesecake... I've had cheesecake all over the east coast... and this tops them all
(15) Attacktix... a sport for men, for warlords, for stratergerists

The Kids Hot Chocolate Subregional
(1) OutKast's "Hey Ya" video... I could watch this video 50 times and still not tire of it
(16) Haley Heckman... one of my kids all growed up

(8) The Geico Caveman... when E! had this guy on the red carpet of the Oscars--classic
(9) Sandra Oh... my favorite Asian not named Michelle Malkin

(5) NYC Jenni... my favorite part of NYC not named Times Square
(12) Gil Grissom... quite simply, a pimp. A forensic science pimp

(4) Tommy McLeod... soon to be the Bill Cosby of the Deuce
(13) Fergie's "Fergalicious" video... I'm no longer ashamed to like Fergie. Okay, yeah I am.

The Grande Cinnamon Dolce Latte Subregional
(6) Lost... amazing storytelling. I'm patient for the big ending
(11) Shawn Michael's book... "Heartbreak & Triumph" is a cliche title, yet still intriguing book

(3) Mamma Mia!... my favorite Broadway show ever
(14) HBO's Autopsy... quite a guilty pleasure. Michael Baden is the real life Gil Grissom, and still a pimp

(7) Lily Allen's "Alright Still"... what a fun CD! It's like, Jagged Little Pill lite
(10) Sheryl Crow... all these years later, still hot, still cool and still awesomely awesome.

(2) Tyler Campbell... a great guy all around, and kinda cool in his own right (I said "kinda")
(15) Mythbusters... who doesn't like this show?

Hannah Pruitt vs Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories' "Stay"... one of my favorite people takes on one of my favorite songs, for the right to match up against top seed Rush Limbaugh.

How Do You Advance?
Randomly, of course. I have a vintage buffalo nickel, and I'm just going to flip it. Best out of 5. Because I don't have time to just sit and flip a coin all day (well, maybe I do, but I don't want to just sit around and flip a coin all day), I'll start on Monday, doing random matches throughout the week.

Saturday - Play in match
Monday - Doppio Espresso & Tall Vanilla Bean Frappuccino subregional
Tuesday - Iced Tall Cafe Americano & Kids Hot Chocolate subregional
Wednesday - Venti Caramal Macchiato & Grande Cinnamon Dolce Latta subregional
Thursday - Grande Soy Chai & Double Tall Cafe Mocha subregional

Admit it... you're curious... and if your name is in the bracket, you're quietly rooting for yourself

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