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Idol: Inspiration Gives Back

So, its Idol time… Idol Gives Back is this week. And today, we have a room with just The Lovely Steph Leann and KT, but now we are joined by Big Paulie, Sammy C, Croyle 1 and Croyle 2, all ready to enjoy the music and frivolity of the obsession known as American Idol!

Tonight’s theme is “Inspirational Songs”, which isn’t surprising, given the nature of tomorrow’s show.

Michael Johns
“Dream On” by Aerosmith… could this be the first time that Aerosmith has actually been covered on American Idol? Surely “Walk This Way” wouldn’t be family friendly enough to qualify… and so, I guess “Dream On” is inspirational?

He manages to his the shrieks made famous by Steven Tyler, which elicits giggles from KT and a few others in the room. Big Paulie is unfamiliar with the show’s contestants, and the show in general, asking “That’s all they get to sing?”

Randy said it was aight, but a bit pitchy. Paula blows sunshine. KT says, “If she makes a wrong move, her boobs are popping out of her dress.” Ten years ago, I would have been all about that—now? I might throw up in my mouth. Simon says it was good, but it sounded like Aussie Michael was trying to impersonate Aerosmith.

Big Paulie, after Ryan makes a boob joke of his own, says, “Oh, that’s Ryan Seacrest? I’ve heard of him!”

Syesha Mercado
The Lovely Steph Leann points out that The Black Julia Stiles has the Mickey Mouse hair again… she’s singing “I Believe” by Fantasia. First of all, Fantasia does me no good… she’s obnoxious. Big Paulie says, “She looks like she has a Pomeranian on her head.” Croyle 1 adds, “I can’t get past the poof.”

Personally, she only sings well when she has the poof. When she has the straight hair, The Black Julia Stiles can’t get it done. All I know is, I’m inspired.

Randy says, “You took on a tiger!” talking about Fantasia. Croyle 2 points out that The Black Julia Stiles keeps picking out songs by artists you can’t messed with—Whitney last week, Fantasia this week—and she has a valid point. Paula blows sunshine.

Simon says he thought she sang it well, but there wasn’t enough emotion. He wants to find out “who you are…”

Jason Castro
The Dreadlocked One is singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. KT makes another “he looks retarded” comment. The Dreadlocked One is doing a ukulele version of the song. This might be a hoot.

This now makes me think of that commercial which has this version behind it, which makes me really like that song… I don’t remember the commercial, but I remember this song! I love it!

And The Dreadlocked One is pulling it off quite well. I’ve just made a discovery too… he’s very toothy. Very straight toothy. And he’s wearing a lot of makeup. And he sounded great just now.

Randy says, “The hottest so far of the night!”, out of the three so far. Paula blows sunshine, saying flowers and birds and tweeties and such… Simon says he loved the version of the song, and he thought The Dreadlocked One was awesome.

Kristy Lee Cook
Ryan says she’s determined to stay out of the bottom three this week. She’s singing “Anyway” by Martina McBride… The Lovely Steph Leann sighs, “Aw, I like this song… now you’re going to make me not like it.”

On a side note, we are all thinking that they should get the themes at the beginning of the season… Young David could have sung “Imagine”, The Dreadlocked One singing, “Hallelujahs”, and KLC singing “God Bless the USA”. If only.

Instead, we get to hear KLC butcher a fine, fine Martina McBride song. We can’t figure out if Paula was dancing or pulling her dress up to keep this show from TV-MA.

Randy loved it, though it was pitchy. Paula blows sunshine, while Simon makes a joke about Paula’s Chihuahuas (again). Croyle 1 is waiting for a wardrobe malfunction. There’s a lot going on in this room, and somehow, I heard Big Paulie say the words “Cold Hearted Snake”.

Simon said that KLC looked like a star.

David Cook
So, Our Lady Peace gets some Idol love, finally. Finally. What kind of injustice exists in this world when Our Lady Peace has to wait seven season to get some recognition on this show. The song is called “Innocent”, a song I’ve never heard by a band I’ve never heard.

David Rob Thomas Cook starts out a little weak, possibly the worst I’ve ever heard. This song is terrible. He’s bringing it back, a little, but still, it was pretty bad. Not good times. Bad times indeed.

Randy is a huge fan of David Rob Thomas Cook, but not this week. Paula blows sunshine. Simon didn’t like it at all, cutting Paula’s sunshine blowing off. He thought it was a little pompous, and to his point, I almost agree. Simon says, “It wasn’t anywhere near the last two weeks.” The room agrees.

Carly Smithson
Our Irish Rocker Carly “The Show Must Go On” by Queen, all about the fact that life goes on, except when its cut short by AIDS due to unprotected gay sex. I’m just sayin’.

She looks like she stepped right out of 1984, with a terribly cheesy tank top, very form fitting, which again, I can’t look at Carly in an attracted way unless you cut her right arm off. Just clean cut it. Not even a nub. Or maybe reattach her hand above the wrist to her shoulder. Thumb and all.

The room has no idea how to take this.

Randy says it was just okay for him, disconnected. Paula almost agrees with Randy, but doesn’t, salvaging some sunshine from the depths of negativity. Simon says, “Well, you look good.” He just likes the shirt. However, Simon thinks Irish Carly oversang the song, coming across as an angry performance, out of kilter with the evening.

David Archuleta
He’s picking “Angels” by… “Angels” by… um… what the crap is this song? Who is on this kids playlist?

I keep waiting for The Disney Channel to offer him a starring role in High School Musical 7: High School Musical. Or High School Free or Die Musical. Or High School Musical With a Vengeance. That’s the one that KT loves.

Big Paulie says, “This isn’t inspirational, this is a love song. It’s about a chick.” All I know is the chick who dumped this guy last year, when he was a junior in high school, is kicking herself.

Randy loved it, loved it, loved it. Paula keeps her sunshine brief. Simon liked it a whole lot, though a bit nasally, but he admits he’s nitpicking.

Brooke White
“I’m done with Dave’s Next American Idol Brooke White,” KT pipes up.
“What? You’ve never liked My Husband’s Next American Idol! You can’t be done with her, you never started with her!” says The Lovely Steph Leann.

If I like what I hear, I wonder where I could download these songs? Perhaps URGE from Microsoft? Or some freeware?

My Next American Idol Brooke White is singing “You’ve Got a Friend”, and not the James Taylor version I don’t like, but instead the Carole King version from “Tapestry” that I really, really like.

Here's My Next American Idol Brooke White from a few weeks ago, in one of KT's favorite clips. This is why I would buy a My Next American Idol Brooke White cd.

There’s a dude at the piano, while My Next American Idol Brooke White stands—and unlike Beatles Week, part 2, she’s not trying to dancing.

Randy says, “I like that, yeeah, what what?” And yet, it was okay for him. Paula blows sunshine. Simon says, “Its like a pleasant walk in the park. Original? No. Pleasant? Yes… (pause) Thank you.”

My favorites of the night… I actually think The Dreadlocked One the best tonight. When it makes me want to go find the song on iTunes, then its good times. I also liked Aussie Michael. I'm guessing the bottom three will be The Black Julia Stiles, and KLC. I think KLC was actually better than David Rob Thomas Cook and Irish Carly, but both of the latter has so much support now, they'll be okay... or at least, DRTC will be. Irish Carly might have a nudge to that third spot... or (gulp) My Next American Idol Brooke White.

I don’t know about you… but…

I feel inspired.

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