Monday, April 07, 2008

Not Planning On Posting, So You Won't Even Read This

I wanted to post on Friday, but this weekend was rather busy, so I didnt get to it, thinking I would get to do so on Monday (today), and then I spent another 12 hours at work, so right now, as I'm flipping back and forth between the NCAA Championship (Go Tigers!) and WWE Raw (Go HHH!), I'm really tired.

I'm going to crawl up on the brand spankin' new futon right behind me, and continue to watch both until both are over.

There really is much to talk about, the least of which is the Wii, and the story of how it came to be in The Cabana, the dealings with Old Neal Graham, the GameStop stop, and the unfounded love for a game I like to call Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga... I call it that, cause that's what its titled.

Can I tell you how excited I am that I finally figured out how to post videos? (Thanks Scotty). Now that I know this, I can show you this fabulous trailer

Anyway, if I did post anything tonight, which I won't, it wouldn't get read as much because Idol is Tuesday night, and this is Idol Gives Back week, which is more than enough unintentional comedy to last a lifetime, much less one post. At least, its the final week for KLC, and then the real contest can begin (though I think Black Julia Stiles is due for a fall soon).

Speaking of Star Wars and Deal or No Deal, there's a Star Wars themed Deal or No Deal on April 28th. And yes, the banker will be Darth Vader.

New blog I've enjoyed... Carla Says. A quick, good read. She's supposed to put up a blog counter, so perhaps you can help her with her numbers...

For those of you who know Jennifer & Justin Glenn, who's romance blossomed at The Deuce, by the way, they are expecting a baby.

Five Actresses I'm In Total Love With (so much so that I'll practically watch them in anything... in somewhat of a particular order): The Goddess, Kate Winslet, Laura Linney, Debra Messing, Amy Adams

Two Who Used to Be On That List, Until They Suddenly Stopped Being Talented: Nicole Kidman, Jodie Foster

A Couple of Actors I'll Watch In Just About Anything (cause they are just cool): Kevin Spacey, Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson (and when I say anything concerning Sam Jackson, I mean anything... he's been in some real crap, I tell ya)

One Guy Who Used to Be Ubercool Until He Joined Charla & Mirna on Team Bats***: Tom Cruise

Why did I list that? Topic of conversation, maybe? Maybe because I'm tired and I'm ready to go to bed (thought Memphis is up by 5, and I can't go now, not with 3 and some change left).

But since American Idol is tomorrow night, I'm not planning on posting anyway, cause who will see it? I'll post a non-Idol post on Thursday. How about that?

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  1. HEY! Thanks for the shout out! I do love having the counter. It jumped up like 30 views this weekend.

    Also, Jodie Foster. I lost faith in her since the movie Contact.

    And I'm glad Memphis lost. I had UNC to win, dang it.


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