Monday, April 03, 2006

The DW, Tori, Satellite Soul & Nic Cage Part I

The "new" Deuce Weekly is up... and its worth mentioning, because its the first Deuce Weekly with a top ten list.

Warrants mentioning.

I did in fact watch Unan1mous on Fox after American Idol. I did a write-up about it. Then I thought "who actually wants to read about Steve the Truck Driver?". Then I actually heard five IQ points fall onto the floor and shatter. It would have been six, but I skipped the credits. So I deleted it. If I have five people comment to tell me they want to hear what happened, I'll fill you in.

I'm still wanting the chance to watch So Notorious, with Tori Spelling, on Vh1. No Jennie Garth and especially no Shannen Doherty for me. Give me Tori or give me a life!


In my mission to import CDs into my computer, I've stumbled upon 9 CDs in the "Simply..." series. Anyone who's spent enough time around Family Christian or Lifeway has seen these... once per year, they release a compilation CD of upcoming and new songs from upcoming and new bands.... usually, the price is around $1.99 or so, but its free with any purchase of any CD represented on the compilation.

The titles have varied, from "Simply Fabulous" to "Simply Xcellent" to the two disc "Simply Impossible" set to last year's simple "Simply Great".

Check out some of tracks from the first one, 1997's "Simply Fabulous": "Jonah" by Grammatrain... "Number 9" by The Waiting... "Resolution" from The OC Supertones... "Everything I Hate" by Smalltown Poets... "Know You Better" by Reality Check... "Chem 6A" by Switchfoot... "Child of Sod" by Bleach...

I'm talking bands that I haven't given the first thought to in years, except maybe Switchfoot.

I mention this because I haven't heard most of these songs in years... which means I have to listen to at least part of all of them to remember if I liked them or not.

Perhaps the best part is that on the inside of this CD, is a form for a 7ball Magazine subscription, complete with All Star United on the form.

Some of the long forgotten, yet beloved other bands on the other CDs: The Elms... Earthsuit... PAX217... Circadian Rhythm... Seven Day Jesus... Factor 7... Luna Halo... Satellite Soul (!)...

This should be a party.
And finally, since I've had a few days to think about it...
Nic Cage Movies Part I: Nic Cage Movies NOT in My Top Five
Before I can properly break down Nic Cage movies, let me give a dislaimer. Yes, there are Nic Cage movies I haven't seen... so I went to Nic's IMDB page, found ALL of his movies that I could have seen, and broke them down into catagories:
Nic Cage Movies I have Not Seen and/or Never Heard Of: Birdy (1984)... The Boy in Blue (1984)... Racing With the Moon (1984)... Never On Tuesday (1988)... Tempo di uccidere (1990)... Zandaless (1991)... Red Rock West (1992)... Deadfall (1993)... Kiss of Death (1995)... Sonny (2002)
Nic Cage Movies I Have Not Seen, but Would Like to Try: Valley Girl (1983)... Rumblefish (1983)... Vampires Kiss (1989)... Bringing Out the Dead (1999)... Windtalkers (2002)... Adaptation (2002)
Nic Cage Movies That Almost Don't Count Because He Was Only In it for a Few Seconds: Fast Time at Ridgemont High (1983)... Never on Tuesday (1988)...
Nic Cage Movies I Have No Intentions of Seeing, Like, Ever: The Cotton Club (1984)... Moonstruck (1987)... Capt. Crapola's Mandolin (2001)
Nic Cage Movies That I have Not Seen, Am Hesitant About Seeing, But Might Give In: Amos & Andrew (1993--with Sammy L. Jackson, I might end up watching it)... City of Angels (1998)... The Family Man (2000)... Matchstick Men (2003)... The Weather Man (2005)
Nic Cage Movies I Liked But Would Probably Not See Again: Peggy Sue Got Married (1986)... Leaving Las Vegas (1995)... 8MM (1999)
Nic Cage Movies I Didn't Like and Would Never See Again: Wild at Heart (1990)... Guarding Tess (1994)... Trapped in Paradise (1994)... It Could Happen To You (1994)
Nic Cage Movies I Liked... But Aren't In My Top Five: Firebirds (1990)... Honeymoon in Vegas (1992)
This leaves 7 Movies in the Nic Cage library not mentioned...
One is Raising Arizona, from 1987. The only reason this gets mentioned outside of the the "Nic Cage Movies I Liked... But Aren't In my Top Five" catagory is because this is a list of my favorite Nic flicks... not the best Nic flicks made.
I think Raising Arizona is one of the funniest, most brilliant comedies out there--and I would rank it #6 on my list. I rank it #6 only because as much as I enjoy it, I wouldn't watch it over and over and over... the soon-to be mentioned Top Five Nic Cage Movies are films I would watch over and over... and have in some cases.
The other is Lord of War. Haven't seen it. Didn't see it at the movies, and haven't rented the dvd... but I look forward to seeing it.
The remaining five movies? I'll list them soon enough.


  1. Let me take a guess at your top 5-
    5. gone in 60 seconds
    4. snake eyes
    3. con air
    2. face off
    1. the rock

    they would all be in my top 25 of all time probably...and i would even add raising arizona- one of the funniest movies i have EVER seen. Matchstick men was definitely worth seeing, and so was family man by the way. And i caught your reference to factor 7, and let me just say...maybe we arent dead yet...

  2. Well, by process of elimination, you have the movies within the Top Five right, just not the order.

    And yes, I'll have Factor 7 in the iPod, just to say I do.


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