Friday, April 07, 2006

Fun for the Weekend

I'll be out of pocket for most of this weekend... after working tonight at the coffee shop, Stephanie and I are hosting a wedding shower for her/our friends Delisa and Nick tomorrow. I have to be there because its a "couples shower"... should be a hoot.

Two things: First... MY CAR IS PAID OFF SIX MONTHS EARLY!! WHOO-HOO!!! All we have left is my student loan, then we are DEBT FREE!!

Secondly... here's Dave's Mental Playlist Top Five (the top five songs rolling arond in my head for the week):
1) Black Horse & the Cherry Tree - KT Tunstall
2) Walk Away - Kelly Clarkson
3) Bad Day - Daniel Powter
4) Stupid Girls - Pink
5) Flood - Jars of Clay

Anyway, I dug up some links for your viewing pleasure... have some fun.

Let's say that everything in movies really happened. You'd need someone to put the events in order, right? I give you... the Movie Timeline. I warn you--it's addicting.


Entertainment Weekly has a great little article on a movie coming up, one I particularly will be there to see... that's right, its Sammy L. Jackson in... Snakes on a Plane.


For those of you, including myself, who are awaiting the new Dixie Chicks album, you can catch the first video here. Yes, Chicks, the reaction to your 2003 remarks was severe, but y'all aren't martyrs. Last I checked, you were still millionaires who are free to say what you like and record what you please. I'm not asking you not to be outspoken, just not to be dull.

How about you? Do you want to own a Scarface mannequin of your very own?
My first job? Technically, it was dusting furniture every Friday in a small overpriced furniture shop in Samson, for $2. Beyond that, washing dishing and waiting tables at a restaurant in same said small town. For Bill Murray? Selling chestnuts. David Lee Roth was a hospital orderly, or so sayeth this article.
Because I know Mikey Nipp loves both, here's something featuring BOTH K-Fed and DDR.
And finally... three people who give great hugs--Stephanie (natch), Ellen Donze and my mom (I can name few guys who give good manhugs, but I won't.) Anyway, not sure I'd want this from any of them, including Steph.
I'm sure I'll talk to you cats on Monday

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