Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Votes are In

So, its raining like crazy by now, and I just got home from KidStuf practice... just in time to see the new results of Idol.

Notice the big weather map in the corner of the screen, highlighting the severe storm that is taking place somewhere probably 200 miles from here. Usually when weather comes up like this, they immediately go to James Spann, or Jerry Tracey, or the weather guy of the week over at CBS 42... Fox will mostly go to David Neal, but when Idol is on, you get (during commercials, no less) "coming up after Idol, we'll bring you the latest on the weather." Don't touch the cash cow.

Just saw a three minute clip for Kiefer Sutherland's new movie, "The Sentinel", also starring Michael Douglas. You also see Eva Longoria, from Desperate Housewives, but looking at all the trailers and previews, you'd never know it. She says like, four words combined in all the previews I've seen... its almost as if she's just the pretty face for the movie, with no line. "Eva, stand there, look all hot and crap, and don't say a word, okay?" Personally, I'm a Teri Hatcher fan myself, but thats me.

And the show is recapping last night's performances...

That Burger King commercial featuring the King in bed, waking up to see a guy sitting next to him, in front of a crowd of people... you know, the one advertising the McGriddle ripoff "The French Toast Sandwich"... completely freaks me out, yet amuses me at the same time. Sort of like any movie featuring Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen.

Speaking of, have you ever had the French Toast sticks at the BK? Being in college at Troy, I never was up early enough to actually eat breakfast (you know how it is... you get up just in time to put on clothes that don't match and rush off to make it to class about two minutes late). Anyway, when I would get hungry and go with Julie Echols and Jennifer Mullins to the Burger King, the BK would make me French Toast sticks, even though it was 9 pm. Loved that place. They took checks too... imagine my surprise when I first moved to Birmingham in 1998, when I tried to write a check at the BK on Hwy 31 they looked at me like "What the...?"

Back to the show... Rod Stewart is on the show. He's letting us know he's doing a 70s classics rock album soon, and Ryan is suggesting that as a theme for next year's show. Rod is now singing "The Way You Look Tonight"... which Frank Sinatra's version will never be topped. I actually wanted to use that song in my marriage proposal, back in the late 90s when I thought I'd propose to and marry Amy Wible, but that's a whole other story. Love you Steph.

Ryan just announced that next week, Andrea Bocelli will be the guest vocal coach, and the Idols will be taking on the "greatest love song of all time". You'll hear Whitney or Celine, I promise you.

And here we go... Ryan will be separating the Idols into two groups... Elliott is in Group 1, on the far side. Chris is Group 2. Paris is in Group 2. Elliott's gotta know this is bad.

Pickles is in Group 1. Yeah, this is bad. Steph's man Ace with the Ace Hair is in... Group 2? Really?

My Girl McPhee is in Group 1, with Pickles and Elliott. Oh boy. And Taylor? Ryan doesn't send him anywhere, he just tells him he's safe. One of these groups is the bottom three. Ryan tosses up the "Taylor, join which group you THINK is safe." And we go to commercial...

So our two groups are: Elliott, Pickles and My Girl McPhee... the other group is Daughtry, Paris and Ace. I am guessing... the Daughtry/Paris/Ace group is the bottom three. Just a guess.

And we're back... Taylor decides to go to Daughtry, as Ryan says "Taylor... I'm sorry..." then Taylor turns around and heads to Pickles, My Girl McPhee and Elliott... So Ryan says "Taylor... I'm sorry, you are correct." The bottom three is Paris and Daughtry and Ace.

Ryan sends Paris back to the couch. So either Daughtry or Ace will go home... and finally... ACE GOES HOME!!! The fact that The Yutz Currently Known as Ace Young is now going home is not the surprise... the face that Chris Daughtry has the second lowest number of votes is the shocker.

They show the "goodbye" montage for Ace, complete with the requisite "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter. Don't you know that Daniel Powter feels like the luckiest guy alive? I mean, not only has he got a great song that is played on stations like 96.5 and 94.5, but also on "hip" stations like 103.7 The Q... and Idol sends people scrambling to their computers every week to look up "who sings this song?" (that's how I found it).

Oh yeah... and Ace is singing, but is cut off about 45 seconds into his song. Who cares.

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