Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Super Blog XLVI

So here we are, blogging live from the Nipp Home, upstairs from the official The Deucecast Studios. I didn't do one last year, as I was headed back from Disney World on Super Bowl Sunday... Likewise two years ago... But, thanks to a budget we are on, plus a little to do with Campbell, we have no Disney Trip planned.

This exchange actually happened a few days ago:
The Lovely Steph Leann: Just think... we would be headed down to Disney World at this time in a normal year. But now we have Campbell.
Me: (silence)

We jump into the first quarter, 9 minutes left, no score. One set of commercials, a stylish but boring Bud Platinum ad, then a deceptively funny Audi ad with vampires.

542p... Intentional grounding, resulting in Giants scoring a safety, and we now a mildly amusing Pepsi ad with Elton John, then a forgettable Hyundai ad.

549p... NYGiants driving... Eli looking good so far. Could he be the better Manning? Is it possible?

550p... Pats strip the ball! But wait... Pats have 12 men on the field?! Belichek?! What the...?

552p... NYG in the end zone! Another Bud Platinum ad? Bud shouldn't be allowed to do commercials unless they are funny. And an M&M ad with... Candy nudity? Yeah!

555p... More commercials. Polar bears means Coke. A Chevy means you'll survive the end of the world in 2012.

559p... This exchange...
Mikey: Did the Pats deactivate Ochocinco?
Me: doesn't matter. If they win, you'll see his ring pop up on Pawn Stars in 3 years.

602p... Bridgestone Tires... GoDaddy... And a Lexus ad. And the trailer for "Battleship"... Liam Neeson stars. The aliens steal his daughter for sale into sex trafficking and he doesn't know who he is. And the ships are grey. Does that about sum it up? Yup.

606p... And those hoping for a shutout here are disappointed. NYG leads 9-3.

606p... The Bud Clydesdales make their annual appearance. Doritos. Chevy Camero. And we are back!

608p... Back to the game for about 2 minutes... And more ads. GE.

Me: is anyone actually going to buy a GE turbine?
Mike: my dad might.

609p... The trailer for John Carter. I eh. Now an ad for TaxAct, involving pee.

613p... The ad for "The Lorax"... A VW ad with a hilarious working-out dog, plus a Star Wars twist.

631p... Sorry, took a break to eat... More ads... The new Chevy Sonic, which makes me want some tater tots. And a trailer for the 3D re-release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

634p... Looks like the Pats are finally getting something going.

635p... THE AVENGERS!!!!!

636p... Skechers, with a shoe wearing dog... Xbox Kinect...

643p... Doritos. E-Trade Baby. And my mancrush, The Rock, in the new GI Joe... Rock on, The Rock.

645p... 18 seconds left, and the Pars are in range, in the Red Zone.

647p... Touchdown!!! Brady to Woodhead! PAT for the Pats coming up.

650p... Halftime. It's NYG leading the NE Pats 10-9. Now? Commercials for the NFL... A local ad for Schaeffer Eye Center... Arby's... And Shunnarah law Firm.

701p... I feel like there are some people who should just retire. Brett Favre. Michael Jordan. Harrison Ford. People who are past prime and sticking around longer might destroy their legacy of greatness they have left.

702p... And for our halftime show, Madonna!!

708p... So, MIA and Nikki Minaj are joining Madonna and... NBC13 just goofed up as we go to a local blue screen...

711p... And we hear her new song, then classic "Open Your Heart", followed by "Like a Prayer", along with CeeLo Green.

719p... Clint Eastwood narrated a commercial that makes me want to go out and punch an Arab in the throat. Or a Democrat. USA! USA!!

723p... And the 2nd half begins with the Pats starting on offense... And Ochocinco is in the game and gets a catch!

728p... Touchdown Patriots! And the game is on! NE 17, NYG 9

729p... Tomorrow... Smash starring Debra Messing and Kat McPhee. I'm so in.

731p... A poorly filmed Yellawood ad making the Super Bowl? Wow. Down year for the ads.

731p... A shot of Brady leads Tommy McL to ask, "Is he wearing a power glove? I can never tell..."

735p... Random thought. The LA Raiders won about 17,097,233 championships according to Tecmo Bowl--Bo Jackson was the most unstoppable player in video game history.

738p... The NYGiants get 3.

739p... A terrible Fiat commercial... And a Pepsi Max ad.

741p... Me: not to often do you see a black dude named "Chung"
Mikey: I was waiting for someone to say that.

745p... Acura with a winner featuring Seinfeld, The Soup Nazi and Jay Leno.

747... And down goes Brady! Down goes Brady!

748p... Budweiser... Another Bridgestone ad... More The Voice... And back to see a big hit on Tom Brady...

754p... The Giants are at the 10... Eli is sacked... The NYG have to settle for a field goal... Score now? The Pats 17, The Giants 15

756p... What?! These two teams played in the Super Bowl a few years ago? The Giants won, ruining the Patriots attempt at a perfect season? I haven't heard any of this! Why havent
the networks discussed this at length?!

807p... And the Matthew Broderick takeoff on Ferris airs... And it's funny... But even better? A Met Life ad that brings out the Peanuts cast, leading old school cartoon characters like Voltron, He-Man, Sherman & Peabody, Richie Rich and so many more. Met Life for the win.

815p... Mikey says, "I guess I didn't realize how good Eli was...", leading to a quick conversation about how good Eli is or isn't...

818p... After two bumbling plays by the Giants, resulting in terrible yard losses, the Pats get away with a interference. They flash to NYG coach Tom Coughlin, who I think dropped a bad word.

821p... A rather amusing Kia commercial, but amusing mostly because of an inside joke that we were sharing here, laughing at someone else's expense. We are horrible people.

825p... Samsung Galaxy phone, featuring The Darkness... And another The Voice promo...

829p... It's late 4Q, and Brady is driving for the knock out punch... Looks like a fourth title for the Pats... Barring a collapse...

831p... Which might happen... The Pats drop a few key catches... And here comes Eli.

835p... A fantastic catch by the Giants draws a challenge by Belichek, but there's no way this gets reversed. It was a legit, great catch.

840p... Lucius Malfoy has a new show coming up!

841p... A buck-thirty left, NYG at the 7

844p... NYG's Bradshaw gets to the 1, and in a huge "suck it, pats", he falls backwards into the end zone... A TD they didn't want, because now Brady has 50 seconds. NYG 21, NE 17

849p... The Pats are in a 4th and 10... Two dropped passes and a sack puts them dead to rights... And he tosses one up the field for a first!!

851p... 9 seconds left!

853p... HAIL MARY dropped. The New York Football Giants defeat the Patriotic New Englanders 21-17. Eli 2, Peyton 0. Oh, Brady, still 3.


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