Sunday, February 12, 2012

Group Idol... Hollywood Week Part 2

So, we see dejected, rejected, objected, deflected, subjected, detected, froblected and saddened Idols leaving. Over a hundred made the flight to LA, only to sing less than 45 seconds and be told "no".  Or as J-Lo says, "I'm sorry baby, but no."

But for those who have made it, now comes the first part of the entire audition process where its not entirely on you.  I've seen great Idol after great Idol audition, get into a sucky group and be held accountable for their lame partners, then get cut.  Or in Baylie Brown's case, be as good as the other two, then forget your own words, and watch the snobby, uppity prisness get rewarded with another day, while you go home.

Thus... my favorite part of Idol so far.



But let's remember how we left the previous show... Symone Brown fell off the freakin' stage.  Like, took a step forward where there was nothing to plant her feet upon and gravity took over.

While Creepy Uncle Steven, J-Lo and Randy the Dawg look on, Seacrusty comes out for a look-see, and the other 9 left onstage say a quick prayer together.  She is finally helped up, Symone and Daddy head to the hospital, seemingly okay though.

But, as Seacrusty reminds us, the Show Must Go On!  Lauren Mink is in this group, as is Jeremy "Dirty" Rosado with the weird yellow tongue, and Ethan Jones, who I do remember liking a bit.  And who makes it?  Symone Black makes it!  And the show gets a little more Dirty, but Ethan and Lauren go home.

So, to the group round we go, with 185 Idolees now.  And here comes the drama, because by the end of the next night, about 90 of them will be cut.  Remember last year?  Deep Voiced Scotty wandered around, singing "Baby lock them doors and turn the lights down low..." about 35 times before finding a group that wanted him... then he got a little teary eyed, when the group that he was in was extremely mean to another contestant...

...the words "to another contestant" were written on Thursday evening about 915p, right before I got a call to go to my in-laws home to deliver some medicine for Campbell, who was staying there overnight since The Lovely Steph Leann was out of town... and Friday came and went, as did Saturday, with little sleep, lots of work, a visiting Aunt Becky, a dinner with some guys and, of course, the death of Whitney Houston.  Now its Sunday afternoon, and we finally get back to the show, this time with The Lovely Steph Leann on the couch...

And so we begin, with the Idols filing into the theater for further instructions.  The Idol producers come in and tell them they have to get together of 4 or 5, a mixture of Day One and Day Two contestants which is hard, because naturally, people already bonded with others from the same day... and of course, some have already formed groups--which is silly, because this is what they did last year.   Wouldn't someone go, "hey, maybe we should be careful about planning too much for this..."?

Amy, the chick who lives in a tent, is sick, but is pushing through.  A couple of Idols get on the stage and shout out who they are, what they want and call out for people.

We see a series of people getting together, rejecting each other, begging for groups and even some groups that are formed and have begun practicing.

And a chick named Brielle, who as in Peepee Tuscany's group doing one of the best of the round, "Grenade", is back and is taking charge of her group, but a dude named Kyle is "supervising" and making sure its going smooth... and Brielle's Mom isn't happy about this.

And the Falling Symone Black has returned... and now has to find a group.  She finally hooks up with a group, and then we flash over to Woodsy Amy, who not only is sick, but apparently has been infecting other people... including a chick named Gabby, who has a throw-up bag in front of her while she practices.

Another dude group has the typical guy who says, "I'm the only one who knows what is going on, I HAVE musical theory training...", which the other guys aren't taking too well.

A dude, the only one in an all girl group, has walked away sick, catching the Idol Bug of Puking.  He returns to many hugs and cheers, though the chicks are very stressed.  The dude, Christian, still can barely stand.

As the night progresses into the wee hours of the morning, we see some groups who feel comfortable with what they can do and are headed for some rest... but for other groups, they are still practicing, continuing to work... and some groups argue over whether they should stop and rest or not.

We see a heart warming moment when one chick comes back to the other, saying, "There are so many people still practicing!  I'm not leaving!" and they embrace, and then the two of them go to work.

I love Group Night!

Now, its after 7 in the morning, and the judges arrive.

And who is first?   The Bettys, the group that split up with half going to bed and half practicing.  And as the song starts, the show ends...

Next week, we see even more collapsing on stage!  More fainting!  Solo performances!

I love Group Night!!

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