Tuesday, April 05, 2011

If You Smell...

Oh, I'm just so tired.  I mean, its all on me, its not like I've been forced into slave labor, but its been a long, crazy weekend, which of course was capped off by


Thaaaaat's right, my best mate Wookiee, my former DeuceMate and buddy Big Tom and myself headed to Atlanta last night for the Super Bowl of Wrestling events, the 27th Annual WrestleMania.  And I won't be naive to think that my readership will be all engrossed in all the details of who won what match, and how it all came down and so on... but I will give you the highlights...

I got to see The Rock.  That's right, The Rock was a guest host, so he came out, did his schtick and was fantastic.  He even interfered in the John Cena match against the WWE Champion The Miz.   As The Rock made his way to the ring, I had no words.  I was speechless.

It was cool to see legends like Shawn Michaels, who was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, Randy Orton and Edge, who both have cool entrance songs, The Big Show, Kane and others that I see from week to week on WWE Raw.

Stone Cold Steve Austin came out, so it was cool to see him do his thing.  I've never been a huge Stone Cold fan, but I think he's a legend.  Of course, when Booker T returned, and did the spinneroonie in the ring, Stone Cold gave him quite a stunner.

Finally, I will say that in my 25 years of watching wrasslin', I've seen some fantastic matches.  HBK and Bret Hart's Iron Man Match in Wrestlemania XII.  Goldberg and The Rock for the title.  Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat and Ric Flair in the very first Clash of Champions. 

Last night's match between The Undertaker, 18-0 at Wrestlemania matches, against Triple H, 13 time world champion, member of DX, and probably the heir apparent to the WWE when Vince McMahon steps away, was the greatest.  The absolute greatest match I've ever seen, and maybe thats because I watched it live, maybe its because I am so familiar with the lead-up to this match, maybe because The Undertaker ended Shawn Michael's career last year at Wrestlemania... who knows. 

Either way, it was magnificent.  Tons of 2-counts, Triple H being bodyslammed off a table, 'Taker being thrown over the top rope and drop kicked, just one hit after the other.  Wookiee, Big Tom and I hung on every move both H and 'Taker made, and when it was finally over, when H tapped out, all of us were already standing, we were applauding and all we could say was a single word:  "Wow".  It was amazing. 

We got to see The Rock wrestle.  It was a beautiful, tear inducing moment
in my life.
 And of course, at the end, Cena vs. The Miz, and here comes The Rock... and he ends the night with a Rock Bottom on John Cena.  The Miz was able to capitalize and defended the title.

My throat hurt, I was tired, I was hungry and didn't look forward to the 71,614 other people trying to leave The Georgia Dome, but it was truly one of the best events I have ever been too. 

Say what you will about the WWE, and believe me, you've said it--I've heard everything from ridicule to awe when people found out I was going to WM 27--bottom line is, the WWE knows how to put on a show.  We sat in the rafters, yet we still had a great view of the ring, of the entrance ramp, and though we were looking on the side of the WRESTLEMANIA big sign, we still could see just about everything else.  WWE had blocked off the section of seats that would have been impossible to see from, so really, every seat was at least a decent seat.

Anyway, we smelled what The Rock was cooking, and it ruled.

Got Idol stuff coming later this week, and I'm trying to finish a Disney Project this week, and then we'll get back to our regular blogging schedule!  So, be patient Brad Latta!

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