Thursday, March 26, 2009

Maybe I'll Just Write it Down

Loved college, that's no secret. It thrills me to no end to be able to now scan and post memories via Facebook for the world--and those involved--to see, and its made me think... after reading what McQ did... writing a book.... it's perhaps time that I followed suit.

Her book is entitled "Strength in the Struggle", and you can preview it here, or just visit her site on the interweb for more details. McQ is a neat chick--I think you all would like her very much so if you met her.

Anyway, she self published, which is something I would have to do... the reason her book is a little expensive is that its graphic & photo heavy. For me, it would just be text. Fiction. I referenced what I wanted to write actually in a short story I wrote called "Hey Now" back in 1998, a story that brought in all those closest to me at the time, Shelby, Jenn Mullturp, Allysong, Eddie, Rad a Tad, Troy Mac, Melanie J and a few others.

That story was about a Troy homecoming weekend that brought back this group of friends, and their reconnecting, their lives and their future. Set in 2005, in it I had already written the story that I am finally considering putting to paper now. I still have it in a notebook somewhere.

Why say all of this online? Who knows. Maybe if I write all of this here, it will be enough to not have to worry about actually writing a novel. Or maybe it will get people like McQ going, "Where is it? Huh? You said you were going to write it! Faker!" However, I hope I get around to it, as I've been thinking about it for, I dunno, going on seven years now. I figure if I don't soon, eventually I'll lose all interest.

Then again, who wants to pay $20 for my rambling in novel form when you can get it for free here? So, we shall see.


  1. Speaking of college....I keep meaning to ask you this and here is as good a place as any...Anyway, if you were at Troy when Antjuan was there, then you might know my friend Tony Calvert. Tony was at Troy for about a semester or a year. Tony is how I know Antjuan and Tony knows Antjuan through being at Troy. Just wondering...

  2. Nope, 'fraid I don't know Tony Calvert... though I might if I saw him.


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