Sunday, November 02, 2008

Dave's Election Guide

(if you are seeking The Interview's Final Segment, please scroll below, two posts down. Or click on the following links)

Here are some links to different blogs and posts on my site that you might be interested in, especially if you are seeing this for the first time...

  • "The Interview, Part I"... the opening segment to my interview with Mary Beth Sutter from Headline America. In this part, we discuss William Ayers and John McCain, and the opening statement against Senator Obama. (October 27th)
  • "The Interview, Part II"... here, we talk about the economy, who's to blame for the mortgage industry collapse, Obama's tax cuts, and the reason for the interview at all. (October 28th)
  • "The Interview, Part III"... Obama's lying on Small Business tax cuts, the view on abortion, Joe the Plumber and the charge of Socialism (October 29th)
  • "The Interview Finale"... Closing arguments include sources, voting for Obama and five reasons why he's a bad choice. (November 2nd)
  • "What's at Stake"... What happens to our judicial system & the Supreme Court if Obama is elected (October 30th)
  • "An Obama Campaigner"... "sarah", working on the Obama campaign, vents a little on a random post from a Hillary site. (November 2nd)
  • "Chew On This"... Obama, Biden & Richardson try to agree on where the middle class ends... its either $250K, $200K, $150K or $120K... (November 1st)
  • "Won't Have to Work"... a video showing one supporter's reason for going Barack (November 1st)
  • "Sometimes Freedom is Worth the Price"... a serviceman tells his story (September 12th)
  • Huntley Brown's "Why I Can't Vote For Obama"... a column that has gotten quite a bit of time on the internet (posted October 18th)
  • What I Believe... a rambling political blog from this spring, though things have changed when it comes to Obama. (March 28th)
  • The George Michael Blog... Nothing to do with politics. Just a funny post from June to lighten the very serious mood we're all in.

Anyway... Tuesday it happens. I'm going to try to do some live blogging that night, so you can come visit me here at Clouds in My Coffee. Or not. Either way, its back to real life, higher taxes or no, on Wednesday...

And coming Wednesday night.. my 79th favorite movie ever... The Negotiator!

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