Monday, November 03, 2008

The Official Endorsement

Just like to say...

  • Tiffany Abbott has officially endorsed McCain/Palin.
  • Young Garrett C has officially endorsed McCain/Palin. No word on who his sister, Hot Stuff Cheney, would have endorsed were she old enough.
  • J Rob and his wife KT has officially endorsed McCain/Palin, though its important to know that KT really doesn't care, and J Rob is really voting against Senator Obama.
  • Mikey has officially endorsed McCain/Palin as well
  • Clouds in My Coffee's Atty General Brad Latta didn't officially endorse anyone, though he leaned towards Bob Barr, the Libertarian Candidate. He was also holding up a rally sign that said, "They Both Suck '08"
  • Nikki Brown has officially endorsed John McCain, voting from a key battleground state of Pennsylvania
  • The Anonymous Poster hasn't officially endorsed anyone, but says, "Suck it, Trebek", complete with hand gestures and crude drawings.
  • The Lovely Steph Leann has officially endorsed McCain/Palin
And just for the record, The Clouds in My Coffee Blog will officially endorse John McCain & Sarah Palin for President. Go vote!


  1. I was on the fence. I really was having a hard time. But after reading your rambling nonsense for the past week I think I have made my decision. OBAMA 08'!! Thank you for being my fox news and Dave Ramsey this week. Saved me some time in the car.

  2. Oh, Anonymous Poster!! It was so good to hear from you one last time before the official results were out. And, I'm sure you've suprised EVERYONE with your vote. Glad you live here in the U.S. where you can make a choice, at least for now.
    THE Lovely Steph Leann

  3. Awww... Anonymous poster... personally, I have a feeling you were never on the fence, and were in the can for Obama. Obviously my nonsense wasn't too rambling, because you kept coming back, which I'm glad you did!

    I'm sure when Obama takes my hard earned tax dollars from me and gives them to non-producing people such as yourself, you'll thank me!

  4. Maybe you'll have less taxes if we stop pouring $10 billion a month into our undeclared, unconstitutional wars around the world. Just a thought.

  5. I think the pool running now on when The Messiah will bring the troops home without thought of any repercussion. I have Thursday, next week. The favored day is day after tomorrow.

  6. Eh, I can live with his 16 months. Better than The Hawk's 100 years, especially since Iraq has now asked us nicely to leave more than once.
    But we have bigger issues at the moment...


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