Monday, October 27, 2008

My Obama Interview

Welcome back, and thanks for being a part of our audience. As we turn to politics tonight, in our studio we have the author of the Clouds in My Coffee blog, read by tens of people each day. Thank you, d$, for joining us today.

Glad to be here, thank you for inviting me on.

Let's just jump right in... in the 2006 elections, you were very vocal about your opinions on Democrats and especially the American Left, and yet in this election coming up, perhaps even more important than the '06 elections, you've been somewhat silent. Why is that?

Well, I haven't been silent. Anyone who has heard me talk knows where I stand. I would like to think, though, that I've evolved as a writer and blogger over the years, and though taking a few shots here and there is not above my paygrade, I want to stick to whats imporant, especially in this election. I don't want to give my critics any reason to discount what I say, because what I say is... well, its right.

Some of your critics, like fellow columist and attorney B. Latta, have pointed out that you've spent a lot of time discussing why someone shouldn't vote for Obama, rather than why they should vote for McCain & Palin. How do you respond to that? Why not prop up McCain & Palin?

Good question, and if I may point back to the previous questions, its criticism that I receive from the likes of Mr. Latta that has helped me in my political commentary. Its that kind of feedback we all need. He's great at playing devil's advocate, though I know he has no love for the empire. Hold back the names, stick to the issues. The issue is this, though... this election coming up, its not about John McCain. Honestly, most people know where he stands. He's Republican, so he's not for raising taxes. He's pro-military, he's pro-life, he's a war hero.

Let me stop you there... the war hero thing. Isn't that a bit played out by now? I mean, every time he's on TV, he bring it up...

Oh, I agree. It might be a bit played out. He might have mentioned it one too many times... but whether he mentions it five times in a year or 40,000 times, the truth is... he's a war hero. He went through a lot for this country. I can't sit here and say he's more or less patriotic than someone who didn't serve in the military, but Senator McCain has done more for this country than hundreds of Congressman put together. And his decades of government service lends to who his is. His experience lends to what kind of president he will be. He's got experience in foriegn policy, domestic issues, war, peace, and so on. Though I don't agree with everything he says and wants to do, I can live with who he will be as President.

Understood. Back to the previous question.

Yes, I was getting to that... as I was saying, this election is not about John McCain, or even about Sarah Palin. This election is a referendum on one Barack Hussein Obama. This election is a decision about which direction this country will go. Will we remain a country that puts its citizens rights first, a country that has a government that will stay out of people's lives.... or will get on that slippery slope towards government being involved of every aspect of our daily lives. This election is about Obama, pure and simple. Do we embrace or reject that kind of person he is.

I've heard you say before that though you never liked Clinton as president, you thought he might be a fun guy. When you say "reject the kind of person he is", are you speaking personally or professionally?

Both. Yes, I've said that about Bill Clinton. I mean, I think he was a terrible president--if the media ever decides to report it unbiased, I think history will say the same--but despite his flaws, to me he's been a guy that might actually be fun to have a conversation with. I wouldn't leave him in a room alone with my wife, but he'd be fun to sit around and watch football with. Obama? He has serious character flaws. I don't respect him as a potential president, I don't respect him as a person. I've always thought he would be a bad choice as the leader of the free world, but I used to say he'd be interesting to have a conversation with, to debate. Now? I wouldn't care to talk to him about anything, really.

Character flaws? That's a pretty strong statement. What makes you not like him as a person?

Well, his belief system, for one thing. He's completely and totally sold out on the notion that this country would be better if we took from those making lots of money--the producers in this country, the achievers in this country--and gave to those who don't make anything. The non-producers, if you will. In our current climate, we are raising up a whole generation of people who feel as if "others" make money to support them. Other people should give them money because they deserve it. Because they are black. Because they are poor. Because they were abused. Because they are Mexican. Because of whatever. This is what Senator Obama wants to do. Build a nation of people totally reliant on the government to fix their problems.

Well, again, those are his political opinions. Is that the same as his personal life?

One leads to the other, honestly. It has too. I mean, we are talking about a man who spent 20 years in a church, heralded by a pastor who has screamed nothing but hatred for this country, and nothing but hatred for "whitey". "Not God Bless America, God Damn America!", remember? Twenty years. Then when he's called on it, Senator Obama says, "That's not the Jeremiah Wright I knew"? So either he's not very intelligent, because he spent 20 years in a church and didn't absorb anything, or he's lying through his teeth. I tend to believe the latter, because if there is one thing to be sure of, Obama is not stupid. He's alot of things, but not stupid.

So when you say 'Obama is the wrong choice for president', you aren't talking policies. You're talking as a person?

I'm talking both. This is a man who won't even produce his birth certificate and...

Now, come on. That's conservative rhetoric. The whole notion that because he won't produce his birth certificate makes him somehow not a citizen?

(shaking my head) No, no, I think thats a little silly too, to be honest.. I fully believe he was born here in our country. It shouldn't be an issue, except that it is, which is my point. Its an issue because he hasn't been honest from day one about anything. About ACORN, about William Ayers, about his tax policies, about his view on the middle class, about his views on the war...

You bring up William Ayers. The story goes that William Ayers was... I repeat WAS... a terrorist suspect in the early 70s. He was a member of the radical Weather Underground Organization, but let's be real here, d$... Senator Obama was EIGHT years old when this stuff happen. Do you honestly want to try to make a connection between Ayers and Obama?

Absolutely. See, if Ayers had come out, even recently, and said, "I was wrong. I did a stupid thing when I was a kid. I have changed", and we could see evidence of that, then no big story. People do crazy, ill advised things when they are younger--Ayers was never convicted for these things, by the way. However, Ayers didn't do that. We're talking about the same man who, after September 11th, said, "I don't regret setting bombs [back then]... in fact, we didn't do enough." This is a man who despises this country as it is, and is unrepentant for his crimes. And this is a man whom Obama has embraced. Lived nearby. Held campaign parties at his house. Ayers is a dangerous man with dangerous ideals, and to think that he's one friend away from The White House come January is troubling. What's worse is neither Ayers nor Senator Obama have been willing to even discuss the relationship, other than to give that line about "eight years old"

So you do maintain there is a connection between Ayers and Obama?

Absolutely. Just the line that says "we didn't set off enough bombs back when I was setting off bombs as a protest", said right after 9/11, makes me think that Ayers hasn't changed. And now he's a professor. And Senator Obama has a friendship with him. I mean, you can be friends with lots of people, we all have friends good and bad, people we trust some, more than others. But when you are running for The President of the United States of America, the most powerful office in the world, you MUST distance yourself from people with these ideals. And if you don't, it sends a clear message that says, "I at least in part agree with this person."

We'll be back after this break with more from d$. Up next, we'll discuss the economy, who's to blame, and we'll get into the fine points of this election--abortion, the war and does Obama's inexperience matter when Palin is on the ticket? Stay with us.

Part II coming Tuesday night.


  1. You don't have to continue. I mean really...stop while you still have people reading.

  2. My favorite part is when people leave negative comments, then decide that they dont want to leave their name. That makes me happy. And if you dont' want to keep reading, that is entirely up to you. Its my blog. I have things to say.

  3. Oh yeah, i forgot...

    YES WE CAN!!!!

  4. I'm flattered to have been called out on THE d$ blog, although I feel compelled to remark that I am not a critic of yours. I think we're on the same page about 90% of things, and my endless devil's advocating is for no other purpose but to stir up political discussions so that we can all learn about where we stand.
    That being said, I'm eagerly awaiting Part II...

  5. Oh, Mr. Latta, I totally value your opinions, and completely respect your opinions--again, I like that you are a "tell me why you like them, give me reasons, not rhetoric" kind of guy.

  6. Well I'm certainly a bottom-line, get to the point guy, which is good in general, but bad for marriage. Anyway. Just pointing out that my constant and annoying hypothetical questions and insistence on different perspectives doesn't make me a critic. I don't want that rep getting around. And I'm also about fed up with political parties and labels, but I'll save that for part II.

  7. Aw, man, I was kind of hoping Brad was the anonymous poster. Dang.

  8. Dunno who the Anonymous Poster is. But as my friend Mindy said... "At least they are reading! You can spin it like that!"


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