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The Coolest Things of 2007... #80 to 71

We continue our countdown, all the way to the coolest thing about 2007!

#80. Hannah Pruitt. She's a former stage manager techie actress chick from Auburn, who now attends Valleydale Church (an sbc fellowship) with her husband John. She's in KidStuf now, as Sam, and is a whole lotta fun to be around. Hannah is one of those people I can't help but get along with, just cause we have a lot in common, she's really silly and loves Jesus.

This is one of those shots that Hannah would probably not want posted, but oh well.

#79. Seeing Jenny Ross. One day, I'm working the drive thru at Starbucks. A voice comes on and orders a Caramel Frappuccino. A few minutes later, in the window is a lovely brunette that I hadn't seen in about, oh, eight years. Jenny Ross, from Elba, Alabama (or was it Enterprise?). I made her pull up and meet me outside, to which we gave each other a big 'ol hug. We were buddies back in the BCM, and seeing her that day practically made my entire week. I haven't seen her since (even though she swears she comes by sometime), so I'll just hold dear that one afternoon.

#78. The Patriots Go 16-0. Newly crowned MVP of the NFL Tom Brady has led the New England Patriots to a perfect, undefeated regular season, the first since 1972's Miami Dolphins did it. They went 14-0 that year, several years before the NFL adopted a 16 game regular season. The Dolphins, of course, went on to 17-0, winning the Super Bowl, while the Patriots play host to the Jacksonville Jaguars next weekend. Am I rooting for the Pats to win it all, and be 19-0? Heck yeah... very few times in life do you get to see such a sports milestone, and considering we're still talking about the '72 Dolphins perfect season 35 years later, we'll be talking about the Pats perfect season for at least that long... and we can say we saw the Super Bowl when it happened.

#77. The Amnesty Bill Gets Defeated. If I get into it, I'll get upset. Just know that this bill, pushed forward by Republicans and Democrats alike would have given amnesty--they didn't call it that, but that's exactly what it was--to millions of illegal aliens in this country. And it went down in flames because there was such a public outcry against it, as there should have been. Sometimes we can make a difference.

#76. Celeb TV. "Happening now on Celeb TV...". When I fire up the podcast on my iPod, or on my computer on iTunes, a small screen pops up with either Danni Boatwright (former Survivor winner) or Kelly Zink hosting, giving me the lowdown on such important information like Britney's latest fiasco, or Paris' latest runaround, or Beyonce's losing four pounds or (this just in!!!) K-Fed getting full custody! Seriously, watching this two minute daily podcast is like watching four hours of E! tv, only much less Seacrest. Of course, Celeb TV doesn't have Debbie Matenopoulos, so I do have to watch E! sometimes...

#75. "The Way I Am" by Ingrid Michaelson. "If you were falling, then I would catch you. You need a light? I'd find a match. Cause I-I-I-I love the way you say 'good morning'. And you-ou-ou-ou take me the way I am."

Out of nowhere, Ingrid Michaelson comes out with this tender, fun, guitar pluckin' song... not quite a ballad, not quite a rock song, but just a fun song. Not only to give to someone, but to sing. She's already had a number of songs on "Grey's Anatomy", and you can hear this song in particular in an Old Navy ad, a JC Penney ad and for a Chevy Equinox. Two points for the use of "rogaine" in the song... that might be a first.

#74. CarTalk on iTunes. I love Car Talk. Seriously, it might be one of my top five radio programs, like, ever ever. Tom and Ray Magliozzi, better known as Click & Clack, the Tappet Brothers, take calls on car problems and give out advice. But its more than that--they take questions not only about car problems, but marriage problems caused by cars, disputes between friends and family, and sometimes, just the strange (including cars that quack, smoke coming from the dashboard and seats that's shock you--but only if the driver is driving the car). However, to say that Car Talk itself is a 2007 discovery, thereby making it one of the coolest things about the year would be a lie.

I was excited when early in the year, iTunes posted "The Car Talk Call of the Week", a five to seven minute segment featuring the best, funniest call from that week's show. I had gone onto the CarTalk website previously to see if I could download the show... and I could... for $3.95 per show. That's four bucks. That's like, $50 per year. I love the show, but not enough to pay $4 bucks per week to hear it. So, I managed along with the call of the week...

So imagine my delight and enjoyment when I discovered, on iTunes, the entire Car Talk show was available over the summer. I quickly added it to my podcast queue, and started listening... and I haven't missed a show in at least six months.

#73. The Robot Chicken Star Wars Special. Wow this was funny. For the unbeknownst to become beknownst, Robot Chicken is a animated show on The Cartoon Network's late night, more adult oriented cartoons, title "Adult Swim". Its this crude, stop motion animation filled with sketches, made by using action figures like Star Wars, GI Joe, Barbies and so on. And its hilarious. Sometimes crude, but its funny.

One of the creators is Seth Green, actor and well known to his fans as being an avid collector of action figures... especially Star Wars. And this year, they did the official Robot Chicken Star Wars Special.

Included... a light saber standoff between Dubya and Abe Lincoln, a dancing Lobot, and a great conversation with Luke and Vader in Empire Strikes Back, where Luke says "you mean to tell me the force is some chemical crap in my blood?"

#72. Samantha Brown. When those Champion Window commercials would come on, I would always watch with intrigue, thinking "you know, that woman is kinda pretty. Not hot, but kinda hot. I mean, she's not Steph Leann, but really who is, but still... I kinda like that chick."

One day I'm flipping through cable, and stumble upon the Travel Channel, and lo and behold, its the Champion Window chick! Samantha Brown is her name, and she's taken me on a tour of South American, Central America and now Europe, all while enjoying the local fare, the sights, the sounds, the beer and the nightlife.

Here's a snapshot of Sam in the Honduras. Oh, she's the one on the left.

Not sure why I'm fascinated so much by Sam, but somehow I am. She's like my own Colin Firth. You can even get highlights from her shows on iTunes in a podcast.

And recently, we saw a show that had Samantha Brown in Disney World for the holidays, which means it had to be filmed either during, or not too long after we were there. I think I would have passed out had I met Sam, to which Steph would just leave me there out of irritation.

#71. "Cell" by Stephen King. One of his newer novels, perhaps in the last three or four released, its a simple story about a worldwide "pulse" that hits every single cell phone at the same time, and everyone on a cell phone has their brains affected to the point where they become mind numbed, flesh desiring zombie type creatures.

Opening up in Boston, we meet our unaffected protagonist, Clayton Riddell, who soon after joins forces with Tom McCourt and then 15 year old Alice Maxwell, not only surviving, but attempting to make it back to Maine--for Clay, its to find his son Johnny, for Tom and Alice, its a matter of not having anywhere else to go.

The mind numbed flesh desiring zombie type creatures, called "phoners", as our heroes have to battle them along the way, finding a few surprises and meeting a few more people--and meeting more tragedy (one of which actually upset me) as they go along.

I loved this book, because it was true King updated for a computer aged, cell phone using world. If something happened to every person on a cell phone at one given moment, what would happen? This story gives you a possible answer. Its a thick book, but you can get it now at most bookstores on the bargain table, anywhere from five to ten bucks. And who wouldn't be scared of a villain called The Raggedy Man? That's creepy.

Coming up... The wildest play in college football, Brandi Carlisle tells us a "story" and... Kdub.

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