Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Coolest Things of 2007... 50 to 41

After a week break, our countdown continues... but before it does, here's a few things to chew on...

My friend Ambre Lake is on Vh1's "Rock of Love 2" with Bret Michaels. More on this to come.

We're moving! Finally, after hunting and searching for months and months, we found a house we like, and we close on February 8th. Move day is on February 9th. No doubt, this is the number one contender for The Coolest Things of 2008... and more on that to come, too.

Now... on with the show...

50. "The Soup" starring Joel McHale
Never do I laugh as much as I do when "The Soup" comes on. New episodes premiere on Friday night, but you can catch them all weekend and off and on all week. The show is simply a clip show, featuring the best... worst... of Britney, Paris, Oprah, Tyra and all reality shows. With segments like "Reality Show Clip Time", "What The Kids are Watching" and "Chat Stew (so meaty)", its the host Joel McHale that makes each clip funny. His expressions and one liners are snappy and witty and perfect, with the perfect angle of sarcasm, and its great that he laughs along with us at the stupid nature of celebrities.

Any show that uses the phrase "Oprah's Va-jay-jay" (which led to the creation of the Vajapocalypse), and can still make me laugh is good with me. Here's the full story on The Soup.

49. Justin Timberlake
My favorite Justin tune? "Rock Your World", but it was in 2007 when I got a hold of "FutureLove/SexSounds", which is a feeeeee-nominal CD. Not only did he create a whole new catch phrase ("I'm bringing sexy back!"), but his videos are pretty darn fun, and its great to hear him just be so darn funky.
Back in my day, when I was in middle school and high school, it wasn't very cool to like Jordan Knight, or Timmy T or Joey McIntyre or The New Kids on the Block. Even in the late 90s, it wasn't really macho to be fans of N*Sync or The Backstreet Boys, at least if you were a guy. But somehow, someway, Justin Timberlake made it okay to like him. To root for him. To be a JT fan.

And most everyone I know is... people who like rap music, people who like country music, people who like R&B music, people who like rock music, they are somehow cool with Justin. My buddy Mikey loves JT. My buddy Shawn loves JT. People at work love JT. A friend of mine, Melanie, loves her some Justin.

Truly, though, why not? He's been with Alyssa Milano, Janet Jackson (back when she was kinda hot), Cameron Diaz and Scarlett Johannsen, among others, and if I'm Justin, I'm looking back on my break up with Britney, and getting on my knees everyday thanking the Lord my car was not in front of that train wreck.

You know who else loves JT?

48. K-Dub
I played saxophone in high school, and was friends with a fellow saxy girl named Kelli White. She was this cute little chick who was like, I dunno, 13, when I was a senior in high school, so before you get Chris Hanson ideas, nix that.

Well, Kelli has a little sister that before the last year or so, I vaguely remember ever meeting. Her name is Kasey, and somehow, we started chatting on MySpace and then Facebook. She went to Troy, she's married now, and she reads the blog (which alone makes her cool). Anyway, we're 'net buddies and she truly is the biggest Justin Timberlake fan I know. Colin Firth is to The Lovely Steph Leann what JT is to Kasey White Ward... or K-Dub, as she's come to be known on the blog.

I mean, I guess I could say that I wish I had known her in high school, but K-Dub would have been, what, five? That's creepy.

47. "300"
This movie freakin' rocked. I mean, it was nothing that I was expecting, but kept me glued to the seat.

When King Xerxes demands that Sparta respect his authoritah, King Leonidas gathers 300 of his best soldiers to go kick some Persian butt. What follows is battle after battle where Leonidas and his 300 boyz take on the Persians, the Immortals and everyone else who comes along.

This is not a brilliant film by any means, nor it is really a ground breaking motion picture, but its worth noting that it was made for a relatively little sum, but made around 210 million dollars, and its DVD flew off the shelves when it was released at the end of July.

What do I like about it? Its fun. Its full of color and wonder, its exciting without being too deep, its a manly movie that can be brainless without being stupid, its violent in a cartoony fashion... Lena Headey, who is a knockout--and is portraying Sarah Connor in Fox's next Terminator series, and of course, Gerard Butler is a pimp. Plain and simple.

46. Jonathan Taylor
In 2006, Emily Taylor appeared on the 100 Coolest Things List at #15, for her performance of "Voice of Truth". Well, its hubby's turn in 2007.

He's on this list because without him, we would probably not be able to get online very much. In August, we busted out the money to get a laptop, a router, a external hard drive and more, and when we tried to figure it all out, who did we call? That's right, Jon, our own personal IT department.

He came over, set it up, hung out for a while and when asked what we could compensate him with for all his time, he simply said, "Nothing. I like this stuff, and I love helping out friends." And that makes a very cool guy, and a very cool friend. I wonder if he knows we're moving...

45. ESPN College Football Insider
One of my favorite tunes is the theme song to ESPN College GameDay. At the end of August, when the music started for the first time, it warmed my heart. My breath got a little shallow, and I was in love. College football was back.

And everyday, Monday thru Friday, I spent 20 minutes listening to Andy Gresh host the ESPN College Football Insider on iTunes. It was a quick rundown of college football news, then discussions with ESPN analysts Todd McShae, sometimes Ivan Maisel and Beano Cook and even more... and if ever there was a season to hear about the upsets and news in college football, it was 2007 (see #69 for more info). Yes, yes, I finished outside the DFC playoffs, so perhaps the news didn't help me, but if ever there was time I wanted to read the Rammer Jammer Blog, it was this one. Thanks Scotty Latta, thanks for selling out to the man.

44. "1776" by David McCullough
What a brilliant book. Seriously. McCullough is a historical writer, author of the biography of John Adams (to which "1776" is a companion piece), and this time he takes on George Washington and the Revolutionary War. Washington, throughout history has been declared a hero, a leader and a visionary, and he was obviously all of those things, but according to McCullough, he was indecisive, sometimes wavering in his leadership, and seemingly forced into the situation he finds himself in.

The book takes you through the battles of Dorchester Heights, Long Island and Trenton, which is where Washington made the famous crossing of the Delaware, and where the Americans ambushed and defeated the British and Hessians.


There are lots of names to keep up with, as McCullough spends a lot of time on King George III, General Howe and Nathanael Green, but the book reads quickly, and McCullough does a great service... he makes historical immortals like Washington seem very human and fallible, and he makes sometimes boring historical events seem fascinating.

43. "Superbad"
Along with the Lifetime Movie Network, Michael Bolton music and vinegared beets, "Superbad" is something I immensely enjoy, but know deep in my heart I really shouldn't. This is not a movie for the faint of heart, with the language and... well, more language... and lots and lots of drawings of... um...

Really, the whole film boils down to Seth and Evan, and their quest to get chicks. Toss in Seth Rogan with a cool 'stache, a very cute Emma Stone as Jules, and the best nickname of the year, in the form of a nerdy geek named Fogell who gets a fake ID with one name: McLovin.

McLovin. Now that's funny, I don't care who you are.

42. "Trapped in the Drive Thru" by Weird Al Yankovic
I was one person who was entertained by the pile of poo that is R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet", a self promoted hip-hopera. And I was even more entertained when Weird Al put forth is own hip-hopera... "Trapped in the Drive Thru".

It tells the simple story of a husband and wife making dinner plans. And it takes up 10 minutes and 35 seconds to do so. Told in two parts, part one contains a hilarious conversation/argument about what to do for dinner, with meandering lyrics discussing chili, tuna, Olive Garden, Burrito King and more... and mimicking R. Kelly almost perfectly, the song crescendos as they approach the drive thru...

...then it gets a little slower... as part two commences.

And then they're in the drive thru, as the husband fights a battle on two fronts... the voice on the speaker, and at the same time, the wife in the seat changing her mind. As wives do. Watch the link, enjoy.

41. The trailer for "Cloverfield"
Its kinda funny that I'm getting to this entry, because after 8 months of seeing "01-18-08" splashed on a black screen, after the trailer has shown.

It looks like its shot on handheld video, we open up at a party, one that could be anywhere. Looks like DeuceFest, only in the upper west side. You hear some crashes, the camera takes you outside in a jerky motion, because the guy is running, only to see an explosion. People are running around everywhere, and before it goes black, what flies out of the sky but the head of the Statue of Liberty.

I don't remember what movie this appeared in front of this past summer, but I do remember the whole audience gasping, Mikey shrieking "YESS!!" a few seats down, and over the next few weeks, the question "Dude, did you see that trailer where the Statue of Liberty head comes flying down the street??? What is that??" popped up more than once.

Over time, we started seeing more and more of the film, as the trailers became more revealing, and learned it was really nothing more than a monster movie... though with JJ Abrams, the brain behind Lost and Alias, I hope Cloverfield will be a good monster movie... at least as good as the trailer says it could be.

Coming soon.... Rush smacks up Harry Reid... Ann smacks down Liz Edwards... Harry smacks out Voldemort... and lips are smacking at Archibalds.


  1. Of all the years to not have a blog, first Alabama went 6-7, fired its coach, hired Nick Saban, went 7-6, lost to Auburn again, had a disappointing basketball team, had one of the top recruiting classes in the country, and had all the antics that come with having Nick Saban as your coach. It would have been fun.

  2. thats what happens when you sell out to the man, scotty.

    of course, given the right opportuniy, and the right money, you'd see The Clouds in My Coffee blog become "The GooGoo Car Wash and Vacuum Clouds in My Coffee blog, presented by Citi" on your screen.


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